Final Battle Guide


The final challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns sublimes everything you have already achieved and encountered in the game. There will be no final boss with unique abilities and no new mechanics, but you will be forced to test sustain and understanding of the game through the absolute limits.

For this battle, you will need all residents of the Abbey, but you will have no control over the characters who will start the combat and the order of their spawning during the battle. At least, it seems so at first glance but I think that both things are preordered depending on your friendship levels.

First things first.

There are 2 phases in the battle.

In the first phase, 3 characters from the Abbey will fight against the Hunter who was exposed to Dark Side to the point where he/she cannot control their actions anymore and will turn against friends.

In the second phase, when you free Hunter from the evil influence you will face the wrath of Chthon itself. Killin the god is impossible so you will have to imprison him by establishing 4 seals.


Phase 1

To beat Hunter who is built to be the perfect tool for destruction could be really hard, especially on higher difficulties. Fortunately, the Hunter who will fight against you will mainly use only Dark abilities (regardless of his actual build) and can be easily controlled.

As I said at the start it seems that 3 characters who will face the Hunter initially are randomly picked but if you pay attention closely you will figure out that characters whose friendship is at the lowest level will be the ones who will start the battle. Since you cannot build a friendship with Hulk, he should always start the battle. The remaining 2 characters will warry depending on your gameplay.

It is important to mention that the Hunter will not be alone and that shadow hounds will support him. As you probably know by now, shadow hounds work as a pack, and they will always be focused on a single target. They can inflict nasty debuffs so it will be important to prevent that. Most importantly some of them will have additional cards such as “Tag Out” which can allow you to replace a character from the battle with some other resident of the Abbey. Aside from “Tag Out”, there will be other cards as well, but their spawning is not set and will always be random. All in all, depending on your lack of those additional cards, it can make the first Phase a lot easier or a lot harder at the same time.


The Hunter will act like any other Boss in the game. You will have to down him twice before he gets rid of the evil influence and gets back to normal.

On the battle scene, there will be 5 Leyline explosives that can be detonated and will place Vulnerability on affected enemies. Placing Vulnerability on the Hunter is the most effective way to down him fast. Beside Leylines there will be 2 interactable objects. Only 1 of those can be pushed toward targets, so use it wisely.

The easiest way to safely finish Phase 1 is to make sure that all surviving enemies are focused on Hulk. Use your quick and knockback attack cards to expose trash mobs and earn additional cards in the process. The sooner you detonate Leyline and affect Hunter, the better. For Hulk to withstand the combined damage of all enemies including Hunter he must be built properly. That means that his deck must be fully improved and unlocked which further indicates that you need to clear several side missions with him before activating the final mission. This especially goes if you are playing on higher difficulties.

As you can see in the video, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man are the other 2 characters that face Hunter. Both are ideal for phase 1.


Spider-Man can accumulate additional moves with his cards allowing himself to position himself perfectly to knock back enemies into Leylines. Also, he will not need heroism for interacting with the environment and his damage will be significantly greater in those kinds of actions. All in all, there is hard to find a better character for this.

Scarlet Witch on the other hand is the only character who has the card that can detonate explosives (Leylines) increasing its damage and range significantly. Besides, Scarlet Witch’s AOEs are ideal for this due to reduced map size.

Nonetheless, other characters can also have some advantages against Hunter, so it is not necessary to try having the same combination as me. In the first clearing, Scarlet Witch will join the least so it will be normal having her on the lowest Friendship level compared to other characters. If you want to start with some other combo you will have to control their friendship through Side missions – it will increase your gameplay time, but it will also give you an opportunity to control the battle in the way you want.


Phase 2

In Phase 2, Hunter will return to combat, but his Collar will be broken. In other words, his passive forms the collar will be lost but his Stats will be considerably higher increasing both damage and HP.

At this phase, Hunter will be supported only by 1 ally. The character rotation will again depend on their friendship level but contrary to Phase 1, characters with the highest Friendship will join in the battle first.

Your goal is to establish 4 seals and imprison Chthon. To establish Seal, you will have to kill an enemy who is infused by Chthon’s power and whose stats will be considerably higher than usual (same as Hunter’s). Once you kill them, you will get an “Establish Seal” Card which is free and will automatically kill all remaining enemies from the ongoing wave. After that, a new wave of enemies will emerge with a new Infused enemy. What is important to know is that with every new “Established Seal”, Hunter’s ally will be changed (depending on their friendship level). So, between 2 ways only Hunter cards will remain, therefore, there is no point to save the cards of the current ally during the battle.


The difficulty of monsters will gradually increase with each newly established seal. This means that as you slowly lose Health with Hunter things will become harder and harder.

The battlefield will not be the same as in Phase 1. You will now have only 4 Leylines but with different effects. 2 Leylines will cause Stun (single target only), 1 Leyline will cause Vulnerability and 1 Leyline will cause Weak. During the battle, Hunter will have help from other Gods who want to prevent Chthon from his evil plan. Their help will be given through unique extremely powerful cards that can spawn in your hand on each new turn.

Regardless of the game’s difficulty, the most important thing in phase 2 is the proper use of existing Leylines and God’s cards. Knowing how to materialize free debuffs from Leylines and overpowered help from God’s cards will be the difference between success and failure.

It is important to say that you will have the opportunity to earn “The Midnight Sun” card in literary every turn of the battle. “The Midnight Sun” card is a Free card that will give Midnight Sun Legendary card (Legendary Abilities that can be unlocked through Forge Challenges) to the character who is selected when the card is used. This opens a unique opportunity for Hunter to have 2 Legendary Cards in his deck simultaneously (it is impossible otherwise) if their initial Deck doesn’t have “Bladestorm” but has “Annihilation” or “Summon Charlie” Legendary cards instead. In the video that was not the case, but you should know this especially if you are playing on higher difficulties.


You will have 2 main strategy options in each way – to focus all your damage on Infused character ignoring other monsters or to focus on clearing other monsters in order to minimize the potential damage and buy yourself time to accumulate heroism for Heroic cards and the next enemy waves. Well, you will have 2 options until Guarded and Soulbound Infused Enemies spawn in the third and fourth waves – then you will have only the second option. In my experience, the second option is safer for all enemy waves, but it will take more time for you to finish the mission.

Depending on your Hunter’s build your allies in each wave should be used as supports who will build your Heroism pool or main damage dealers whose damage potential should be used in full before Hunter can clear the leftovers.

Dark Hunter’s damage potential is almost doubled compared to Light Hunter, but you will lack Heroism to fully exploit it. If you built Dark Hunter, be sure that allies who will join each wave are support characters (Dr. Strange, Nico Minoru, Captain America, Magik…).

If you are a Light Hunter, you will be able to work with every ally because you will adapt to any situation. However, the best options should be proven damage dealers such as Iron Man, Ghost Rider, or Blade.



The last battle on Normal Difficulty will not be a challenge for most players even though the friendship with members of Midnight Suns is not maximized. For higher difficulties, you will have to properly prepare and control characters spawning in both phases. Having upgraded and gemmed cards will be obviously mandatory.

My advice is that in New Game+ you patiently build character decks and friendships with a single purpose. Having universal characters will not help you on Ultimate Difficulty II and III. Also, relying on combat items will make a crucial difference.

With a little planning and patience, you will beat the game on the highest difficulty in no time just to be ready for upcoming updates and expansions. I’m pretty sure that Marvel’s Midnight Suns was created to last, so consider this just as the start of your glorious journey in the Marvel Universe.