Active monthly events – how to prepare


In November, players will try to recruit Black Panther (1MM) through a new monthly Event. We will see if this is possible for free-to-play players, but first, we need to check what is in front of us.

Important update: The fourth week of the Monthly Event will require us to earn some Power Cores (the way of getting some milestone points), so my advice is to save your Arena daily rewards from 23. November until the Fourth Week of the Monthly event starts.


As I already said, our goal will be to gather Black Panther (1MM) shards – as much as possible. This month the system has changed a bit. Last time collected orb fragments, and by opening those Orbs, we are gathering monthly-character shards. They remove orbs this time, and we have character shards as direct rewards from the monthly milestone. It will be 40 milestones with 500k points in total.

Rewards from milestones will be:

  • Black Panther (1MM) shards – 180 in total (last to reach Milestone 39 – 441k points needed)
  • Armory 14/15/16 Orb Fragments
  • T2/T3 Ability Orb Fragments
  • Gold Orb Fragments
  • Gold Promotion Credits
  • Mystic Teal Gear

Players will have to earn at least 200000 points to qualify for the Leaderboards. Rewards from Leaderboards will be Training and Armory 17 Orb fragments, Orange Raid Orb Fragments, and Milestone III Orb fragments. Also, T2 Level 4/5 Ions and T1/2 Ion Orb Fragments.

Points will be earned by:

  • Collecting 1 Vibranium Meteorite (resource for this month) – 1 point 
  • Collecting Panther Pelt (first-week milestone item) – 35000 points
  • Collecting Ancient Claw Necklas (second-week milestone item) – 45000 points
  • Collecting Razor-Sharp Claw (third-week milestone item) – 60000 points
  • Collecting Hearth-Shaped Herb (forth-week milestone item) – 100000 points

As we can see, there are a lot of points to collect “just” from unlocking weekly items, 240000 in total – almost half of the maximum number needed to reach the last milestone.

October is in front of us – with the new month, there is a new monthly event in the MSF game. Last month players were able to unlock every milestone without spending money. So, we are hoping that trend will continue. Let’s see what the new monthly event has for us.


The First Panther

The monthly Events will consist of:

  • 4 Main Milestone Events
  • 4 Quick Rumble Milestones
  • 2 Alliance Milestones

Main Milestone Events:

  • Contagion Corps – November 7th
  • Commander’s Cache – November 14th
  • Spy Games – November 21st
  • Claws of Fury – November 28th

Players will need to participate in those weekly events to get the rewards, primary items mentioned above. We will write more about those events on our Weekly Events page.


Quick Rumble Milestone Events:

  • Savage Superior (Uncanny X-Men) – November 11th
  • Wakanda Forever (Wakandan) – November 18th
  • Holiday Rumble (Guardian) – November 25th
  • Merry X-Men (Astonishing X-Men) – December 2nd

Blitz Events where players can collect more points by using specific teams. I mentioned those teams above.

Coordinated Assault Alliance Milestones:

  • November 11th to November 18th
  • November 25th to December 2nd

Alliance members will need to work together to achieve those rewards.



Luck will not have anything to do with collecting Character Shards this time. If you are able to reach the specific milestone (in this case – milestone 39) you will have Black Panther (1MM) on 4 Yellow Stars. Nothing less – nothing more. RNG will not have an impact at all.

On our Weekly Event page, I will explain what you need to do to progress through every week, so it will be clear how much we (as free-to-play players) can expect from this Event.