Original Challenges Tier 5


Normal requirements for Origin Challenges Difficulty 5 ask the current maximum development of your Origin Teams. For participating in any of Origin Challenges Dif 5 you are supposed to have:

  • Five required characters on at least T16
  • Tier 2 Level 3 ISO-8
  • Level 90
  • 7+ Stars (?! I don’t even know what “+” means)
  • 5+ Red Stars
  • Level 7+ Abilities
  • 25%+ Stark Tech bonuses

I somehow doubt that many players have even one team that fulfills those requirements now. Fortunately, we are not bound by these requirements, and no one prevents us from trying. As you will see, some of the Origin Challenges Dif 5 can be cleared with even average teams. 

Due to Origin Challenges Weekly Schedule, we cannot release all videos simultaneously, so we will continuously update the article with every new video until all 5 Challenges are cleared.




The Skill team required for this Challenge is basically the same team as for Difficulty 4 – Sam Wilson, Kestrel, Shang Chi, Sharon Karter, and Maria Hill. Honestly, this is the most powerful skill combination at the moment and using anyone else will just lower your damage potential granted by Sharon Carter. In other words, even if your Gamora is at 200k and your Shang Chi is on 100k – use Shang Chi, nevertheless.

The opening of the battle is straightforward for this team. Affect as many enemies as possible with Kestrel’s special and materialize Shang Chi’s ultimate under the Offense Up. As you will see, I am using Skirmisher Class with Kestrel which is considered something only Noob would do.

My logic is simple – if my Kestrel fails to place Defense Down with her special, basic, or assist even once, my loss will be greater than any benefit gained from her damage output with the Striker class. You may agree with me or not, it is up to you.


Anyway, during that first wave, as you can see, my Kestrel passively placed Defense Down on both Juggernauts. That is of utmost importance because you wanna avoid having Juggernaut with taunt when the second wave spawns. You will even need to Stun one of them to make yourself sure.

Hopefully, the second wave will spawn with only 1 Juggernaut who has Defense Up on himself. In the second wave, you have two problems – immunity on Ebony Maw and passive Stealth on Silver Samurai. Not being able to target Silver Samurai can pose a real threat to you and you will have to deal with it. As long as you have Ketsrel’s ultimate ready to be used on Ebony Maw you should not have real problems.

If you survive through the second wave and witness the third wave the only thing you need to have is the ability to place Defense Down with someone on S.H.I.E.L.D. Security. If you can do that the rest is easy.


In the video this challenge looks a lot easier than it is actually because of one simple reason. After Shang Chi used his ultimate for the second time on the second wave, he placed critical on Silver Samurai making him the most injured enemy on the battlefield. That led to every Kestrel’s Passive attack being executed against Silver Samurai which led to his death even though he was Invisible.

Most of the time you will not have that luck and you will have to deal with at least 1 Silver Samurai’s ability (in this case Stun after inflicting an insane amount of damage to your character). Do not be afraid, that shouldn’t affect the outcome of the battle much as long as your CDs are in the appropriate rotation.

The appropriate rotation:

  •  do not use Sam’s special if there is no one to benefit from additional energy.
  •  do not heal if it is not necessary.
  •  do not use your turns on targets who don’t have Defense Down on themselves.

If you followed those simple instructions the only thing you need to do is to start the combat and claim Juicy Skill T16 items.




There were several videos on the internet with Symbiots clearing Biofuel Dif 5. The only problem was because teams on those videos are all 950k+. I doubt many players have them that strong, so I had to find a way to do it with an average team.

My setup is simple – SSM, Anti-Venom, Carnage, Scream, and Yo-Yo. Symbiots of average power simply cannot withstand the damage output on the DIf 5 but if decent Yo-Yo is with them, incoming damage will be literally halved.

All Symbiots have the Skirmisher class for obvious reasons and after I made sure that my Yo-Yo would continuously place Offense Up on the Challenge, I gave him Healer just to be sure that my mediocre Symbiots would live through.


The main obstacle in this challenge is She-Hulk. Her passive prevents Symbiots from fully controlling the battle with debuffs. After every fifth strike on her or any other GAMMA or F4 character (Invisible Woman in this case), She-Hulk will passively transfer debuffs on one of your characters. One way to avoid that is to keep her stunned and the other way is to attack other characters. On the first wave, try prolonging the battle until SSM Stun is ready and in the last wave just don’t hit her.

The second obstacle could be Falcon and Sif. If you are not careful and buff your team with Anti-Venom ultimate just before Falcon’s move, you may end up dead because his damage will gradually increase with every buff you have. Stunning the Falcon is not an option since you will have to Stun Sif who is hitting insanely hard. As long as you are without buffs or with only a few, Yo-Yo will prevent Falcon from causing real damage.

If you’ve progressed slowly and smartly the last wave will be easy. She-Hulk will be on the other side, and she will not bother you. At the same time, your Speed Bar will allow you to fully control Electro and Taskmaster before they can cause any harm. When you deal with them the only thing that remains is to turn on the auto-combat and claim the rewards.




As I promised, I did the clearing without Beast with the team of average power.

There are two viable setups for this difficulty – With Dazzler or with Emma Frost. You must use one of those two to prevent Magneto’s Blind. My Dazzler ISO-8 is not yet ready, so I was forced to use Emma alongside Rogue. I wasn’t too happy about it, because of Emma’s stats, but I didn’t have many problems. The rest of the team was Jubilee, Bishop, and Omega Red.

When Battle starts you want two things – to place Blind on Blob as soon as possible and to prevent Negasonic from using AOE (Obviously Rogue will target Magneto with special to prevent mass Blind). As you can see, I had some struggles to reach that goal because the Focus of my Jubilee was just not high enough to place Blind with every assist.

By the way, leading only Bishop and Jubilee without Beast has one noticeably big advantage – Bishop will always be assisted only by Jubilee. That means that with every Bishop’s action you apply Blind on his designated target. In ideal circumstances, that’s totally overpowered. Unfortunately, on Dif 5 resistance of enemies won’t let you be relaxed.


Omega Red is another tool for controlling enemies. He has low CDs, and he can place Ability Block with both special and ultimate. Use that to prevent Negasonic’s AOE. Also be sure that when the second wave spawns, you have at least one available ability to prevent Sam Wilson from using his AOE.

In the second wave, the trick is to let Nick Fury and Mari Hill summon minions. Those minions will be killed easily with Bishop’s ultimate, and they will give you just enough Speed Bar (Jubilee’s passive) to be prepared for Squirrel Girl. Be patient and don’t rush things because you will have plenty of time to place an Ability Block on her before she can heal and remove debuffs with her special. Placing Blind on Strange [Heartless], Killmonger, and Lady Deathstrike shouldn’t be hard since their Resistance is not high.

As you can see in the video, keeping Maria Hill and Squirrel Girl from cleansing while putting Blind on the remaining damage dealers can be done easily. If you do that, you will clear the mission.



1 Star Clear


3 Stars Clear


Clearing Alchemy Difficulty 5 proved to be a harder task for me than clearing heroic Pestilence Saga (I will explain the reasons later). Regardless of annoyance caused by the fact that everything depends on the RNG, the feeling of accomplishment once you have done it cannot be described in words. The harder the task – the greater the joy, someone would say, and they would be right.

I gave you two links. In the first video, I was trying to clear the Challenge with full DH. Full DH with MLF’s passive offers the greatest sustenance and greatest chances of success if you do everything right. Unfortunately, my DH is not strong enough and once they lose the initial Defense Up some of them can be one-shotted.

That happened with my Wong near the end when he was targeted by enemy Wong and went to red right after the spawning of Gambit and his deadly passive. Truth be told, I made a cardinal mistake by stunning Ikaris instead of Wong, yet if my DH was a little bit stronger, that mistake would not decide the outcome of the battle.


The problem with this setup is that you can easily pass the first two waves but when the third wave comes everything depends on RNG. It is really annoying playing 5 minutes repeatedly just to see if the RNG will be in your favor when the time comes. Therefore, instead of achieving 3 stars with this setup, I’ve decided to try something new.

In the second video, I’ve used the same setup as for Difficulty 4 – Doctor Doom, Ikaris, Sersi, Morgan LE Fay, and Agatha Harkness. This setup grants higher damage output than full DH and has two available stuns (most important for the last wave) but it has a noticeably big disadvantage – Ikaris and Sersi are instantly Stunned by Agatha’s ultimate, and you will momentarily die except in one situation.

To prevent dying you must somehow remove Stun from Ikaris and allow him to start playing so Eternals can slowly change the tide in your favor. To do that there is only one way – Doctor Doom’s passive (instant ultimate when he drops below 50% of HP) must be triggered before Madelyne Pryor uses her ultimate. If Madelyne Pryor uses ultimate after Agatha’s ultimate, you will die no matter how strong you are.


Fortunately, Madelyne Pryor is exactly the character who can prevent that from happening. She has a passive that grants assistance on non-attacking skills meaning that if Black Widow targets Doctor Doom, Madelyne Pryor will passively attack him reducing his HP under 50% and activating his passive. When that happens, Doctor Doom will get an instant turn and he will be able to execute his ultimate.

When he executes his ultimate, he will heal and cleanse himself and the most injured ally. You want that ally to be Ikaris and to make sure he will be the one you must position him in the end, next to Doctor Doom.

I know this is a lot of rngs involved in one single battle but trust me it is a lot easier to know if you have a chance instantly when the battle begins than to play for 5-10 minutes and then start praying to God that everything went well.

Once you achieve what I described and Doctor Doom executed his ultimate after which Ikaris will play three times in a row, everything else is simple logic (if you know the flow of the battle). You will need to save Agatha’s ultimate for the last wave. Also, you will want to have two available stuns (Agatha’s and Sersi’s) for Gambit and Wong when they spawn.


When the second wave spawns save Ikaris’ ultimate for when Ultron adds are summoned because that will grant additional AOE from Ikaris. Do not underestimate Sunfire and Deathpool. Sunfire must not be allowed to reach his second turn because you will be annihilated. Deathpool shouldn’t have any debuffs before his first turn because it will transfer them on you (if he has trauma, he can’t do that). Do not allow that enemy Ikaris to use his ultimate while some of Doom Bots are alive – you will die.

Most importantly do not crush your device if Ultron uses its ultimate and one-shot your character. This Challenge is not meant to be cleared at the first attempt. This Challenge is really hard, and you will have to try it repeatedly. Nevertheless, the more you try the happier you will be once you clear it with 3 stars. I advise you to start trying.

One more thing before you start, there is a third setup that can clear the Challenge – 4 DH without SW + Doctor Doom. As I said a few days ago, that setup allowed me to clear the Challenge and take rewards. However, that setup doesn’t grant you equal chances of success as the other two setups that I described. If you have any questions, ask and I will answer!





As promised, I did succeed in making the Industry Dff 5 guide. I had doubts that I should transfer resources on my f2p account towards Shuri so I can record the Guide myself. I wasn’t sure if that is necessary at this moment considering that there are many videos of clearing Industry Dif 5. In the end, I’ve decided that regardless of everything I need to show you that it can be done even with a mediocre team.

As you can see, I’ve provided you with two videos. The first video is clearing with my f2p team, and the second video is a gift from my fellow friend from alliance who is also f2p and playing the game from start. I wanted to use his video as a guide so I don’t need to invest in Shuri but in the end, I figured that showing the difference in strength and setup can only provide more help and understanding.

As you can see there is a significant difference in battle flow between a team of 950k strong and my team that is 735k strong. There is a difference, but the conclusion remains – you can clear the content even if your team is not fully maximized.


My setup is simple – Doctor Doom, Kestrel. Doctor Octopus, Kate Bishop, and Shuri. Your goal is to survive initial AOEs and not let War Machine use his ultimate in his second turn. The problem is because Hand Sentry makes your enemies not targetable, and Minn-Erva resurrects them and heals them constantly.

Basically, all enemies in this Challenge hit insanely hard so it is of utmost importance that your team is always under Defense Up and that enemies are debuffed with Offense Down if possible. Shuri and Kate Bishop have the virtues needed for making that happen. In the video, I was extremely unlucky since Vison dodged three times in a row in a crucial moment. Nonetheless, my setup was already in motion, and nothing could stop me till the end.

You need to be careful about a few things, though:

  • It is best to kill Niko Minoru before she can even play (i couldn’t do that but Offense Down debuff did the job for me).
  • Prevent the second War Machine from using his ultimate.
  • Prevent Taskmaster from suing his ultimate
  • Kill Scarlet Witch before she uses her special
  • Be sure to target enemies who have Defense Down on themselves, therefore, make sure that Kestrel aims at priority targets

Number One is a great guy. As Number One from Allan Ford, he has both wisdom and power, and he is 1000 years old.


As you can see in his video a team of 950k strong doesn’t have any difficulties whatsoever. He used Lady Deathstrike instead of Kate Bishop which has its good sides and bad sides. The good side is that LD has significantly better sustenance than Kate. The other good side is Bleed and Defense Down which can annihilate enemy HP as you can see in Niko Minoru’s example.

The bad side is LD cannot remove debuffs like Kate and that she cannot place Offense Down on far invisible targets. Considering that in my Setup Kate was always the reason for failure because her HP was too low to survive continuous AOE’s it seems better to use Lady Deathstroke. Before you jump to that conclusion, know that my Kate Bishop is only 90k strong only. The decision is entirely on you – Number One has shown you how to do it easily and I’ve shown you how to do it if you are underpowered.

One thing is sure – do not give up until all Challenges are cleared on 3 stars!



I hope that our videos are interesting and understandable. We will continue providing walkthroughs for all features in both written guides and recorded videos. Soon we will offer more help for fresh players but that is a surprise.

Stay tuned, subscribe to our channel, and contact us if you need anything. 🙂