Deadpool Mision I – A Man of Culture



Man of Culture is the first Deadpool Story mission. Upon unlocking Deadpool you will learn that there is an infestation in the streets and suburbs of New York. An infestation of Vampires. However, to find out about the problems you must first unlock Deadpool.

After the first Spider-Man mission in Chapter I, Captain Marvel informs you that there is a situation at the New York Museum of Art. As it seems, Deadpool is seen on security cameras as he falls around Museum alarm defenses. Conveniently all this happens just after a legendary stolen Art Piece was recovered from the Red Skul’s hideout. It is not clear what Deadpool’s intentions are, but Midnight Suns have to protect the artifact. Thinking that this will be easy parenting of Deadpool’s rascal behavior, the Hunter goes alone in the Museum.

As soon as she sneaks into the Museum warehouse, the Hunter cover is blown and she gets surrounded by Hydra mercenaries who follow orders of a mysterious Hydra Mystic. This is the moment when we meet Deadpool for the first time. After neutralizing the threat Deadpool briefly introduces himself in his recognizable manner. Hunter tries to make a reason with him and to go through the best strategy to deal with Hydra troops in the warehouse, but he/she is about to learn the first few things about Deadpool.

Obviously, the epilogue was that Deadpool without listening to reason decides to make a direct approach and confront Hudra Mystic in a frontal assault. Without many options, Hunter follows him and this is where the first Deadpool mission begins.


Objective I

Deadpool’s opening mission will not bring you anything new at that point except the chance to get familiarized with his kit.

Basically, you are in a warehouse full of crates (that can be pushed) with 1 electrified station (Stun target) and 2 high-explosive objects. You will be against 2 Trash Hydra Mobs, 2 Hydra Elites, and a Hydra Shieldguard (medium amount of Shield).

The first thing you need to do is to kill Trash Mobs using Deadpool while trying to preserve Card plays and build Heroism. It is really important that Deadpool earns as many kills with his abilities as possible. However, before deciding the best course of action, press “shift” and see which mobs target Deadpool. It is of utmost importance that after building El Fuego with kills, Deadpool is not attacked on the enemy’s turn.

Later you will have a Skill Card that gives you Resist, but at this point, you must eliminate all mobs targeting him, if you wanna benefit from Deadpool passive. In short, don’t use Deadpool’s card if you can’t kill all mobs that target him in the first turn. Well, you can use his cards if there are no other options but try not to do it.


Depending on the difficulty, this first mission will be easy. New Game+ presumes that you already finished the game and that your friendship level allows you to have Hero Combo cards immediately. Having that in mind, killing those 5 mobs will be really easy for an experienced player, especially since there are more than 8 environmental objects to be used.

Ending the turn will bring enemy reinforcements. Those reinforcements will be 2-3 trash mobs unless you are playing on 1 of 3 highest difficulties (then there is a possibility that Hydra LEite comes as 1 of the reinforcements). Nonetheless, those reinforcements will not have a serious impact on your ability to easily dispose of the Hydra threat.

Kill all enemies and try to draw as many cards as possible. You don’t need to preserve Heroism because it will be reset for the second objective.

After killing Hydra in Museum, you will confront Hydra Mystic who holds the stole Statue, just to realize that not only Hydra dwells there. Electricity will disappear and a swarm of Vampyres will annihilate the remaining Hydra Soldiers giving Mystic time to escape. Deadpool and Hunter will go after her further below the surface, just to find a Vampyre Lair.


Objective II

It is here where you will learn the first hints about battling Vampyres. Vampyres and Vampires are not the same. Vampyres are vampire-like monsters with all threats of Vampires but without real intelligence. They are attacking in swarms and the numbers are their greatest weapon. All Vampyres when hit you will add Bleed on random cards in your deck. Those cards with Bleed can be drawn in hand like any other hand and can be redrawn. However, if you take damage from bleeding there is a chance that a trash Vampyre becomes an Elite Vampyre. Basically, that is all that is important to say about them.

In the second objective, you will face trash Vampyres and 3 Elite Vampyres. There will be 3 pushable objects and 3 barrels with fire. As suspected Vampyres take additional damage from Fire, so your goal should be to use those fire barrels against them.

At this point, you will be somewhat familiar with Deadpool’s mechanics and you will know what to do. Use Deadpool’s abilities to quickly dispose of trash mobs that target him and try to use Vampyre Elites to fire. The position of Vampyres is not ideal, so it would be great if you would have additional moves to prepare everything for quick execution.

Be sure to kill all Vampyres targeting Deadpool immediately and you will have no problems with Phase II. Depending on the Build of Hunter, “Heal” or “Dark Heal” cards will come in handy for this objective.


All Deadpool cards in your deck will be basic cards without improvement so I suggest that you don’t use the “Pain Pinata” card at all. When you get it just redraw, and try to build your Heroism with Attack cards.

Honestly, this will be a really easy mission for you especially if you get enough of Deadpool’s “Quick Shot” cards in your hand.

Upon killing all Vampyres, Deadpool will confess (in his way) that his life is in danger since Hydra Mystic escaped with a stolen Statue. He will be hunted by both Hydra who wants to eliminate the threat to their plans with Statue, and his contractor who will not react lightly to the fact that Deadpool failed in his mission. As expected, Hunter offers refuge to Deadpool in the Abbey which is protected by ancient magic. For good or worse, members of Midnight Suns are about to get acquainted with a famous anti-hero whose main wish is to die while his super-power prevents him from dying.

A lot of laughs are ahead of you if you just let Deadpool say his line without pressing the “Skip” button. It will be hard, I know, but trust me, it will be worth it!



The introduction of Deadpool is really effective and interesting. At this point, even though you are forced to start New Game+ again, you will be satisfied with the DLC you got. Playing the game again will not look so hard at this moment, because Deadpool is nothing like any other resident of the Abbey, in both lore and combat mechanics.

Honestly, I was really excited at that moment…