Nico Minoru’s guide

The release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is closing really fast. If something doesn’t happen at the last moment (like we are used to) the game will be available in less than 6 weeks from now.

The promoting team continued to do their work and today we have learned about Nico Minoru’s combat capabilities.

Nico Minoru is a teenage Marvel Character whose power is closely linked to her Staff of One. Devs followed the lore and made Nico as she should be. According to the comics, Nico Minoru cannot control her powers. She can use a certain ability only once and if she tries to do it again, the effects will be random.

As you will see, Nico’s design in MMS matches the lore as closely as it could be done in the existing game mechanics. Even though Nico is meant to be a Support character, the randomness of her abilities can provide you with much more (or less).


Let’s see what Nico’s cards are shown to us so far:

  • Double Up (skill) – Roulette (generate a copy of each Attack/Skill/Heroic card in your hand). Exhaust.; Lvl 2- Exhaust is removed; Lvl 3 – Free.
  • Curse (attack) – Roulette (applies Weak, Vulnerable, Stun, or Marked). 
  • Blood for Blood (attack) – On KO. restore x Health to Nico Minoru or a random ally.
  • Swarm (heroic) – Roulette (cause 100%,200% or 250% damage of the base Attack); Lvl 2 – cause 100%,200%, 250% or 300% damage of the base Attack; Lvl 3 – On Redraw, recover x Health
  • Witchstorm (heroic) – Target an enemy. Damage them or random nearby enemies 4 times; Lvl 2- Heroism is reduced by 1; Lvl 3 – 25% chance to place Marked.
  • Crack the Sky (golden heroic) – Consume all Heroism to damage random enemies 10 times (1 for each heroism). Gain 1 Heroism for each KO. Exhaust.; Lvl 2 – Damage +50%; Lvl 3 – On Redraw, +1 Heroism.


This is the list of effects at Nico Minoru’s disposal:

  • Roulette – Contains a random effect which was determined when this card was drawn
  • Weak – Reduces Offense by 50%
  • Vulnerable – Increases damage taken by 50%
  • Stun – makes the target unable to act. Removed with damage. Negates Protection.
  • Marked – Refunds a Card Play when KO’d [max 1 per ability]
  • Generate – Creates a card that is removed from combat when played or discarded
  • Free – Does not cost a card play.
  • Exhaust – Removed from combat when played 

Passive Ability

If you decide to focus on Nico and improve your relationship with her, you will unlock her passive ability.

  • And another one! I/II – If Nico’s HP is at 100%, she has a 33% chance to draw a Card whenever Nico’s card is played; Lvl 2 – HP requirement is removed

This passive ability is extremely strong but it requires Nico to be uninjured. On level 2, it doesn’t have HP requirements anymore, meaning that Nico will draw a free card on every third turn. It is important to say that cards gained from Nico’s passive can be of any kind and any character (depending on your current team).

To understand the power of this passive, you will have to experience it yourself because I lack words to explain its full potential of it. Trust me, it is insane compared to other passive abilities. Unfortunately, it can be fully effective only on level 2, which can be achieved only when you are near the end of the game.


As you probably already figured, with Nico Minoru it will be impossible to plan your strategy in advance. The diapason of her possible effects is so large that you can’t know what to do next until the spell lands. You can’t know which Cards she will generate; you can’t know which additional Cards she will draw; you can’t know what damage she will cause; you can’t know who will be healed and you can’t know which debuffs she will place. In short, nothing depends on you but the main decision – to put Nico on the team or not.

Honestly, her kit grants you fun – you will never do the same thing twice. Also, if you put your trust in her, you will be awarded in the end game with the full effectiveness of her awesome passive ability.

In short, if you are a fan of RNG (random number generator), Nico is the right choice for you. If you want steady and expectable outcomes based on the current strength of your characters, you should avoid Nico. It is simple as that. 

As I said at the start there are 6 weeks ahead of us before the release. If I am not mistaken, there are 3 more characters to be introduced to us. Also, I expect another showcase about The Hunter, if we want to fully understand the most important character in the game.

Keep tuned and I will explain to you everything worth knowing – I promise. ‘Till the next time, folks 🙂