Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel Guide

We’ve got the 5th Marvel’s Midnight Sons showcase video describing Captain Marvel. We learned about some new mechanics in the game and finally met someone who can actually control enemies. I haven’t mistaken much in my predictions for Captain Marvel except for one thing – her role will not be bound only to damage dealing. As you will see Captain Marvel has more than one Ace on her sleeve.


Let’s start with Cards that were presented in the Showcase:

  • Regroup (skill) – Gain x Block; Level 2 Recover x Health; Level 3 – On redraw, Cure Captain Marvel
  • Knee Strike (attack) – Taunt. Gain Block that is equal to the damage dealt.
  • Cosmic Ray (attack) – if the target is targeting Captain Marvel + X Damage; Level 2 – On K.O. gain 1 Counter; Level 3 – 10% Chance to apply Stun
  • Go Binary (heroic) – become available as a free card after drawing 3 cards; Gain Binary and x Block; Free
  • Rain of Blows (heroic) – Consume all Heroism to deal damage (x for each heroism). Consume all Block.; Level 2 – increased damage per Heroism; Level 3 – On K.O. gain 1 Resist
  • Supernova (heroic) – Damage each enemy in the area; Level 2 Increased area of effect; Level 3 – On Redraw, gain 1 Resist


Effects available for Captain Marvel are:

  • Binary – Increases Offense by 100% as long as she doesn’t lose all Block.
  • Counter – Retaliate to everyone who is attacking for 1 Turn
  • Stun – Cannot act
  • Block – Absorbs incoming damage
  • Cure – Remove all negative effects
  • Resist – prevents all damage from the next attack


Captain Marvel has two passives. “Binary” is her special mechanics while other passive is gained through improving a relationship with her. Her passives are:

  • Binary – Fills the Binary meter by playing cards (3 in total) to summon the “Go Binary” card.
  • Didn’t feel a Thing (I, II, III) – On K.O. 10/20/30% chance to gain 1 Counter


I’ve guessed correctly that Captain Marvel will be the best damage dealer in the game. Her “Binary” mechanics grants significantly more damage than any other character we have seen until now. We don’t have all her cards, but we could see that the strategy with Captain Marvel is to preserve her Binary as long as possible. To do that you will need to constantly fill her up with Block.

Considering that her kit suggests that her other purpose is to be some kind of Tank who can heal herself and punish everyone who attacks her, supporting her Block amount will not be easy. It will be of utmost importance to properly strategize and combine Cards that provide Block and Cards that bring Block to zero. Ideally it would be to fill her Block as much as possible and then when she is on a low amount of Block and cannot fill it any longer, use the card that nullifies Block.

I do not doubt that Captain Marvel will be capable of miracles, and I am quite sure that she will be an ideal companion to many other characters. At first glance, it is obvious that Captain America or Spider-Man are ideal add-ons to Captain Marvel, but we should wait and see other characters before jumping to conclusions.


On 14th August we will probably get another showcase video with another character. Only after knowing all the characters, can we start talking about the best synergies and best teams. Also, the concept of creating the most powerful Hunter will depend on the needs and abilities of her companions.

In short, if Firaxis continues to provide showcase videos every Sunday we will have a full picture in about two months at most. That means that we will have a clear picture before the release that is set for October 7th. I can’t wait – can you? 😉