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Captain America’s build guide



Captain America is not a member of the Midnight Suns immediately. For him to join your team you will have to defeat Crossbones for the first time in the “Some Assembly Required” Story mission.

Captain America proved to be a really useful character and the best Tank in the game. His damage potential is not great, but his sustain is second to none. If you wanna be sure that there will be no casualties in the battle, just put Captain America on the team.


Best Build

In my experience the best build for Captain America is this:


  • Quick Punch
  • Quick Punch
  • Brooklyn Handshake
mms captain america cards quick punch
mms captain america cards quick punch
mms captain america cards brooklyn handshake


  • Tactician
  • Dig In
  • The Best Defense
tactician card
mms captain america cards dig in
mms captain america cards the best defense


  • Shield Bounce
  • Shield Charge/Shield Bounce (if you don’t have a Legendary Card yet)
mms captain america cards shield bounce
mms captain america cards shield charge

Deck guide

As you can see, Captain America will need to build his Block before using the most effective abilities. He has three ways of increasing his Block:

  1. By accumulating damage for 2 turns and transforming it to a usable block with “The Best Defense” Card
  2. By protecting an ally who is a target of multiple enemies (“Dig In” card)
  3. Passively, as the fight goes on

Once he has enough Block, Captain America can start controlling the battlefield and focusing all the enemy fire on himself.

The best course of action is to open a battle with “The Best Defense” card if possible. It will give you 2 Heroism and 2 more Captain America Cards. At this point, you want to have at least 1 “Quick Punch” card ready to be used. This is how you will build Block fast without spending Card Plays.


“Brooklyn Handshake” is also an option because upon K.O. it will provide you with 2 additional random cards. Keep in mind, though, that the target has to be already damaged if you wanna trigger the Forceful Knockback effect with “Brooklyn Handshake”. To do so you will probably need to use the Knockback from Move action because that is the only way to save the final Card Play for ” Shield Bounce”.

“Shield Bounce” will taunt multiple targets providing you with the highest amount of Block. The damage is moderate but since it will hit at least 2 targets, which is the best way to build Armor fast and successfully protect your allies. The more enemies you can affect with ” Shield Bounce”, the better. Do not be scared of being attacked by a lot of enemies because you will receive enough Block in the process (if you used “The Best Defense” first).


The “Dig In” card is an extremely powerful card, but you must be careful when using it. If your Block is not already built you may Taunt too many enemies at the time, which can end badly. In short, you must calculate the potential damage received to avoid being K.O., especially if you are about to Taunt heavy hitters.

“Tactician” is a decent Support card. You will get 2 Heroism, 2 random cards, and enough Block to negate the next attack against Captain. Allies will get enough Block to half the incoming damage of the first attack. This card should be used only if you lack Heroism, and you already spent all your Quick cards.

Captain America Legendary Card “Shield Charge” will transform all accumulated Block into damage and will hit all enemies in a line. The potential damage is insane, but this card should be used only if you are about to clear missions. Leaving Captain America without Block in the middle of combat is not something that you want to do. Nonetheless, with the right tactics and in the right circumstances “Shield Charge” will change the odds in your favor – you just need to be patient and careful.



It would be logical to combine Captain America with someone who can heal him since he will be the main target for enemies, and he doesn’t have any means to heal himself. However, that would be a mistake because if Captain America’s Health pool will be in danger, then something is really wrong.

His Block should be accumulated so fast, that he will literally ignore all damage against him. That means that instead of healers he will require damage dealers and characters who can provide him with additional Card plays to be fully effective.

Doctor Strange is an ideal character for Captain America, but in that case, you will have to rely on Hunter as the main damage dealer. If you want to assemble a squad without the Hunter, then add Captain Marvel instead.



After reaching Level 2 and Level 4 Friendship with Captain America you will get his Passive Abilities. “All Day” grants an additional Block to the Captain and later it provides a minor Block boost each turn.

  • All Day I – Begin combat with X (50 on Level 25) Block
  • All Day II – Begin combat with X (50 on Level 25) Block and gain X (20 on Level 25) Block each turn


Captain America is always a safe pick. You know exactly what you will get from him and what is needed so he can contribute to the team. Playing with him will be easy as long as you closely follow my instructions about card plays and do not waste “The Best Defense” Cards for nothing.

You may need some lack in the process but as long as you understand what needs to be done you will not have any problems. It is sufficient to say, that I prayed that Captain America is one of the summonses in the last encounter.