Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch Guide

We got the 7th Showcase for Marvel Midnight Sons right on schedule. Today we learned about Scarlet Witch. Unfortunately, in this showcase video, the amount of information we get is at best mediocre. We learned about only 4 Scarlet Witch’s abilities, and we couldn’t see any of her Attack cards. Is it because other skills are not ready or because they don’t want to show much?


The point is that we can’t have a full picture after this showcase. I will try to get some conclusions from what we got, though. Let’s start with the cards that were shown in the showcase.


Scarlet Witch’s cards details:

  • Chaos Field (skill) – For the next 2 turns, allies near Scarlet Witch gain 1 Resist at the end of the turn; Level 2 – Recover x HP; Level 3 – On Redraw, gain 1 Counter
  • Unleashed (skill) – Increase the size of Scarlet Witch’s AOE by 25% for 2 turns; Level 2 – increase AOE by 40%
  • Chaos Reigns (heroic) – Select an area. Enemies within the area attacks each other; Level 2 – 50% chance for each enemy to attack twice; Level 3 – On Redraw, recover x Health
  • No More (heroic) – Consume all Health to damage each enemy near Scarlet Witch (1 for each Health). Exhaust.; Level 2 – Draw a card for each K.O..; Level 3 – On Redraw Cure

Shown abilities cause just a few effects that can be pinpointed.


These are the Scarlet Witch’s Effects.

  • Counter – Retaliate to everyone who is attacking for 1 Turn
  • Resist – Prevents all damage from the next damaging attack
  • Exhaust – Removed from combat when played
  • Cure – Remove all negative effects


According to the showcase, bringing Scarlet Witch on your good side will not be an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, the description of her passive ability suggests that you will be well awarded if you do so. It is true that we don’t know what “debuffs” will Scarlet Witch apply on nearby enemies but the fact that she can passively control enemies in her vicinity is good by itself. This is the full description of the Scarlet Witch’s passive ability

  •  Wrong place, wrong time I/II/III – 25% chance to debuff each enemy near Scarlet Witch each turn


From what we’ve learned, it is obvious that Scarlet Witch will be an AOE character with a significant level of control. That is pretty accurate to her lore. Some of her AOEs cannot be targeted in a certain area so her positioning will be extremely important. Keep in mind that placing her in the center of an enemy cluster will endanger her to be quickly overrun, so it will be important to carefully plan your actions.

Scarlet Witch’s most powerful ability includes that she needs to be sacrificed to cause an insane amount of damage to multiple targets. Don’t allow yourself that she is near death before using that ability, because the damage depends on her current Health. That means that tactics to place her in middle to be attacked by everyone and then using sacrifice if she survives, will not work to her full potential.

It is obvious that Scarlet Witch needs someone who can Taunt to protect her while she is picking the right position to unleash her powerful AOEs. The other possibility is that she forces enemies into attacking each other while getting into the position.

For Scarlet Witch who is supposed to be sacrificed for reaching her full potential, you will need an ally to Revive her after that. From what we could learn, the number of Revives will be limited, meaning that you will have to anticipate when it is best to rely on it. Also, it might be possible that some items grants Revive. Obviously, those items, if exists, will be mandatory when using Scarlet Witch in the squad.


Without knowing any of Scarlet Witch’s Attack cards we cannot have a full picture of her role and potential. I am quite sure that her attacking abilities will provide you with certain means of controlling the enemy. Until we learn what debuffs she can place, we can’t fully understand who perfect allies for her will be.

We can expect the eighth highlight next week. It is really encouraging that Firaxis continues the game promotion, even though they delayed the release. As I said in the previous guide, the logic suggests that release is near as long as they invest in promotion. Hopefully, I will have some good news for you soon.

Until then, keep tuned and be well.