New Wakanda’s true potential


Wakanda Team

26102022 marvel strike force best teams wakanda

Wakanda team is another fully specialized synergy for Cosmic Crucible. From being useless, Wakanda synergy got close to META with just a few changes.

The most important change is the boost to their base stats. The increase in Wakanda stats is significant and now even an average Wakanda team will prove to be a challenging task for most teams (even outside Cosmic Crucible).

Black Panther’s damage potential is considerably increased, and he is no longer squishy. He won’t be killed instantly. Instead, he can endure several hits from the most dangerous enemies.

Killmonger is also improved and now he has a free deadly attack whenever he is buffed with Defense Up.

M’Baku is an irremovable object now who heals passively, and grants Charged to all Wakanda allies.


Okoye is boosted the most. She now grants Immunity to all Wakanda allies, preventing enemies from reviving and permanently lowering enemy damage (like Omega Red). She also halves the enemy Drain potential. Overall, she is the engine of this new Wakanda synergy.

Shuri’s skill set remained the same, but her protective potential is now actually effective. She lost bonuses for Raids but with her and M’Baku killing a Wakanda member is an extremely hard endeavor.

The Wakanda team was previously specialized for Raids. It’s funny that they’ve lost all Raids bonuses but now they are actually better for Raids. They’ve become a High Tier AW team in the process, but their true value is yet to be seen in the new upcoming feature.

In theory (and in the practice), they are one of the META teams for Cosmic Crucible.



In my opinion, the Cosmic Crucible will be the most important update in the last two years. It’s going to be the main farming spot for T16 materials. It will allow average players to meet requirements for DD5.

Making specialized teams for such a feature should be the first task for all active players at the moment.