Deadpool Mission II – The Freaks Come Out at Night



Blade is informed about the growing Vapmyres infestation in New York and is keen to do something about it. As usual, he prepares to do what he always does, but Deadpool is persistent in going with him and helping him. Unwillingly, Blade accepts Hunter’s suggestion to accept Deadpool’s help and to try to bond with him in the process.

It is here, where the “The Freaks Come Out AT night” mission begins. At this point, depending on how often you used him previously, Deadpool is a lot stronger than in his first Story mission. If you were focusing on improving his abilities, you would probably have a decent deck of his cards at your disposal.

Before starting the mission, you will have to pick items. My advice is to pick an Item that grants Lifesteal to members of your team or an Item that will place Bleed on enemies.


Objective I

As soon as they leave The Abbaey, Blade, and Deadpool find themselves in a separate New York alley where they notice Hemaliscs. Hemaliscs are basically Vampyre egg sacks that incubate after a certain number of Card plays. When they incubate, 3 Vampyre trash mobs will join the battlefield and the incubation will start over.

Hemaliscs are considered as all other objects in the game that need to be destroyed. Their HP pool is equal to the HP of up to 2-3 Elite mobs combined.

In Phase 1 you will be against 2 Hemaliscs, 3 Elite Vampyres, and 3 Trash Vampyres. Also, there will be 3 Fire Barrels and 2 pushable objects.

At this point of your level progression, it will be hard for either Blade or Deadpool to one-shot Hemaliscs at the start, especially if you are playing on the last 3 difficulties. That is why you should try to build up Deadpool’s El Fuego as soon as possible. Having an improved “All Together” Skill card will help a lot.


Since Hemaliscs will be on the separate side of the battlefield, the best course of action is to focus on one that is surrounded by most Vampyres. Use your Quick Attack cards to build up Heroism and to reduce the HP of Elite Vampyres and Hemalisc in the process. If you have a strong Heroic card that can finish off Elite Vampyre or Hemalisc, your priority should be to eliminate Elite Vampyres first, allowing Hemalisc to incubate. Even if both Hemaliscs incubate one after another, that will not be a problem for Balde and Deadpool. They both have effective ways of killing multiple trash mobs instantly with their Attack cards.

When you destroy the first Hemalisc, just transfer your focus to the second one, while always saving at least 1 Quick attack card for possible incubation. Regardless of Difficulty, you should be able to clear Phase I in 3-4 turns at most. The only thing you need to do is to try to have as many useful cards in your hand as possible in the end. The amount of Heroism is not important since you will have 0 for Phase II either way.


Objective II

After the successful elimination of Hemaliscs and not so successful attempt to become friends, Blade and Deadpool are forced to protect Civilians from Frenzy Vampyres.

Your goal in Phase 2 is to kill “Feeding Frenzy” Vampyres before they attack civilians. Similar to Hemaliscs, Frenzy Vampyres will have a countdown before they attack Civilians. Every Card play reduces that countdown and when it drops to 0, they will trigger an automatic attack that will end the mission in failure. That would not be such a problem if there were no Hemaliscs that would incubate new Vampyres with Feeding Frenzy status.

Phase II will be in front of the Shopping Mall where you will be against:

  • 1 Hemalisc
  • 3 Elite Vampyres
  • 5 Trash Vampyres

2 Elite Vampyres will have Feeding Frenzy on start. Those 2 must be your first priority! Since this is counted as a new mission you will have to build El Fuego for Deadpool from the start. Fortunately, there will be a lot of usable objects:

  • 2 Exploding Gass Tanks
  • 3 Pushable Objects
  • 1 Electrified station (causes Stun)

As I mentioned before, you will start with 0 Heroism so you will have to build it with your Quick Attack cards. However, keep in mind that your first goal is to eliminate those 2 Elite Vampyres, so don’t use Card plays on trash mobs unless it is absolutely necessary. The best course of action is to push 1 Frenzi Elite to Electrified Station and stun him while trying to kill the other Frenzy Elite immediately. Pay attention to their Frenzy countdown because it will not be the same.


If you succeed in preserving cards in Phase I, you will not have problems killing 1 Frenzy Elite in the first turn. After that, you need to decide if you can kill Hemalisc before its incubation or if you should transfer your focus to the second Frenzy Elite. It is better to kill Hemalisc first because it can incubate more Vampyres with Feeding Frenzy, but if that is not possible and you don’t have time to kill the second Frenzy Elite fast enough, you must let Hemalisc to incubate.

It is of utmost importance that you build a lot of Heroism fast. Blade’s bleed mechanic will not be very helpful in this mission because enemies will act before they take damage from Bleed which can be really dangerous if you rely on killing them with Bleed dots. Since you will not have any way of cleansing Bleed from yourself, the only way of preserving Health will be through Lifesteal abilities and items.

As soon as you eliminate Hemalisc or second Frenzy Elite, everything else will be easy. Since there are a lot of Trash Mobs, you might think that tanking them is the best course of action since their initial damage is symbolic. Have in mind though, that after you take Bleed damage from Card plays (they also put Bleed on Cards in your deck), there is a high chance that Trash Mob becomes an Elite Mob. That is why you should try to eliminate all Trash mobs before they can attack you, even if that means using Heroism on environmental attacks against them.



Cooperation between Blade and Deadpool proved effective in dealing with the infestation. However, they didn’t get along at all. As the matter of fact, they’ve seriously hurt each other while killing Vampyres. Fortunately, both of them have superhuman healing factors so they survived their obvious antagonism.

Even if they were victorious, they didn’t find the answers, only questions. It has never happened before that Vampyres attacked civilians in a day broad light. It seems that Deadpool needs to explain some things after all…