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  • Industry Level 4 – Guide and video

We will show you all Original Challenges on Difficulty 4 cleared by teams whose strength is almost enough. Those Challenges can be easy if the required characters are strong enough. However, clearing with a team that is not so strong is something that should be interesting to the average player. Let’s start.




Mystic Challenge on Diff 4 proved to be extremely hard for teams of average power. The main problem is that challenge sets Enemy Mister Sinister to play first always meaning that your strongest characters may prove to be the main problem for you.

My setup for this fight is Morgan Le Fay, Eternals, Doctor Doom and Agatha Harkness. I’ve tried with many other combinations of similar power characters even with full Darkhold but in the end, this proved to be the best setup.

To succeed you will need the help of Lady Luck. If Mr. Sinister clones MLF, Doom or Agatha just exits the battle and start again. If he clones either Sersi or Ikaris, you are good to go.

The next problem for you will be Gambit who will slowly but steadily harass your character with the lowest HP until he kills them. Losing a character means losing a star, which means losing an auto-combat in the future. To prevent that you need to do a simple but effective action – instead of using Agatha’s ultimate at the start of combat, use her special to Stun Gambit.


After that, focus everything on him until he dies. It shouldn’t be hard as long as he has Disrupted to prevent him to go in Stealth.

After that, incapacitate Mr. Sinister with Sersi to prevent him from healing.

The second wave of the challenge will come fast. What you need to know about the second wave is that Doctor Strange is set up to use his ultimate immediately. Fortunately, he is squishy so he will die from side effects. As long as he is dead before resurrecting a fallen ally and healing others, you are good to go. My advice is to have full control over Madelyne Pryor’s turns because her damage output can totally ruin you.

When the third wave shows you need to think only about one thing – Mighty Thor must die before you kill any other Hero Asgardian on the battlefield. Killing Hero Asgardians while Mighty Thor is alive will trigger her passive and completely heal most of the enemy team giving them a few buffs in the process – you don’t want that.

Basically, this is all you should be aware of – you will probably need a few tries but when you know what to do it will go easy.




For both Bio Diff 4 & 5 (we will provide videos for Diff 5 soon), the safest option is to use a full Symbiot team equipped with a Skirmisher. Web Warriors are not so effective due to several reasons.

I have decided to use a combination of Web Warriors and Symbiots (SSM, Anti-Venom, Carnage, Gwen, Scarlet Spider) to maximize damage potential and show that it can be done even with a mediocre team.

Someone would think that using Scream instead Carnage is better, but I always prefer using Carnage for PVE when I am forced to use only 3 Symbiots. His passive increase of Speed Bar proved to be more effective than Screm’s passive which grants Speed Up.


The only important thing is to equip everyone with Skirmisher ISO-8. That way you won’t be bothered by enemy Taunts that would otherwise make a job exceedingly difficult. Also, all your debuffs will be placed, which is of utmost importance.

The battle itself is straightforward with a few things you should pay attention to.

  • Groot – he can cleanse, so try to prevent him from using his ultimate when possible
  • Sersi – there will be 2 Sersis in the battle, and both should be controlled with Slow and Stun. Otherwise, Sersi will control you 
  • Anti-Venom special – This ability has only 3 Turns cd if it doesn’t resurrect an ally. Use it always because it will grant Immunity which will be essential for the successful clearing of the Challenge.



Skill challenges on Dif 4 can also be extremely hard even if you will use the best possible Skill Setup. There are some important things that can decide the outcome of the battle and we will address all of them.

Assembling the best Skill Setup is simple. Without any doubt, a team made of Secret Avengers, Shang Chi, and Kestrel offer the best potential damage and sustain. There is no other Skill combination that is more potent than this one.

The Trick with this challenge is to prevent enemies from healing and cleansing while trying to kill enemy supports as soon as possible. You can clear the first wave extremely easily and fast, but you will not be in control when Squirrel Girl shows up in the second wave. If not controlled, she will heal all enemies and remove all Def Downs that are essential for your damage output.


To not get in this kind of situation, my advice is to clear the first wave slowly, using mostly basic attacks so your Sharon can Stun Squirrel Girl when she spawns. Be sure that you kill Mantis in the first wave because you don’t want your enemies to have three healers in the second wave – Killmonger and Yelena Belova hits really, really hard so you don’t want them to be healed.

In the third wave, Red Guardian will prevent you from focusing on Agent Coulson who will be the highest threat. Underestimating Agent Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. Assault can be fatal- both will use their AOEs with Offense Up most likely killing at least one of your characters. To overcome this threat, you must immediately remove Taunt from Red Guardian (with Kestrel’s ultimate or with Sharon’s Skirmisher ISO-8) and have Sam Wilson’s special prepared to be used.

If you pay attention to everything mentioned, you should be able to clear this Challenge after a few tries. Mobs in this Challenge hit insanely hard, they are always under Offense Up and they have several sturdy healers. Obviously, if your Secret Avengers are on T16, this Challenge will not be an issue, but if they aren’t, be careful and follow my instructions. Good luck!




Original Mutagens Dif 4 & 5 are quite easy. You only need to use Jubilee, Bishop, Beast, Rogue, and Omega Red and you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever. Beast’s healing and cleansing will carry you through both challenges. Unfortunately, on my f2p account, my Beast is not strong enough, nor does he has ISO-8 on a required level so I was forced to use some unorthodox setup.

I’ve decided to use 3 Unlimted X-men (Gambit, Fantomex, and Rogue) alongside Omega Red and Emma Frost with the Healer ISO-8.

When the battle starts, you will want to incapacitate Cloak with Rogue and prevent Shury from supporting her allies. Since you will have 2 Ability Blocks at your disposal (Gambit and Omega Red) this shouldn’t be an issue. The fight will flow easily until Ikaris spawns. At that moment Omega Red should have his ultimate ready to prevent Ikaris from causing any harm.

If you prolonged the duration of battle on purpose, your Rogue would have her Special ready when the second wave and Ikari’s spawn. If that happens you will not have any problems clearing the rest of the enemies.

Basically, in this challenge, you should focus on three things:

  • Incapacitating Cloak
  • Preventing Falcon to use the special ability
  • Incapacitating Ikaris



My setup for Tech Challenge is somewhat strange, but recently we didn’t have many Tech characters that can fulfill their duties in the endgame. Basically, my setup is forced – Kestrel and Doctor Doom are obvious choices for obvious reasons. Nebula is a part of Infinity Watch therefore she was already fully maximized.

Kate Bishop is a powerful character, but her strength is average because she is locked behind a paywall. Doctor Octopus was already improved as someone who participated in DD4 Legendary Nodes.

Ideally, I should have Shuri instead of Nebula who is almost useless without Gamora, and maybe Lady Deathstrike instead of Doctor Octopus because of her stats. Unfortunately, even if I had the perfect setup currently available, they wouldn’t be good enough for Difficulty 5.

Difficulty 4 is a different Story, and those five characters can do the job.

When the battle starts your main goal is to dispose of Psylocke as soon as possible. You don’t want her to transfer Defense Down on you therefore you must kill her before that. That means using Ketrel’s ultimate on her instead of Ebony Maw – it hurts I know, but that is the only way.


Fortunately, Kate Bishop will provide additional Defense Downs with her special so you will eliminate the rest of the first wave with Kestrel’s passive – this means that you will be forced to attack targets with Defense Down for the maximum gain.

When the second wave shows, Kestrel should have her Special ability at disposal and your goal is to survive long enough without dying, so Doctor Doom can use his ultimate. Be careful though, because if you place Defense Down on Inhumans Crystal it can cleanse it once they drop below 50%.

At this point, RNG will play a key role. If enemies focus on only one ally, they can easily kill it, so you may be forced to start over. In the video, they’ve focused on Doctor Doom activating his ultimate. That is the ideal RNG. Once Doctor Doom ultimate is ready that will be a relief – he will heal himself and one more ally and he will cleanse debuffs.

Use his basic attack twice and then you need to decide whether to activate his special or to continue to use his basic leaving the special for the last wave. The decision should depend on the number of enemies left on the screen. If there are only a few enemies you can wait for the next wave, if not use the special.


If everything went smoothly you will face only Morbius, Doctor Voodoo, and Ghost Rider in the last wave. If Kate places Blind on Ghost Rider, it will be easy. If she doesn’t do that you must be careful and try to kill Ghost Rider first to avoid his passive punishment when someone else dies. In the video, I’ve played risky and had luck since Ghost Rider’s target was Nebula. For you, I advise a safer and slower approach. Do not take your chances – just focus on Ghost Rider first. The rest is easy.

Unfortunately, with this team I probably can’t beat Difficulty 5 even though I’ve cleared it with 1 star. Bionic Avengers will be an obvious solution for any end-game Tech feature. In the meantime, I will equip ISO-8 on Shuri and try to do it with her, but from what I’ve heard she doesn’t help much – we will see.



I hope this will help everyone who struggles to unlock three stars in those Challenges. Players who have teams that can easily beat those challenges don’t need any guide because they will do it on auto. However, most players don’t have teams that strong so I am certain that they will welcome this.

I am close to clearing all 5 Challenges on Difficulty 5 with my f2p account, so you can expect those videos soon. This is the first time we are doing content by recording, so feel free to subscribe to our channel – it is new, but it will contain all needed playthroughs in the future. We are planning to employ a person who will be responsible for all voiceovers and videos in general. Most likely that person won’t be me – I am too old and too sexy to be put in videos. If we did that you would not pay attention to what I want to tell you, and we definitely don’t want that to happen. xD

Stay tuned, more exciting news and videos are almost ready for you!