Steve Rogers aka Captain America Guide

Firaxis provided us with a new video of Marvel Midnight Sons showing the abilities of Captain America.


After careful watching of the video, I can confidently say that I didn’t mistake much when I predicted Captain America’s Kit. I must say that I am not certain that the effects and abilities shown in the video represent full Captain America’s kit. For the moment, we will speak about what we know for sure.


Captain America’s usable cards are: 

  • The Best Defense (skill) – Captain America gains Block equal to the damage dealt for two turns
  • Dig In (skill) – Select an ally and Taunts all enemies targeting the selected ally. Gains X Block.
  • Quick Punch (attack) – Taunt. Quick.
  • Shield Bash (attack) – Consume 25% Block to cause +X damage.
  • Brooklyn Handshake (attack) – Knockback If a target has damaged this turn – Forceful; Lvl 2 – On K.O., draw 2 cards; Lvl 3 – Apply 2 Marked.
  • Shield Bounce (heroic) – Damage and Taunt each enemy in an area
  • SPANG! (heroic) – If a target targeting Captain America, + x damage; Lvl 2- on K.O., draw 2 Cards
  • Shield Charge (heroic) – Consume all Blocks to damage each enemy in a line. Exhaust.; Lvl 2 – Draw Card for each target; Lvl 3 – 25% chance to apply 1 Marked


This is the list of effects available from Captain America’s Card abilities:

  • Block – Reduce damage by X amount
  • Taunt – Forces enemies to target this unit.
  • Quick – Upon killing a target (K.O.) refunds a Card Play (maximum 1 per ability)
  • Knockback – Sends an enemy flying in your chosen direction
  • Forceful – Sends an enemy flying much further in your chosen direction
  • Marked – Card play is refunded after killing (K.O.) the target 
  • Exhaust – Ability cannot be used again during an ongoing combat mission


Every character can unlock a special Passive Ability after improving their friendship with Hunter (the protagonist). Captain America’s passive is logical and expected:

  • All Day (I, II, III) – Begin combat with X Block


As you can see, Captain America will need to build his Block before using the most effective abilities. He has three ways of increasing his Block:

  1. By accumulating damage for 2 turns before transforming it to a usable block with “The Best Defense” Card
  2. By protecting an ally who is a target of multiple enemies (“Dig In” card)
  3. Passively, as the fight goes on

Once he has enough Block, Captain America can start controlling the battlefield and focusing all the enemy fire on himself. The difference between a win or loss will be in using Cards that will grant additional draws and Card refunds after killing the target. I guess that Captain America should finish off injured enemies so he can build more Block and Taunt all existing enemies. 

The whole concept will depend on the rest of the team and their abilities – I would not combine with another character that will benefit from K.O.s while having Captain America on the team.

Captain America will withstand a lot of damage without having the means to heal himself. Obviously, having a healer alongside Captain America and the Hunter is the only logical course of action.


This is all I could figure from the video we got. There are a lot of unknowns, and all of this is still Theory Craft. The full guide will be ready only when we get to know all the characters and their abilities!