Morgan Le Fay

Creators: Stan Lee (writer); Joe Maneely (artist)

First appearances (Comics):

  • Atlas Comics: Black Knight Comics#1, May 1955
  • Marvel: Spider-Woman I#2, May 1978

Other media appearances:

  • Dr. Strange: 1978 film.
  • Runaways: Third season of the MCU / Hulu series
  • Multiple appearances in MCU animated shows

Marvel Lore vs MSF

MLF is one of the newest characters in MSF and I can truly say that her Comic Lore is almost ideally presented in Marvel Strike Force.

As an ancient evil power of Old, she is rightfully chosen to be one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Her immense power as the Earth’s most deadly Sorceress is shown in all four skills in Marvel Strike Force.

Necromancy can be seen in her attacks as she steals Health from enemies with two of her abilities. Time Travel is also implemented since she speeds up the playing turns of her allies and reduces the Speed of enemies.

Her Omnipresence can be seen in her ability to prevent enemies from assisting each other. Most importantly as an ultimate Spell Caster, she prevents other Spell Casters from playing.

The creation of Morgan Le Fay according to Lore is definitely a full success. While many MSF characters do not represent their real selves in the game, Morgan Le Fay certainly does. And she does it in all her greatness and power.


Morgan is considered to be one of the greatest sorceresses in Earth’s history. Her abilities include:

  • Spell Casting
  • Reality Warping
  • Time Travel
  • Necromancy
  • Resurrection
  • Power Granting
  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Omnipresence
  • Shape-Shifting
  • Transmutation
  • Energy Projection
  • Illusions
  • Astral Projection

Morgan Le Fay shows weakness in iron/ferrous metallic objects.

Morgan’s early life

Morgan was born in the Sixth Century A.D. in the days of Camelot.

It is said that Morgan Le Fay (Morgan the Fairy) is the daughter of Gorlois, Duke of Tintagel, and his wife, Igraine. Igraine also bore King Uther Pendragon’s son Arthur, who became the legendary King of Camelot.

Merlin, one of the greatest sorcerers, was Morgan’s master. Morgan successfully persuaded Merlin to teach her magic by promising him to be his lover. She served as priestess to Gaea and helped bring bountiful harvests and heal Gaea’s followers when ill.

Morgan married King Uriens of Gorre. They had a son Sir Ewain.

Plot against King Arthur

Morgan wanted to rule Britain herself and despised King Arthur for rejecting Celtic religion and promoting Christianity. In a plot, she stole Excalibur and its magic scabbard. The scabbard’s magic was keeping the wearer safe. They would not lose blood no matter how serious the injury. She replaced both items with hellish replicas and gave her lover, Sir Accolon real items with the promise of marrying him if he killed a knight the next day.

The sorceress told Accolon that the death of said knight would allow her to kill King Arthur and her husband, King Uriens. Accolon’s opponent was King Arthur himself, aware of Morgan’s actions. Arthur, with the help of sorceress Nimue, managed to kill Accolon. The King trusted Morgan until this event. From that day on, his half-sister was an enemy.

Morgan attempted numerous times to attack and destroy Camelot, Arthur, and the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, and the Black Knight stopped her every time.

The Dark Grimoire

Morgan recruited followers to assist her in the quest for the Darkhold and its arcane power. One of her first followers was Magnus, her eventual lover. He gave his best to ignore Morgan’s hatred toward King Arthur.

Morgan managed to gather most of the Chthon Scrolls. She bound the parchments into a single volume: The Darkhold. The Elder God’s black magic affected her quickly. Magnus was finally able to understand who she had become.

The Darkholders tried to summon Chthon and use him as Le Fay pleases, but the demon was too powerful, and they were unable to control him. The cult tried to banish the Elder God back to the nether-realm but failed as well. Eventually, the demon got imprisoned within the mountain, Wundagore. Magnus stayed with Darkholders for a while.

After seeing the evil Chthon present, he decided to steal the Darkhold. He succeeded and hid the Darkhold upon the high tower of the Isle of Wight,  protected with powerful spells. Magnus knew that Morgan would come after him and eventually find him. He performed a specific ritual to prevent his spirit from passing on to the next realm if his body died. Morgan found him and slew Magnus’ mortal body while he was astral projecting.

Back to Camelot and Castle Le Fay

Morgan visited Camelot and was on good terms with Arthur until they overheard Lancelot referring to Queen Guinevere as his love. Arthur forgave them, but Morgan was furious as she sought a romance with Lancelot as well.

Arthur was not able to deny the affair any longer. The law was clear. Lancelot was facing beheading and Guinevere burning at the stake. Lancelot would eventually slay other knights, thus shattering the Knights of the Round Table.

After the affair had been revealed England plunged into a civil war.

Mordred, the illegitimate son of King Arthur and his half-sister Morgause, joined forces with Morgan, his aunt, in an attempt to destroy Arthur. The Black Knight led Arthur’s army to victory. Together with the Black Knight, Merlin led their forces to Castle Le Fay in an attempt to force Morgan to tell the King the truth.

Morgan was aware of the situation, so she laid a trap that would kill anyone who entered her castle. Merlin prevented this and instead imprisoned Morgan in her castle with a powerful spell.

Merlin held Morgan responsible for the death of the age of chivalry. With Sir Tristan and two other knights, he entered Morgan’s castle and amplified his earlier spell. Morgan’s body would die if she ever left her castle’s walls. Her physical body was bound to the block, while her spirit could move around the castle. Her spells could affect outside events to a limited degree.

In one of their adventures, X-Men and Spider-Man had to travel into the past to find a series of  “Time’s Arrows” sent by Kang the Conqueror. One of these arrows had been contained within the ethereal block binding Morgan. They could not remove it without freeing the sorceress in the process. The time-travelers convinced Percy to use his Ebony Blade and release Morgan as the Arrow was a greater threat than Le Fray.

The Dr. Doom and Iron Man meet Morgan

In another time-travel episode, Dr. Doom approached the sorceress. He requested Morgan’s help in saving his mother’s soul. They reached an agreement. Dr. Doom was to lead her armies in the fight against King Arthur. She used her stolen fragment of Excalibur to reanimate the body of every man slain by it.

Doom and the army faced King Arthur, the Knights of Camelot, and Iron Man, who arrived from the future together with Doom. Iron Man realized who was the real threat and flew to Castle Le Fay to confront Morgan. He fought against Morgan’s pet hawk, Accolon, and won. The sorceress opened a portal to an unknown dimension and fled.

Morgan desperately needed the Darkhold to break Merlin’s spell. She realized that the grimoire would be transported out of its tower and made a plan to obtain it in the future.

Morgan’s Excaliber and the Netherworld

“Slapper” Struthers, a criminal from the modern era, stole Morgan’s hellish Excalibur and put worrying events into motion. Morgan sent the spirit of a loyal knight and transformed Struthers into the villain Excaliber. The villain was on a mission to make Magnus reveal Darkhold’s hiding spot, but the Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) defeated Excaliber.

Jessica Drew grew up on Mt. Wundagore. Morgan recognized Chthon’s power and tried to use the Spider-Woman to her advantage. Magnus assisted in Morgan’s defeat by guiding Drew’s spirit to the 6th century. Jessica knocked Morgan out of a window, causing her body to crumble to dust due to Merlin’s spell.

Sorceress’ spirit survived on the astral plane, and she cast a spell to prevent Spider-Woman’s spirit from reentering her body.

Centuries passed while Morgan was recovering her power. She managed to transport most of her castle to the netherworld. Le Fay made a final attempt to usurp Drew’s body. The Avengers, Doctor Strange, Shroud, and Magnus managed to stop her. Magnus sacrificed himself to restore Spider-Woman’s spirit to her body.

The Conquest of Earth

Morgan Le Fay harnessed the power of Asgardian Norn Stones and managed to capture Scarlet Witch. It allowed her to restructure the reality in a way she desired, with her as the Queen and the Avengers as an Elite unit in her service.

In the new reality, the Avengers were called Queen’s Vengeance. Donar the Mighty (Thor) had a feeling that something is wrong in this world, though he could not say what it was. He left for his home-world Asgard to discover the truth.

The Scarlet Witch was chained up in one of the dungeons and acted as a conduit for the Earth restructuring spell. She was trying to reach out to the Avengers with her powers for some time and finally managed to awake Yeoman America (Captain America). Cap helped Hawkeye come to his senses. They managed to awaken Pixie (Wasp) and Daystar (Photon).

The plan was to awaken the rest of the Queen’s Vengeance. Unfortunately, some of them like Iron Knight (Iron Man), were too immersed in Morgan’s spell. Six Avengers were aware of Morgan’s doing, but they were outnumbered. The arrival of Donar (Thor) turned the tide of battle. The Scarlet Witch brought Wonder Man back to life, and they escaped the dungeons.

Morgan was furious and gave the escaped Avengers until dawn to return the Scarlet Witch. This development gave an idea to the seven Avengers. They infiltrated the Queen’s castle disguised as Monks, but Queen’s Vengeance found them quickly.

The battle raged on until the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man showed up and challenged Queen Morgan. Due to the intensity of the fight, Morgan withdrew her energy from controlling the Queen’s Vengeance, and the members now remembered who they were.

They managed to defeat Morgan and unmade the reality she imposed on Earth.

Our Heroes must be prepared for a fight against Morgan Le Fay at any moment.

Basic information

  • Real name: Morgan (Morgana) Le Fay
  • Species: Human/Faerie hybrid
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of Birth: Tintagil Castle, Gorre (Today part of Cornwall, England)
  • Occupation: Sorceress, former High Priestess
  • Affiliation: Former leader of the Sixth Century Cult of Darkholders;
  • Height: 6’2’’
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Magenta