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Scarlet Witch’s build guide



You will spend almost all the game trying to find a way to free Wanda from Lilith’s grasp. In the end, when you become strong enough, you will willingly absorb all dark energy that corrupts her and make her free once and for all. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the last part of the game before you can do it, leaving you with little time to learn the real power of Scarlet Witch.

And she is really powerful, trust me.

Her combat style is unique and really interesting compared to other residents of the Abbey. She doesn’t have high-damaging attacks but honestly, she doesn’t need it. She will use her surroundings and her Cards to humiliate enemies to the point where they will look like playing toys incapable of doing anything that could harm Wanda and her friends.

The fact that she will harass you and your efforts against Lilith means nothing to her (as it seems) but she is really upset about Agatha Harkness. That is why she will be the reason that everyone in the Abbey becomes aware of Agatha. She couldn’t bring back her life in full, but she made it possible that Agatha’s Spirit form is no longer in hiding for everyone but Hunter.

In the end, Scarlet will be the one who will heal Bruce Banner and bring in the last member of the Midnight Suns to the team.


Best Build


  • Quick Toss
  • Quick Toss
mms scarlet witch cards quick toss
mms scarlet witch cards quick toss


  • Unleashed
  • Hex Mark
  • Chaos Field
mms scarlet witch cards unleashed
mms scarlet witch cards hex mark
mms scarlet witch cards chaos field


  • Detonate
  • Chaos Reigns
  • No More/Hex Charge (if you don’t have a legendary Card)
mms scarlet witch cards detonate
mms scarlet witch cards chaos reigns
mms scarlet witch cards no more

Deck Guide

When you unlock Scarlet Witch, her deck will seem useless, and you will not have any reason whatsoever to lead her with you. Fortunately, you will be forced to do some missions with her, and you will start getting better cards. Then you will realize her true power.

Positioning is the most important for her because she will have to be near enemies or allies if she wants to be of use. That is why you should use all extra Moves with her. She doesn’t have increased damage when using the environment or when kicking enemies, but she has abilities that will do that.

At the end, when she is fully prepared, she will be your best support character, maybe even better than Doctor Strange. She will provide you with free Card plays, she will negate the incoming damage and she will heal multiple allies at once.

Scarlet Witch doesn’t have high-damaging abilities, but it will seem that she is responsible for all damage that you caused in missions against enemies who will look like training dummies.

The only thing you need to do is to be patient and give her a chance. In no time you will forget all the troubles that you had when you gave her the first chance to shine.


Skill Cards

Wanda has 3 Skill Cards, and you will need all of them. Most importantly those cards will be useful whenever they are drawn but at the same time, their efficiency will depend on Wanda’s positioning.

“Unleashed” is available immediately. It grants 2 Heroism and increases the range of other AOE abilities significantly. Knowing that more than half of Scarlet Witch’s Cards actually AOE’s makes “Unleashed” mandatory always. As a matter of fact, as soon as it is Drawn, “Unleashed” should be played regardless of the situation.

“Hex Mark” is an extremely powerful card. It will not provide you with Heroism when you upgrade it, but it doesn’t matter because in most cases it will give you enough free plays to build your heroism higher than most of the other Skill cards could provide. Only Hunter’s dog, Charlie, is capable of placing mass Marked effect on all enemies in range and that is the main reason why summoning Charlie is the Legendary Light card for the Hunter. Wanda can do it even better and in a wider range.

If you want to make this card even more ridiculously powerful than it is, just add a “Free” modification to it. I can’t think of anything more useful in combat for a simple reason – there is nothing of the kind.

“Chaos Field” grants 2 Heroism to the pool and Resist and Healing for all allies in the Scarlet Witch vicinity. If “Unleashed” is used previously the range of “Chaos Filed” will be immersed. In practice, this Card fully negates incoming damage for all in range regardless of who your opponents are. Honestly, I wasn’t forced to use this Card often, but it always stayed as ultimate protection.


Attack Cards

Scarlet Witch has 3 different Attack cards, but I doubt that you will use more than 1.

“Hex Bolt” causes moderate damage and Chain at least 2 times depending on the number of “Hex Bolt” cards in your hand. With each additional “Hex Bolt” card, the number of Chains will increase. As with all Attack cards, “Hex Bolt” grants 1 Heroism and can be used to eliminate trash mobs quickly. At the point when Scarlet joins, you will have much better options for the same task.

“Hex Field” causes decent damage against all enemies in Wanda’s range. Obviously, the “Unleashed” skill card will increase the range of this card. Honestly, this card was never helpful to me, so I discarded it from the Scarlet deck almost immediately. It is not about the damage, it is about the fact that you must move Scarlet in position before using it, which is always questionable because there are usually better reasons for using Moves with her.

“Quick Toss” is the best Attack Card in the game in my opinion! It causes moderate damage, it is Quick, and it Knockback in any direction. If I would create an Attack card myself for my own purposes, I would create a “Quick Toss”. You must find and upgrade this card as soon as possible and then you need to repeat the same. Having 2 “Quick Toss” cards in your deck means beating the game!


Heroic Cards

There are 4 Heroic Cards available for Scarlet Witch. Those cards are not extremely powerful, but they fit perfectly into Scarlet’s play style.

“Hex Charge” causes heavy damage against a single target and forces that target to explode on their turn for the same damage. If the target is killed upon explosion, it causes an AOE damage to nearby targets equal to the combined damage received. This Heroic Card is really effective against normal mobs, especially if they are in clusters. However, the movement of mobs is not predictable so you cannot plan in advance what will happen at the end of the turn.

“Detonate” detonates explosives with 100% increased damage and radius. Allies are immune to damage regardless of their position. If you Redraw this card, you will gain +1 Heroism. This card can be extremely powerful but that will depend on the map. If there are no explosives on the map, it will be useless. Well not entirely, because you will get one Heroism. Keep in Mind that Hunter has the ability to summon Explosives 😉


“Chaos Reigns” manipulates enemies in range into attacking each other up to 2 times. It is not cheap (3 Heroism) but will provide you with insane results. It can move defending enemies from their positions, it can soften them for finishing with other allies, and depending on the enemy the overall inflicted damage can be higher than anything else you have at your disposal. Do not hesitate to use it, when the chance appears.

“No More” will consume the entire Scarlet Witch’s HP to do damage to all enemies in her range (1 damage – 1 hp). When upgraded it will compensate for a free card for every KO. At the cost of Wanda’s life, you will be able to inflict major damage to multiple enemies simultaneously. It is hard to find a more powerful damage-dealing ability in the entire game. It has a high cost, but you will use it only if there are no other options.

It is hard to unlock this card due to the fact that Scarlet will be with you for a short time, and it will be unlikely to improve your Friendship with her on time. However, you will use this card at least once, even if you haven’t unlocked it yet. I will not spoil too much 😉



Scarlet Witch should be combined with heavy hitters who can exploit her greatness. Iron Man, Blade, Ghost Rider … All of them will benefit from Wanda.

However, in my opinion, Magik is the Hero who synergizes with Wanda in the best possible way. Magik has a Heroic ability that draws all enemies in a huge range toward the center which is ideal for executing most of Scarlet’s offensive spells. The possible results can be amazing in the right circumstances!

Only Spider-Man should be avoided if Wanda is in the team because both of them are dependent on extra moves and there are not enough Moves for each even in perfect conditions and with perfect items.



Scarlet’s Passive doesn’t crucially affect the game but when it happens it will be most welcomed. The only problem is that it is unlikely that you will reach Friendship Level 5 before you are done with the last mission.

  • Wrong place, Wrong time I – a 25% chance to debuff a random enemy near Scarlet Witch each turn
  • Wrong place, Wrong time II – a 50% chance to debuff a random enemy near Scarlet Witch each turn

Knowing that she can debuff random enemies with literally every existing debuff, forces you to try and maximize your friendship with Wanda. The chance that the most dangerous enemy will be Stunned (for example) out of nothing is something that will never be ignored and that will make you finish more Side missions than you previously planned.



Scarlet Witch took the main spot in my team as soon as I unlocked and improved her Cards. Her versatility perfectly fits with the Build of my Hunter and more importantly she makes the gameplay so fun, even though it is predictable due to her immense power. If it is fair or not but it proved that characters that can be unlocked later are much more desirable than those who are with you from the start,

If that is made on purpose or not, I don’t know, but I can’t wait for an update to see Scarlet Witch and Hulk together in action!