Wolverine’s build guide



The first time we meet Wolverine is in Part I “The Best There is” mission. That was the first fight against Sabretooth and the appearance of Wolverine was expected. However, he will not join Midnight Suns before the end of Part I.

As the oldest member of the team and one of the founders of X-Men, Wolverine has much to offer to the Hunter. His experience, his rationality, and his survival abilities. His sense of humor is strange at best, but what can you expect from a grandpa?

Wolverine has a close relationship with Magik because he was protecting her for a long time. They are acquainted at James Xavier School for young Mutants, where they become like relatives. As a matter of fact, Wolverine is the only fatherly figure in Magik’s life and the only one who fully understands her (until she meets Hunter).

Wolverine is reckless in combat. He will act without fear or remorse, willingly sacrificing for the team. He can do that because he knows that he can’t die, literally. His main role is to be a Tank for the team because most of his abilities will Taunt enemies. However, his Chain attacks will give you a wide variety of offensive options, making him ideal for clearing the map of random mobs.


Best Build


  • Chain Swipes
  • Quick Swipe
  • Lethal Pounce
  • Power Slash
mms wolverine cards chain swipes 1
mms wolverine cards quick swipe 1
mms wolverine cards lethal pounce 1
mms wolverine cards power slash 1


  • Rapid Healing
  • Berserk
mms wolverine cards rapid healing 1
mms wolverine cards berserk 1


  • Eviscerate
  • Midnight Special/Piercing Slash (if you don’t have a legendary Card)
mms wolverine cards eviscerate 1
mms wolverine cards midnight special 1

Deck guide

Playing with Wolverine is not very hard, nor does it demand a lot of strategic thinking, at least not until you earn a Legendary card (which will be hard since he joins the team a lot later). Your goal is to taunt as many enemies as possible while trying to KO all trash mobs.

Wolverine is not good for building Heroism, because his goal is to draw attention from all non-trash mobs which he can’t do if you put multiple Quick Cards in his deck. Also, his Quick Card (“Quick Swipe”), causes serious damage and it is not wise to use it against Trash Mobs.

At the same time, his Skill Cards are not meant to be used at the start of combat, but only when he is dead or requires healing. Anyway, your goal should be to use the remaining Card Plays to Taunt multiple enemies with Chain attacks. Before that, it would be ideal to buff yourself with Strengthen and to make sure that Wolverine ends turn with Counter.

Basically, Wolverine’s role is to draw attention from the rest of the team while they are gaining the best positions and wait for Heroism for their finishing moves.

Wolverine is the only character who can be revived by his own Skill Card, so you shouldn’t be worried too much if he dies. His role is to buy time for other members of the team to earn a victory on the battlefield.


Skill Cards

Wolverine has 3 skill cards. 2 of them are mandatory, while the third is optional. Unlike other Skill Cards, Wolverine cards’ main purpose is not to build Heroism or help the team. They will be used only when he is dead or is about to be dead.

“Berserk” draws 3 Wolverine cards and gives him Lifesteal for 1 turn and 2 Heroism. This card is essential for Wolverine and his play style. You should use it at the start of the turn but only if Wolverine is not in full health. That means that if you Draw this card at the start of combat, you should save it or redraw it. There is no reason to use it if Wolverine HP is full. When used “Berserk” will allow Wolverine to fully heal and taunt all enemies for another turn.

“Stink of Fear” Taunts all enemies in the Area, gives Counter, and places Weak. This card is really strong considering that all taunted enemies will have their damage halved. However, in my experience, I never had a reason to use it because I could always cause the same effects with Wolverine while causing damage with his Attack and Heroic cards. That is why I didn’t put this card in his Build.

“Rapid Healing” can only be used when Wolverine can’t act, or in other words when he is dead. It will revive him at almost full HP and will Cure all negative effects. Because of this card, you can recklessly attack with Wolverine, so it is mandatory to have it. If you Draw this card while Wolverine is alive, I suggest Redrawing it unless you are certain that he will die before the next turn.


Attack Cards

There are 4 different Attack Cards available to Wolverine. Each of them is really useful for his play style, so I suggest always using all 4.

“Quick Swipe” is the Quick card with the highest damage and unlike most Quick cards it will be often used to finish off non-trash mobs.

“Chain Swipes” can Chain up to 3 enemies Taunting all of them. If it is focused on only 1 target it will reduce the damage of that target by half. This card is crucial for Wolverine and its usefulness, so you can freely equip 2 of those Cards if you want. The damage is symbolic but that is not the purpose of this card.

“Power Slash” causes moderate damage, and places Vulnerable and Forceful Knockback. This card is optional, but I always like having Vulnerability debuff as one of my options. It is extremely effective against heavy targets and will considerably increase the damage for the entire team.

“Lethal Pounce” is another Chain card, but its purpose is not to hit multiple targets. Its purpose is to double the damage of Wolverine with Strengthen buff. It will cause enormous damage to the single target and will be the ideal opening for the rest of the turn. I have this card always equipped and use it before I start Taunting all enemies. Most importantly, it will grant you increased damage to all Wolverine Counters after the end of the turn. Keep in mind though, that this card doesn’t Taunt.


Heroic Cards

Wolverine has 3 Heroic cards but only 1 is really necessary for him and his play style. In my opinion, there is no real justification for Wolverine to spend Heroism considering what you can do with it with other Heroes. In my opinion, you should spend Heroism with Wolverine only if it will grant you more Heroism in the next turn and keep your allies alive.

“Eviscerate” Taunts up to 4 enemies and grant Counter for each KO. This is a mandatory Card for Wolverine. It will grant him a Counter and fully negate the need for a “Stink of Fear” card. It will cost you 2 Heroism to cast it but, in most situations, the investment will pay off multiple times. In the worst-case scenario, it will make you use “Berserk” in the next turn. The damage is moderate but that is not really important.

“Piercing Slash” causes heavy damage against targets with Block and costs only 1 Heroism. This card can be really useful in some situations. It is cheap and can instantly bring down the armor of the toughest opponents if Wolverine is under the effect of Strengthen. You will probably use it until you unlock his legendary card.

“Midnight Special” consumes all Heroism for attacking multiple random targets several times depending on the Heroism Spent. 1 attack on each target for 1 Heroism. Also, for every KO you will earn 1 Heroism. Well, for using this card spending Heroism can be justified. However, you have to be sure that you will make KOs before using “Midnight Special” because only if you compensate spent Heroism with KOs spending will be justified.

Anyway, killing multiple targets for free is always good so you should equip this card as soon as you unlock it. Unfortunately, you will have to make a double effort in your relationship with Wolverine because he will join much later.



As someone who cannot help you with accumulating Heroism, Wolverine is best to be paired with those who can. Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are obvious options for that purpose but in my experience, there are even better picks in your team.

Blade is one of the Heroes who are ideal for Wolverine. He also has Chain attacks which will synergize with Wolverine’s, and he can help in accumulating Heroism by using his Quick cards against Trash Mobs.

Scarlet Witch is another Hero who is perfect for Wolverine. With her Quick cards, she can move enemies to be in the range of Wolverine Chain attacks and she will have all Heroism at her Disposal which means that she will be always able to protect Wolverine no matter the number of enemies and their strength.



Wolverine passive grants him self-healing when his cards are redrawn. The healing is increased depending on the level of your Friendship. Wolverine joins the team later so building a friendship with him will not be an easy task. Using him often in combat will speed things up.

  • Healing Factor I- When a Wolverine Card is redrawn, Wolverine recovers x Health
  • Healing Factor II – When a Wolverine Card is redrawn, Wolverine recovers x Health

This passive can be really effective considering that you will often be in a position to redraw “Rapid Healing” and “Berserk” cards. The amount of healing is serious, especially if Friendship is on Level 4.



The main problem with Wolverine is that he joins the team a little bit late. His initial deck is ok, but he will not make an immediate impact like Scarlet Witch so it is unlikely that you will willingly use him mission after mission. That is the problem because his constant presence in the team is the only way that you improve your Friendship with him and unlock other cards.

If you are playing on higher difficulties, he will simply not have a chance to be considered as the main option compared to other allies who are already improved.

Nonetheless, you should invest your time and resources in him because once he becomes ready, he will be a safe pick regardless of the threat that you will face. Most importantly, not having him ready for upcoming updates will definitely be a bad decision.