James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine Guide

After unpleasant news about another delay, we got the sixth highlight video yesterday. I was worried since the showcase was late (until now Showcases were always released on Sunday) but fortunately Firaxis showed us what we can expect from the Wolverine. In this showcase, for the first time, we saw some Hero Combo cards and we learned some new things regarding the Wolverine.


Wolverine was not a secret to us because he was the first character that was presented to us. We already knew that he would be something between a tank and a damage dealer who could heal himself and steal Health from the enemies. 

Let’s see what Wolverine cards are shown to us in the showcase video.


Wolverine Cards:

  • Berserk (skill) – Draw 3 Wolverine Cards. Wolverine Cards gain Lifesteal until the end of the turn
  • Stink of Fear (skill) – Taunt each enemy in an area. Gain 1 Counter; Level 2 – Apply 1 Weak; Level 3 – +1 Moves this turn.
  • Rapid Healing (skill) – Restore x Health to Wolverine. Cure. Playable when Wolverine is unable to act; Level 2 – +1 Redraws;
  • Hero Combo (heroic combo) – Wolverine and Blade recover x Health. Exhaust.
  • Lethal Pounce (attack) – Chains 2. Full Combo gains 1 Strengthened; Level 2 – Apply 1 Weak
  • Piercing Slash (heroic) – If a target has Block + x damage
  • Rapid Regeneration (heroic) – Revive Wolverine with 50% health. Free
  • Midnight Special – Consume all Heroism to damage random enemies x times (1 for each Heroism). Damage increases by x with each attack. Exhaust; Level 2 – +1 Heroism for each K.O.; Level 3 – Apply 1 week. 


Wolverine has some unique effects available only to him. This is the list of effects from the showcase:

  • Chain – Select multiple targets, or the same target multiple times
  • Full Combo – Gains an additional effect when all attacks in the Chain target a single enemy
  • Strengthened – Increases Offense by 50%
  • Weak – Enemy Offense reduced by 50%
  • Counter – Retaliate to everyone who is attacking for 1 Turn
  • Free – Does not cost a card play.
  • Cure – Remove all negative effects
  • Taunt – Forces enemies to attack this hero
  • Exhaust – Removed from combat when played


Wolverine passive grants him self-healing when his cards are redrawn. There are at least two levels of his passive that can be gained through dialogue between Hunter and Wolverine:

  • Healing Factor I/II – When a Wolverine Card is redrawn, Wolverine recovers x Health


As you have probably figured yourself, Wolverine is a sturdy damage dealer who can decide whether to divide his damage between multiple targets or to focus everything only on a single target. He can make all enemies attack him while reducing their offensive capabilities and he can be Revived passively when he dies.

He needs to build his Heroism before using his strongest attack that will use all Heroism accumulated and obliterate surrounding enemies depending on the amount of Heroism used. His sustenance is based on his ability to gain Life’s steal with almost all of his cards, and his passive that grants him self-preservation whenever he redraws a card.

Obviously, his passive is in synergy with Iron Man whose skills are being boosted whenever he redraws a card. Wolverine does not look as tough as Captain America for example, but his self-preservation can probably offer the same amount of protection as Captain America’s Block. It is also important to mention that Wolverine can be especially effective against targets who rely on Block – his adamantium claws can slice through anything.


After closely looking at half of the available characters from Marvel Midnight Sons, I still cannot suggest a synergy that truly provides better results. From what we could learn until now there are several possible combinations to help Hunter reach her full potential. With Wolverine, you will not need a healer as it seems, but that doesn’t change the fact that the other two members of the squad must be strong and versatile enough to fill up the gaps Wolverine can’t.  

It pleases me that Firaxis continued to provide showcases. There might be a slight chance that the delay has really happened because Devs want to make everything perfect. I cannot predict the release date but those showcase videos give us hope that we could see Marvel Midnight Sons in stores before the end of the current fiscal year (March 2023). Hopefully, my optimism has solid ground, and Firaxis knows what they are doing.