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Deadpool Mission III – The deadliest Sin



“The Deadliest Sin” is the culmination of Deadpool DLC in Marvel Midnight Suns. This is the last Story mission linked with Deadpool and will give you some answers and a lot of questions that should keep you interested while waiting for the new DLC.

As it seems, the mysterious Deadpool’s client who hired him to retrieve an ancient relic (a strange statue from the New Tork Museum of Art) is no one else but Doctor Doom!?! And the ancient Relic is actually a legendary Magna Corrigo, a Vampyre Holy Grail, that is supposed to grant them immunity to all their existing weaknesses (Sun, Silver, Garlic …).

After Midnight Suns discovered that Magna Corrigo is moved to Transia (Marvel Universe imaginary country that is home to the first Vampyres and Vampires – every similarity with Transilvania in Romania is made on purpose), a full team needs to be assembled in an attempt to secure the artifact and prevent “cataclysmic events that can occur if it ends in a possession of Vampyres” according to Blade.

Anyway, this will be the first Deadpool’s Story mission where you will be forced to assemble a full team. Hunter and Deadpool will be mandatory members and the third one will be the one you chose. I cannot suggest accurately who is the best option for the third member because that will depend on Training passive Bonuses available to your characters and their current level, but if we only measure characters’ synergy with the Hunter + Deadpool combo then Doctor Strange is definitely the best option (like in most other cases). It is important to say that Captain America, Scarlet Witch, or Nico Minoru can also be really good picks, but Doctor Strange is a character who grants the most without a doubt.

It would be good if you had 2 Item slots available for this mission, especially if you will lead Dr. Strange. You will face Hydra Vampyres, so all items that can harm Hydra will be more than useful. Depending on the current build of the third member, it might be important to equip a Lifesteal item as well.


Objective I

In the first phase of “The Deadliest Sin,” you will face Hydra Vampyres at the entrance to Abandoned Castle. As Hunter truthfully realizes, an Abandoned Castle is never really Abandoned and it would be good to make a sneaky approach. Unfortunately for you, Deadpool is fond of grand entrances so you will be immediately surrounded by a lot of Vampyres – right after Deadpool is hit by a track.

Anyway, it is here where you will meet Hydra Vampyres for the first time. In short, they are the same as ordinary Vampyres depending on their rank (trash/elite/boss) but with one additional ability – when you K.O. a Hydra Vampyre, there is a chance that they become Vampyre minions. Other than that, those new mobs don’t have any new abilities worth mentioning.

When the battle starts you will be against:

  • 3 Turned Elites (Hydra Vampyres)
  • 2 Turned Troopers (Hydra Vampyres)
  • 1 Elite Vampyre
  • 2 Vampyre minions

On the Battlefield you will have:

  • 2 pushable objects
  • 1 explosive canister
  • 3 usable minor crates

Depending on the Mission’s difficulty, at the end of each turn, new reinforcements will join the battle (2-3 trash mobs + 1 Elite at most).


Since you cannot transfer Heroism and El Fuego from Phase I to Phase II, you shouldn’t be worried about saving resources or keeping Deadpool intact. However, all damage bonuses from Dr. Strange’s Skill and Hero Combo cards will be transferred to Phase II. The same goes for possible additional Card plays granted from “Agamotto’s Gaze” skill” cards.

The best course of action is to focus on mobs that are targeting Deadpool at the start. Even though his damage bonus will not be transferred, if you keep eliminating enemies that could attack him, that will help you finish Phase I faster and give you the opportunity to control when you will proceed to Phase I. At this point, Deadpool will be already strong enough so even 2 levels on El Fuego can crucially affect his capability to one-shot Elite mobs.

My advice is to redraw possible Hero Combo cards that will be drawn in a hand because it is best that you save them for Phase II. Also, it would be best to use all Cards affected with Bleed in phase I because you will not transfer possible bleeds on your characters to Phase II.

In ideal conditions, you will save the “Agamotto’s Gaze” to be used in the last turn of Phase I, so you can have 4 Card Plays at the start of Phase II. Also, you should try to save as many Cards with increased damage as possible. Having an improved “Blessing of Vishanti” card helps a lot!

Other than that, everything is straightforward – kill trash mobs with Quick cards, use Knockback cards to reduce the Hp of Elites, and focus on 1 Elite at a time.


Objective II

After fighting your way through outside defenses, you will enter the center of Abandoned Castle where you will find a mysterious Hydra Mystic in a possession of Magna Corrigo. Deadpool will start a usual introduction with his adversaries and you will find out that Hydra Mystic name is Sin and that she is actually a granddaughter of Red Skull and that she now has a new, more powerful Master. When the initial pleasantries and chit-chats are over, you can start ending her “cunning plan”.

Your goal is to destroy Magna Corrigo along with other enemies in front of you. Magna Corrigo is an object that will heal Mystic and injured Vampyres every turn. Its HP pool is enormous (Boss amount), so transferring your full focus to it, will not be the smartest idea. That is why you will have to remove the most dangerous foes first while trying to reduce Magna Corrigo’s HP with your AOE abilities.

When the battle starts, all your enemies will be in front of you. You will be against:

  • 1 Magna Corrigo (Boss)
  • 1 Sin – Mystic Hydra (Boss)
  • 2 Turned Elites (Hydra Vampyres)
  • 4 Vampyre Minions

Fortunately, you will have usable objects that can provide essential help in this mission:

  • 2 pushable objects
  • 2 exploding jars
  • 3 minor crates

If you followed our instructions, you should have 4 Card Plays when Phase II starts. You will not be in a position to exploit environmental objects immediately, but you will be in a position to build up Deadpool’s El Fuego easily.

It proved that the best strategy is to not allow Sin to play at all. She is considered Boss and you will have to kill her twice. However, her HP Pool is mediocre. You will K.O. with 2 Hero Combo cards at most (regardless of Difficulty) and that should be your first priority.

The potential problem will be 2 Turned Elites. You must find a way to eliminate them while preserving your focus on Sin. The positioning of your characters will play the most important part since you will build your Heroism fast (Dr. Strange) and you will be able to benefit from the environment. The easiest way is to use a pushable object to kick Elite into an exploding jar. Potential damage will be enough to kill an Elite. If you could succeed in damaging Sin in the process that would be the perfect play.

As usual use your Quick cards to build up Heroism and eliminate Trash Mobs. Keep a record of previously used Attack cards before you use “Aga motto’s gaze” with Doctor Strange’s. Also, be sure that all Trash mobs who are targeting Deadpool are eliminated first.


You cannot predict who will be Sin’s target, so it is impossible to rely on Deadpool’s Fuego if she will be in a position to play her turn. That is why it is of utmost importance that she cannot play at all. There are no electrified objects that can stun her, so the only way to control her is with Berserk and Bind (Hunter and Strange Heroic cards). If you are playing the last 3 difficulties it is unlikely that you will accumulate enough damage to KO her in turn while doing everything else that is necessary, so make sure that your deck has those cards that can control her.

After you kill SIn and initial Turned Elites, destroying Magna Korrigo will be easy. There will be nothing that can endanger you (even on the highest difficulties additional Elite mobs from reinforcement will be no threat at that point) and you will eliminate the object in a turn or two.

Upon destroying Magna Corrigo, you will have a big decision to make – either to let Deadpool hang out with others in the Abbey or not. Obviously, he will stay which will not be welcomed by the most of other residents – at least his sense of humor is something you can always rely on, even though there is a thin line between joke and annoyance when we talk about Deadpool.

You will happily return to the Abbey to continue your fight against Lilith and Chthon but before the end, you will hear the voice of Dracula and you will realize that Sin still lives as Dracula’s puppet. As it seems, Dracula and Sin must prepare for the “Endless Night” 😉



Deadpool is a really interesting character, to be honest. His kit is interesting to play and his humor and narrative are clear A. However, being forced to start the entire game again just to play 3 new Story missions and unlock 3 new technologies is a lot to ask from a player.

I must say that when you finish the entire game having Deadpool in the Abbey, you will have new end-game information that opens a lot of questions. It is a common practice in MCU films that after reading the credentials in the end, you learn teasing info about possible new projects. That practice proved to be successful because I can’t remember any MCU film that I watched recently where the audience didn’t stay till the end just to see those mini teasers.

After finishing the game with Deadpool we will learn that the mysterious character will take advantage after your epic fight with Chthon by claiming the nefarious Darkhold page at the feet of dead Lilith. This definitely suggests there is a lot more to come for residents of the Abey. However, all this still doesn’t motivate you enough to start the game over and over again. It would be a really bad mechanic for Marvel Midnight Son’s future.

Fortunately, it seems that Firaxis got the important feedback and you will not have to start over again with Venom’s DLC!