Eric Cross Brooks aka Blade’s guide

The first week of October brings us a new Marvel’s Midnight Suns showcase. It is near December 2nd and only 4 characters are left to be presented. Today we will meet Eric Brooks aka Blade.

The famous Daywalker will be a pure damage dealer in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. His mechanic is expected, to be honest. As someone who has all the benefits of being a Vampire and who uses both cold weapons and firearms, Blade excels in causing damage to multiple targets making them Bleed. Obviously, he will cause even increased damage to targets with Bleed and his cards will have additional effects against them. 


In the first showcase, we could see 6 Blade’s cards in total:

  • Make ’em Bleed (skill) – Draw 1 Blade card. The next 2 Blade Damage Cards place 2 Bleed; Lvl 2 – Draw 2 cards, next 3 damage Cards will place Bleed; Lvl 3- on redraw gain x Block.
  • The Hunger (skill) PLaces 2 Marked on every enemy with Bleed; Lvl 2 – Recover x Hp for each enemy with Bleed; Lvl 3- On Redraw +1 Heroism
  • Strike (attack) – Chain 3; 
  • Reaper (attack) – Consume all Bleed on the target to cause remaining damage. On KO gain +1 Strengthened; 
  • Daywalker (heroic) – Chain 4; Lvl 2 – Draw Card for each KO
  • Glaive (heroic) – Damage and place 2 Bleed to each enemy in an area. Exhaust; Lvl 2 – If the target has Bleed +x damage; Lvl 3 – On redraw, gain 1 Resist. 


The effects that can affect Blade or be placed on enemies by him are:

  • Bleed – Deals damage at the end of the turn. Ignore Block and Resist
  • Strengthened – Increases Offense by 50%
  • Chain – Select multiple targets or the same target multiple times.
  • Marked – Refunds a Card Play when KO’d (max 1 per ability)
  • Resist – Prevents all damage from the next damaging attack
  • Block – Reduce damage by X amount
  • Exhaust Removed from combat when played

Passive Ability

If you choose to improve your relationship with Blade, you will unlock his passive ability:

  • Blood Flawn I/II – 10%/25% chance to place Bleed with each attack

Blade’s passive is essential if you wanna rely on him. If he has a chance to place Bleed with each attack, his damage potential will be significantly increased. Since his kit suggests that his only role is to kill enemies fast, increasing the chance of placing Bleed is the only logical thing to do.

As you can see, Blade’s mechanic is straightforward – kill as many enemies as possible and kill them fast. He doesn’t have any means of controlling the battle whatsoever. The only real debuff available to him is Bleed but that debuff will increase the damage to the entire team. Also, when he places Marked, he gives the opportunity to the entire team to increase the number of cards in their Decks.

 Since Blade is actually a Vampire it is logical that he can heal himself if there are targets with Bleed around him. However, that is the only serious protective ability at his disposal. It is true that he can be buffed with Block and Resistance but those effects are available only on maximum levels of some cards. 

All in all, Blade is not someone who is self-sufficient in combat. He can be used as the main damage dealer and someone who will increase the overall damage output. Unfortunately, it seems that he can’t do it on his own. He will need someone to protect him and support him. Depending on the Hunter build, the obvious solutions are Magik, Captain Amerika, or Doctor Strange. We still haven’t been introduced to all of Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters, therefore, it is possible that Blade can be combined with more of them. 

Even though you cannot rely on him alone, Blade is probably the best damage dealer shown to us so far. His cards are cheap and his damage will be constant. Most importantly, his Bleeds will increase the damage potential of all party members. Considering everything, it seems only fair that he needs support, or otherwise he would be OP.

At this moment, it is hard for me to suggest using any other damage dealer (except if the Hunter is built as one) because it is obvious that Blade gives the highest damage potential.


Seven weeks left until the release. We will definitely learn the abilities of all available characters before the 2nd of December. Also, I expect that we will learn more about the Hunter in the days to come. If that happens, I will surely propose to you the best Hunter Build in advance. At this moment, there is simply not enough information to do that.

Keep tuned and check our content regularly for important hints about Marvel’s Midnight Suns!