Who is Lilith?

The entire plot of Marvel Midnight Sons is about Lilith and finding a way to stop her. To do so, iconic Marvel Superheroes are forced to summon her daughter – Hunter, because they alone are not good enough to subdue her.

So, who is Lilith? Who is that mighty creature responsible for world destruction? I will try to give you a head start before the last battle begins.


Lilith is a mythical being known in many cultures and religions. She is known as the first wife of Adam who was banished from the Garden of Eden for not complying and obeying Adam.

Some would say that Lilith is the first member of the feminist movement with one major difference – instead of becoming a television celebrity, she became a primordial she-demon responsible for creating monsters of the night.

Modern Times

In modern TV shows, Lilith is represented as a Vampire Deity whose decisions and plots crucially influence the well-being of all her subjects regardless of their alignment. Lilith is not interested in Humans whatsoever, except as food for her loyal army.

Marvel Universe

In Marvel lore, the story about Lilith is somewhat different than the original mythology. The first obvious difference is that in Marvel there are two Liliths – Lilith the daughter of Dracula and Lilith the Mother of all Demons. Even though the presence of Blade and Johny Blaze in Midnight Sons suggests that both Liliths can be used as the main villain in the title, the person we’ll fight will be Lilith the Mother of all Demons.

Primordial Demon Lilith is an ancient evil Deity who is a master in black sorcery. She expands her teachings and influence by giving birth to numerous offspring who are almost always fully obedient to her and her will.

Lilith was born in mystic Atlantis and was one of few survivors of the Cataclysm which followed. She survived due to her immortality gained through strict training in mystic arts and communication with ancient Gods.

After the fall of Atlantis, she helped in the rebuilding of the new world but on her own terms. In centuries ahead, she was accompanied by her offsprings (called Lilin) who were extended hands of her demonic designs and schemes. Eventually, she was imprisoned in the body of leviathan Tiamat by other Atlantis survivors who recognized and stood up against her evil doing.

Lilith’s offsprings – Creed, Pilgrim, Fang, Doc, Meatmarket, Skinner, and Nakota – continued their own agendas and adventures. All of them were hunted and defeated by Ghost Rider who made a crucial mistake by not destroying them. Instead, he sent all of them to different dimensions through the centuries.

Lilith waited in her prison for centuries before two naive scientist explorers accidentally released her. Finding out that all her children were beaten and banished by Johny Blaze, Lilith swore that she will free all her offspring and take revenge against him.

In the days to come, she confronted many Superheroes and Superhero teams – Ghost Rider, Morbius, the Nightstalkers, and the Darkhold Redeemers. Lilith’s list of enemies was increasing constantly until she faced Doctor Strange, Morbius, and Midnight Sons. It was then that Midnight Sons finally have beaten her and banished her along with the remaining Lilin.

During that battle. Lilith allied with her sworn enemy, Zarathos, and after he was destroyed, she took control of his offspring. Even though she is banished by Midnight Sons in Shadowside, she remains a threat through her influence on her and Zarathos offsprings.

It is here where Marvel Midnight Sons’ story should begin. The threat of Lilith’s return to the World is imminent and Midnight Sons who are aware of her power seek help from one of her offspring that is not under Lilith’s control. For the purpose of the story a new offspring is created, and her name is “Hunter”. As you already know, Hunter is the main protagonist of the game who is supposed to end the reign of Lilith for the last time (it is confirmed that Hunter will show in comics as well, becoming a vital part of MU).


There are several conclusions that we can make after understanding Lilith Lore.

The first and most important one is that the last still unannounced character will most likely be Morbius. Morbius is shown in all comics involving Lilith, and he is a vital part of the original Midnight Sons. Having “the Living Vampire” and “the Daywalker” in the same team is something that will be highly anticipated by many. The peak of Vampire hype was over a few years ago but the peak of Marvel vampires is about to start. I have no doubt that many players will play the game just because of the opportunity to lead Blade and Morbius together.

The second conclusion is that Lilith will use her powers to link Marvel’s iconic characters to her will, making them new offsprings for her plots. There is no other explanation, why would Sabretooth or Venom become her minions. That further suggests that our goal will not be only to destroy those characters but to heal them of Lilith’s influence if that’s possible.

Lastly, it is obvious, that every playing character in Marvel Midnight Sons will have their own goal and agenda. Not all of them are natural enemies of Lilith and I am positive that some of them will have secret plans that are contrary to the original goal. That should open several different endings, which is always good for a single-player RPG.

Overall, Lilith may not be famous as Thanos or Loki, but her lore is rich and opens a lot of possibilities for making unexpected plots and adventures. As the day of the release is coming near my optimism is increasing gradually. Everything suggests that Marvel Midnight Sons will be an iconic title!