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Deadpool’s Build Guide



Deadpool became a new resident of the Abbey with the release of the first important DLC. At first, I thought that I would unlock him just by continuing my first End-Game save (like it is a practice with most other games). When I realized that I was wrong, I loaded my New Game + save on the highest Difficulty where I was son Chapter II. Yet again I lost a few hours, just to realize that I must start over in order to get him. This means that if you have an ongoing save position on New Game+, everything you accumulated that far in addition to initial clearing will be lost if you don’t finish that New Game+. So, think twice before starting a completely New Game+.

Anyway, when you start the game again, Deadpool will be available after a few missions (the first Spider Mission mission) and you can start using him in your team.

Deadpool is a pure damage dealer with some protective abilities. Unlike other Damage Dealers (Blade, Iron Man, Ghost Rider…), Deadpool doesn’t depend on a good Support character. Basically, his Cards allow him to be a one-man army.

In the Abbey, Deadpool is a rascal who provokes everyone and who only wants to make a mess. At the start, he is annoying to almost all but in time he softens as Hunter finds a way to get him more open.


Best Build


  • Quick Shot
  • Quick Shot
  • Overpowered
  • Boom, Headshot


  • All Together Now
  • Hey #^*face!


  • Mag Dump
  • Burning Sensation


Deadpool strategy is really simple – kill as many enemies with your abilities as possible while trying to avoid any harm whatsoever. Considering his passive (we will talk later about it), Deadpool mechanic is not very logical. Ok, he is a damage dealer but his secondary role is to protect the allies. The problem is if he tries to do that and focuses enemy attention on himself, he risks losing everything he gained previously.

So, in short, when you see someone targeting Deadpool, kill or Taunt him immediately. Deadpool can place Resist on himself. The number of resists will prevent the same number of attacks from removing Deadpool’s bonuses. Obviously, you need to be extra careful about it and not lose your focus at any time.

With each kill, Deadpool becomes more and more dangerous to the point where he can match Ghost Rider’s or Hulk’s damage potential easily and even more. It is important to mention though that you will not benefit if you use Deadpool to kill targets with environmental attacks or with shows, so just don’t do it!


Skill Cards

Deadpool has 2 Skill cards – “All Together Now” and “Hey #^*face!”. It is essential that you have not of them in the deck as soon as possible.

“All Together Now” will draw 1 Deadpool card while providing Heroism. Compared to other cards of this kind, just 1 new Card doesn’t seem much but the point is that you will boost Deadpool even when you kill enemies with other characters. In other words, If Deadpool did not build his potential with kills and you don’t have the means to do it – his allies will help him. This is extremely important!

“Hey, #^*face!” Skill card may seem awkward for Deadpool because it will Tant an enemy. However, at the same time, it will grant him additional Resists according to how many enemies are killed by Deadpool. In some situations (which happens often), this card actually is the only way of preserving Deadpool’s additional potential before it drops to Zero again. Really useful card, against all odds, and you should have it always.


Attack Cards

Deadpool has 5 different Attack Cards. He should have at least 4 on deck.

“Quick Shot” is a basic Card but at the same time, it is the most efficient as well. It has a “Quick” effect and will chain to an additional target upon a kill. For clearing trash mobs, building Deadpool’s passive, and causing free damage on Big Targets (kill trash mob then Chain to Big Target and your play will be refunded), the “Quick Shot” card is an ideal card. That is why I suggest that you have 2 of those in your deck.

“Death from Above” is another basic Card, It has a great damage potential compared to other character basic cards, but compared to Deadpool attack cards – it is not good enough.


“Spread the Love” is an ordinary Chain card. With each kill number of Chains increases. Damage per chain remains the same. This card could be or could not be useful depending on Mod. If it places Weak or Vulnerability with each Chain that can be really useful. If not, there is really no justification for putting this card in Deck.

“Boom, Headshot”. This rare Attack Card has insane damage. More importantly, it grants additional Heroism depending on the number of previous kills by Deadpool. This card can one-shot medium Mobs. You must have it!

“Overpowered” is an epic attack card with low base damage. However, since it has Forced Knockback effects and since base damage is doubled with each kill, it is only logical to put priority on this card over “Death from Above” and “Spread the Love”.



Deadpool has 3 Heroic cards in total.

“Pain Pinata” is a low cost AOE card. The damage is minimal but it can be helpful in early Deadpool missions for quick building of his passive. With each kill, the area of effect is increased. That is not really useful but since the initial AOE range is really small, it makes sense if you are forced to have this card in the deck. My advice is to replace it as soon as possible

“Mag Dump” causes enormous damage but it has a high Heroism cost. Heroism cost is reduced with each kill, so you can have a really effective card in your hand if Deadpool was in action previously. I was in doubt about either putting this card in the deck or using 5 Attack cards. Eventually, I decided otherwise just because of the amazing damage potential of this card. However, if it spawns early, it may be a liability for you.

“Burning Sensation” is a Deadpool Legendary Card. Its initial damage is moderate but with each Deadpool kill its damage doubles to the point when it can cause 2k damage easily. As soon as you clear Deadpool Challenge and get this card – the better. It costs only 2 Heroism and it is one of the cheapest Legendary cards in the game!



Deadpool has synergy with everyone as long as there are no enemies targeting him at the end of the turn. Bearing that in mind it is logical to think that Captain America, Wolverine, or Captain Marvel are ideal companions. All 3 of those have multiple abilities to make targets focus on them. However, all 3 of them need to be in the center of the action so they can build up their strength. If they are in the center of the action then Deadpool cannot lead the attack, and you want Deadpool to cause all kills and his cards are always available.

Yet again, everything points in Doctor Strange’s direction. With him, Deadpool will have even greater Bonus damage and only with him Deadpool can have additional card plays. Both things are of the greatest importance to Deadpool.

In the end, we shouldn’t forget Nico – she is definitely the most underrated Hero in the game and yet she can be so strong and useful. Give her a chance and combine her with Deadpool – you will not be sorry!



Maximizing Hunter’s Friendship with Deadpool will increase the amount of healing he received at the end of each turn:

  • Staying Alive I – recover 40 HP each turn +10 for each En Fuego
  • Staying Alive II – recover 60 HP each turn +20 for each En Fuego

En Fuego is another part of Deadpool’s passive. En Fuego is being filled with every kill made by Deadpool’s abilities. As I said before, environmental attacks will not count toward El Fuego Bonus. Each Deadpool Card has a different El Fuego bonus – it is usually increased damage but there can be other benefits as well. En Fuego goes to Zero when Deadpool takes any damage from enemies including environmental, so be careful …



A lot of us looked forward to Deadpool with great curiosity. It is not only because he is a new character but because we wanted to know what we can expect from new DLCs. Unfortunately, there were only 4 additional Deadpool missions, even though most of us finished the game again hoping that we will get more.

Without a doubt, Deadpool is a good character. His combat potential is amazing and he is really fun to play. Also, his dialogues are top-notch – we can’t expect more from a PC game in 2023 Anno Domine where everything needs to be short and easily understandable for new generations. He made me laugh more than once, which is really hard since I already played and saw all there is.

Even with all those good things, the overall feeling is not that good. The concept is that you need to play the entire game over again just to get 4 additional missions and that is what will be the only thing left in mind for most.

Deadpool is good indeed, but the chances that you will use him often in the time to come are not, and that is not his fault.