Captain Marvel’s build guide



Captain Marvel is at your disposal from the start, and she is in charge of the War Room. Her experience in numerous Galactic conflicts makes her ideal for the position. During the adventure, she becomes really close to Blade via “The Book Readers” club, but only platonically. If you want to be on good terms with her, exploit her love for Stars and always pick her as a partner for a “Star gazing” hangout.

In combat, Captain Marvel is actually a Tank that can retaliate almost always and whose damage is doubled if she is in Binary Form. Due to her easy mechanics, she will often be the first pick for the majority of players.

Best Build

This is the best Captain Marvel Build according to my experience


  • Quick Jab
  • Quick Jab
  • Knee Strike
mms captain marvel cards quick jab 1
mms captain marvel cards quick jab 1
mms captain marvel cards knee strike 1


  • One Step Ahead
  • Bring it On
  • Regroup
mms captain marvel cards one step ahead 1
mms captain marvel cards bring it on 1
mms captain marvel cards regroup 1


  • Photon Beam
  • Supernova/Photon Beam (if you don’t have a Legendary Card)
mms captain marvel cards photon beam 1
mms captain marvel cards supernova 1

Deck Guide

The best way to use Captain Marvel is to preserve her Binary status always. In the right circumstances, she will go in full Binary immediately after which your job will be only to carefully overlook the amount of remaining Block.

At first glance, it seems that her damage potential is second to none considering that it will be increased by 100% when she is in Binary. Unfortunately, things are not that simple.

The first thing which is important to mention is that Captain Marvel doesn’t have Quick Attack ability at the start of the game. She needs to find a rare “Quick Jab” card to get Quick effect. That is a big disadvantage, especially at the start of higher difficulties. Once she finds at least 2 “Quick Jab” cards, things will be a lot easier.

Fortunately, there is a really easy trick to allow her to go full Binary. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you have at least 2 “One Step Ahead” skill cards on your deck. That card is your ticket for quick and successful Binary because it will draw Captain Marvel Cards until you have up to 4 in your hand. However, this card can instantly give you Binary only if you have less than 2 Captain Marvel cards in ongoing hand.

Otherwise, the only benefit will be bonus Heroism that you will get. Anyway, in practice, using this card will instantly put you at advantage, as long as you are patient enough.



Once you enter Binary, you will have 2 options in front of you – to use existing offensive cards at double strength depending on available Heroism or to build your Block and Heroism simultaneously and protect the team giving them time and resources to annihilate enemies in the next turn.

In my experience, the second option is always better especially since there is a decent chance that you will be buffed with Counter in the process, which will punish all enemies passively. To do so, it is best to use “Knee Strike” attack cards or “Regroup” and “Bring it On” skill cards after entering Binary. Be careful when using ” Bring it On” though, because you don’t want to lose Binary immediately without increasing your Block in the meantime.

My explanation for why I always chose to use Captain Marvel as a tank and support, is because of her Heroic abilities. Their damage is mediocre and even with Binary damage buff, Captain Marvel’s damage potential is never enough to eliminate high-threat targets.


Heroic Cards

“Rain of Blows” is capable of causing serious damage but that will come at the cost of your Binary status and all existing Heroism. Use it only as a “Hail Mary” action and as we know those actions are never the smartest or happiest. Ideally, you should have to fill her Block as much as possible, and then when she is on a low amount of Block and cannot fill it any longer, use “Rain of Blows” which nullifies the Block and causes a high amount of damage against the single target.

“Photon Beam” is costly, but it can be useful if you have enough Heroism at your disposal and vulnerable allies. “Fists of Radiance” is actually the most useful heroic skill for Captain Marvel in my experience. It will cause serious single-target damage while in Binary Status and will allow you to manipulate enemy positions.

” Supernova” is Captain Marvel’s legendary card. It is a cheap AOE that should be used to finish off several opponents at once. Its damage is moderate even in Binary, but it deserves a spot in the deck.

All in all, playing with Captain Marvel is a lot harder than it seems. Once you understand what needs to be done so she can be effective she will be a great contributor to the team. Until then do not overestimate her potential. As I said earlier, finding a “Quick Jab” card will be the key!



Captain Marvel should be combined with Heroes that can grant her additional Block, Heroism and Card Play.

Obviously, Captain America and Doctor Strange are logical choices. Captain America especially.

If you still want to use her as a primary damage dealer, maybe it is best to combine her with Spider-Man who can allow her to cause additional damage against targets and who will generate Heroism for her constantly.

As I already said several times, I suggest pairing her and Captain America for unexpected results and consistent play experience.



Captain Marvel has two passives. “Binary” is her special mechanics while other passive is gained through improving a relationship with her. Her passives are:

  • Binary – Fills the Binary meter by playing cards (3 in total) to summon the “Go Binary” card.
  • Didn’t feel a Thing (I) – On K.O. 10% chance to gain 1 Counter
  • Didn’t feel a Thing (II) – On K.O. 20% chance to gain 1 Counter

Her passive is not that useful. You need Level 4 Friendship to have a 20% chance of gaining Counter after a kill. That means that you will get 1 Counter for every 5 kills. If you killed 5 mobs already, you don’t need a Counter, to be honest. Therefore, I don’t find it extremely important to go after this passive.



Captain Marvel is best with Blade for a reason if you ask me – both of their passives have no influence on the game whatsoever. I am sorry, they have if you are lucky. Unfortunately, strategy cannot be built on luck in my opinion. I know, I know … There is always a “load game” option until you get the wanted results but that is cheating in my opinion, and superheroes don’t cheat… I think xD.

Anyway, Captain Marvel may not be the most powerful member of the Midnight Suns, but she is definitely fun to play, especially if you are Dark Hunter and you need someone to sacrifice for the cause – she is perfect for that role. Most importantly she could do some serious harm to annoying ants that stand between you and the ultimate power.

If you are the true Hero of Light, as I’m (:P), you will find a way for Captain Marvel to become what she should be!