S.W.O.R.D. Satellite



SWORD Satellite is the new and improved Avengers Tower mode, that is meant to completely replace the Tower. It is also the main way of earning Diamond Dawn Orb Fragments for the new Diamonds progression system.

The point of the mode is still the same – climb as high as you can in the allotted time to earn Milestone and Leaderboard rewards but some key differences separate Satellite from Tower like the number of floors and of enemies you can encounter on each of them.



S.W.O.R.D. Satellite lasts for 10 days so you have more time to complete all the Floors, but you can only use characters that have 5+ Yellow Stars.

There are 40 floors total. This is considerably less than the 100+ Floors that the Tower had, but each Floor can have more than just 5 Enemies, sometime they will drop in waves. Although there won’t be more than 10 enemies on any Floor. Boss Floors (5,10,15,20 etc.) are meant to be stronger than other Floors and the last 10 Floors are meant to be very challenging.

After you defeat the first floor you can start climbing to the next one. The higher you climb the more points you can earn and that will result in a better Rank for Leaderboard rewards.

Leaderboard rewards unlock after you clear Floor 10, and after you clear the last one, Floor 40, you will get all of the Milestone rewards.

Until you get to Floor 5 you will remain on the same Floor if you lost the battle. After that, there’s a Checkpoint system in effect where each 5th Floor will serve as a safepoints. So once you cleared Floors 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 you can’t fall below them. But starting from Floor 30th there are no Checkpoints so you should proceed with caution.


Another way to avoid from falling a few Floors is to retreat from the fight, you will lose the characters you used but won’t lose the progress and stay on the same Floor.

You can use each character once per day and they will be locked out until Midnight UTC and there’s no way to Refresh the characters that are on cooldown. And for each Floor you have to use 5 characters, you can’t start the fight with less.

Our goal is to provide you with a guide on how to defeat each Floor.


Floors 1 – 5

The first 5 Floors are fairly easy to defeat, the enemy teams on each Floor only have around 500-600K TCP and consist of mostly older characters and/or minions. For the first 5 Floors don’t be afraid to try to win with underpowered teams, because you won’t lose any progress and can, potentially, save your stronger squads for later.

Floor 1 – 4 Defenders + Punisher, Squirrel Girl, and Ms. Marvel. (444k TCP)

Any decently built old team should be able to clear this Floor – Pym Tech, Defenders, Inhumans, etc. Try to use a team with trait synergy that’s around 350K at least. Focus on Squirrel Girl and Punisher first.

Floor 2 – Star-Lord T’Challa, Yondu, Star-Lord, Ravager Stitcher, Ravager Bruiser x2 and Ravager Boomer x2 (556k TCP)

This node can be a little bit trickier because T’Challa can steal your energy and will be evading your attacks often, while Yondu will be stealing your Positive effects. So, avoid using teams that will have a lot of buffs. A team that can put out a lot of damage at once will deal with them easily, like Uncanny X-Men, Dark Hunters, or Bionic Avengers. X-Factor can also do well here because of Polaris’s mass Disrupted that she’ll apply with her Ultimate. Your team needs to only be around 450k to win.


Floor 3 – Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulkbuster, and Hawkeye x2 (692k TCP)

This one can be harder to beat using older teams because Black Widow will apply Speed Up to your opponents and they can crash you before you make a move. Uncanny X-Men and Heroes for Hire can also work, especially if you have a strong Shang-Chi. Take out Black Widow quickly and Iron Man and Thor next.

Floor 4 – Magneto, Sabretooth, Nemesis, Blob, Toad, Juggernaut, and Mystique – (668K TCP)

This node can be hard because of the mass Blinds Magneto will apply, and he will likely be the first to take a turn. Both options from the previous Floor – Uncanny and Sinister Six will be able to punch-up here as well, mainly because Phoenix can transfer all the Blinds to herself, and Rhino can immediately clear them so you will be able to hit them immediately. So, you could use whichever team you have left. You could also use Hero Asgardians with Heimdall since he will give bonus Accuracy to his teammates, or Rebirth if they have similar or slightly lower TCP and they will handle this Floor. Even Infestation will handle this Floor if they have a similar TCP because Black Widow will clear the Blinds.


Floor 5 – Ultimus, Ronan, Minn-Erva, Phyla-Vell, Moondragon, Gamora, Nebula, Kree Oracle, Kree Royal Guard – (877K TCP)

This node can be bothersome because of the Infinity Watch members and all the Kree with their buffs. This is also the first Boss Floor and the enemies are starting to become stronger. A good team to use here would be Black Order, Marauders with Emma Frost, or even Infinity Watch, whichever team is closest to the Floor’s TCP. Normal Wakandans and War Dogs will also be able to finish this node, focus should be on eliminating Moondragon and Phyla-Vell quickly, and Minn-Erva after that. With Wakandans, save Black Panthers Ultimate until after Ronan summons his minions. You should be able to punch-up 100-150k.

Be wary of Moondragon’s Special which will strip all your buffs, if you use Black Order save Thanos’s Special and use it after Moondragon’s turn.


Floor 6 – 10

This is where things start to get interesting and Floors are getting close to having 1 mil TCP

Floor 6 – Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Nico Minoru, Jessica Jones, Black Widow, Gwenpool, Punisher, Mercenary Soldier – (815k)

Another Floor with Black Widow, so it can get tricky because the opponents will have Speed Up on them. Young Avengers or New Warriors with similar TCP will be able to handle this node, even if Spider-Woman applies Ability Block to Squirrel Girl or other important characters. Other teams like Invaders or Rebirth should handle this fight as well. As soon as you get through Gwenpool’s Taunt try to deal with Black Widow and Jessica Jones. Bionic Avengers can also beat this if they have similar TCP, but some luck would be required. Although if they punch down you should be good.

Floor 7 – Black Bolt, Yo-Yo, Crystal, Karnak, Quake x2, Agent Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic – (789K)

This can be a good node to use your Web-Warriors or Marauders with Emma Frost. Try to take out Medic first, then Coulson, and after that Crystal. Web-Warriors should have enough evades to stop Yo-Yo’s attacks and will be able to move quickly, while Marauders can storm them with a bunch of debuffs and if you clone Black Bolt or Coulson, you’ll be able to deal even more damage.


Floor 8 – Ghost Rider, Elsa Bloodstone, Mordo x2 , Quicksilver, Doctor Strange, Nico Minoru – (745K)

For this node, A-Force can be very good since your opponents will apply a few debuffs early on which will trigger Nico’s Passive and allow Jessica Jones to take a few extra turns. Underworld can also win here, or Secret Avengers as long as you pair them with a good damage dealer character that you won’t use anywhere else, like Silver Surfer, the original Ghost Rider, or Black Bolt if you haven’t used them already. You can pull off a slight punch-up, just focus on eliminating both Mordo’s first, so that they don’t heal their allies.

Floor 9 – Colleen Wing, Shang-Chi, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Iron Fist, Monknight, White Tiger, Ms. Marvel – (869k)

Shang-Chi is moderately fast and after his Ultimate he will apply Speed Up to all of his Heroes for Hire allies so this Floor can be bothersome. You can take it down with either speed or brawn. Wakandans/War Dogs would be quick enough to get a good start so you can use them here if you still have them. Hero Asgardians can also win but it might get tricky if you lose Thor first. If anyone else dies quickly it will just trigger Valkyrie’s Passive and buff the team, which will help you clear the Floor. Both teams can do small punch-ups just target Shang-Chi first and take him out.


Floor 10 – Ultron, Absorbing Man, Titania, Yellowjacket, Ant-Man, Spider-Man (Big Time), Black Widow – (1 Mill TCP)

This is the second Boss Floor and the first Floor to reach 1 million in total collection power. We have a mix of Masters of Evil and Infestation here (thankfully Kang is absent). If your Black Order is around 800k or more you can win with them. Thanos will spread some of his Positive effects to his allies immediately because he will hit Absorbing Man who will have Taunt and after that, he will be able to flip Speed Up and other Positive effects that the enemies will have so it’ll make the fight very easy. Invaders will also be able to win because of the Speed and numbers advantage. Focus on Black Widow first, then take out Ultron but don’t allow his bots to take a turn, especially the Accelerator bot.

Floor 11 – 15

Floor 11 – Hulkbuster, Iron Man, Viv Vision, Vision, Deathlok, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch – (914k)

Against this Floor, Bionic Avengers will work great, as long as your team is at least at 800K TCP. The damage output from your Iron Man and Deathlok will deal with half of the enemies, while Viv Vision and others will take care of the rest. Weapon X can also do quite well here, it’s possible to punch-up 200k+. Start with Omega Red’s Special on Viv Vision to Ability Block her, and try to eliminate her quickly after that. Once you reach Omega’s second turn his Ultimate should destroy all others.

Floor 12 – Baron Zemo, Red Skull, Crossbones, Kingpin, Taskmaster, Hydra Grenadier, Hydra Rifle Trooper – (886K)

The fight on this Floor will start fast, Zemo is pretty quick and will also speed up Crossbones, which means that if you’ll receive a lot of damage at the start of the fight. A good team to use here can be Death Seed because of all of the minions that Red Skull and Kingpin will summon. Another good option is Infinity Watch since they will be immune to all the debuffs from Taskmaster and Zemo and they will Spawn with Defense Up which should protect them enough. Both teams need to be at least 750k to win this. Other alternatives include Underworld and War Dogs


Floor 13 – Black Panther, Okoye, Killmonger, Shuri, Vahl, Beta Ray Bill – (873k)

Masters of Evil will be able to handle this Floor easily, especially if Kang is the strongest out of your MoE. Kang fills his Speed Bar whenever an enemy applies Speed Up to themselves, so he will go first and can end up eliminating a couple of Wakandans immediately, after that you’ll just have to deal with Vahl. Similarly powered Invaders or Rebirth will also deal with the Floor, just focus on Black Panther first, try to apply Disrupted to Beta if you can, and then take out Vahl.

Floor 14 – Kitty Pryde, Bishop, Beast, Jubilee, Gambit, Dazzler, Fantomex – (1 mill)

Eternals with Loki and 2 other characters can deal with this Floor, as long as your Eternals are strong enough (at least 200k TCP for each of them). If they’re somewhat weaker, you can add a strong Kestrel to the mix and you’ll win easily. In fact, if your Kestrel is gt17 because of the Apoc Saga, you can use her here as the main damage dealer and pair her up with some random characters that you didn’t use elsewhere, mind you these characters have to be at least somewhat strong so that they won’t die too fast, or it’ll trigger Jubilee’s Passive and that will be troublesome for you. Gambit, Jubilee, and Beast are the targets you should focus on. Infinity Watch is another team that can do well here, but they need to be at least 1.2 mln TCP

Floor 15 – Thanos and Black Order, Kingpin, Abomination, Green Goblin – (1,4 million)

This is the third Boss Floor and it’s not an easy one since these Thanos and Black Order are the reworked ones and will be dangerous. It’s possible to win with 1.3 million TCP Unlimited X-Men, just save Dazzler’s Ultimate and use it after Thanos flips all buffs. But it can still be tricky and RNG heavy so to make the job easier you can swap out Fantomex and use Doom/Dormammu, or Quicksilver. If your Rebirth are at least around 1.1 mill TCP you can also swap U.S Agent with Dormammu and you’ll have a good chance of winning. Just make sure Dormammu is in the opposite corner from Captain America and focus on Ebony Maw and Thanos, once you get through Cull’s Taunt.

P.E.G.A.S.U.S. is another budget option and they will be able to handle this Floor as long as they have similar or higher TCP. They could even punch up but it is risky, because you could lose Rescue early on.


Floor 16 – 20

Floor 16 – Iron Fist (WW II), Captain America (WW II), Captain Carter, Bucky Barnes, Nick Fury, Agent Venom, Red Guardian – (1,1 million)

This would be a great room for Eternals, just pair them with Red Guardian or Bishop or any other auto-Taunt character and you will be able to clear this Floor easily. Fury will take the first turn and will summon, those summons will then do a couple of attacks and your auto-Taunt protector will take those. After that just Ult with Ikaris and Sersi and clean up. Death Seed will win here without too many issues. Another interesting option would be to use Undying with Zemo and Spider-Man (Big Time). The last two characters will clear the Taunts from the minions and allow you to Ability Block whomever you pick with Zombie Iron Man and then spread all of those debuffs with Hela. Another budget option is New Warriors, they will work on a punch across, once you start eliminating minions Deathpool will do most of the work.

Floor 17 – Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Spider, Gwenpool, Deathpool, Psylocke, Captain Marvel, Ghost-Spider, Spider-Punk – (1,4 million)

This Floor doesn’t have that much synergy so a team like Knowhere can punch up pretty high, 300-400K. Stun Gweenpool with Nova, and Ability Block Psylocke with Thor so that she doesn’t throw all the debuffs back at you. After that, you just have to hold on until you can use Nova’s Ultimate. If that didn’t clear the floor entirely finish them with Thor’s Ultimate. Any other meta team Secret Defenders, Horseman teams, etc can also clear this if they are around 1 mil TCP.


Floor 18 – Hulk x2, Abomination, She-Hulk, Brawn, Thor, Black Widow (1.2 million)

Two Hulks here, coupled with other Gamma members and Black Widow can be quite bothersome, thankfully there’s no Red Hulk but even then, they can still be pretty dangerous so don’t underestimate them. Masters of Evil can win if they are identical in TCP, especially if your Kang is gt17-18, but it can be tricky still. To improve your chances you could add Doctor Doom instead of Absorbing Man.

Another good option would be to use Tangled Web with 2 very strong attackers, maybe even Kang and a fifth. Focus on eliminating She-Hulk and Black Widow at first. Alternatively, Gamma(1 mil TCP) will deal with this node easily.

Node 19 – Kate Bishop, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Echo, S.H.I.E.L.D. Security, Sharon Carter, S.H.I.E.L.D. Trooper, S.H.I.E.L.D. Trooper, Maria Hill – (1,6 million)

While on paper the TCP of this Floor is quite high, it won’t be hard to beat them with Darkhold at 1,1-1,2 million TCP. Focus on Kate Bishop and Squirrel Girl. Since there are minions here that will die quickly Death Seed can also be a good option here, but you’d need to have them slightly stronger since Squirrel Girl will cleanse the Blinds quickly and you won’t have that big of an advantage anymore.


Floor 20 – Doctor Doom, Morbius, Agatha Harkness, Doctor Voodoo, Strange (Heartless), Deathpool, Wong, Doctor Strange – (1,78 million)

The fourth Boss Floor is not as scary as it would seem. You can use a 1,2-1,3 million TCP Death Seed here and win within a minute or two. The only important thing is to apply Ability Block to Doctor Doom with Dark Beast. Start as usual with mass Blinds from Magneto, then you can use Archangels Special on a bunch of enemies, just avoid hitting Doom since we don’t want him to drop below 50% Max Health. Secret Defenders will also easily do the trick, or Tangled Web if they have someone strong with them as the 4th and 5th characters, maybe Quicksilver and Doom etc. Just make sure to Ability Block or Stun+Trauma Doom and you’ll clear the Floor even if your team is barely at 1 million TCP.

X-Treme X-Men or even Unlimited X-Men, and even Hive-Mind will also work here, as long as the teams are above 1 mln TCP. The focus is to Ability Block Doom and eliminate him quickly.


First reset…

Ideally, with a very big roster, you could get through the first 25 Floors in a single day but that’s quite rare. In normal circumstances, reaching Floor 20 or even Floor 15 after the first day is a good result. The suggested solutions for the first 20 Floors that we mentioned above account for that, that’s why we avoid mentioning all teams that can clear those Floors and only offer a few solutions without too many teams repeating.

For a person with a 20 Million TCP roster, you can expect to be able to reach Milestone 15+ following our guide after the first day. With a much bigger roster, you could get to Floor 20 and maybe a couple more.

Floors 21 and above are all fairly strong and getting through them won’t be as simple and the progress will be slower, if you can get through to Floor 30 or very close in one day that would be great progress, but most likely you’ll need more time, depending on your roster.


Floor 21 – 25

Floor 21 – Captain America, Captain Carter, U.S. Agent, Agent Venom x2, Ketsrel, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, The Thing – (1,7 million)

  • Knowhere (1 mill+)
  • Eternals + Loki/Eternals + Loki + Kestrel
  • Nova, Photon, Shuri, Thor (Infinity War)

Going forward there may be more instances where we will end up using mixed teams because the Floor TCP is starting to get really high. Technically, any Horsemen team at around 1 million TCP should be able to handle this Floor but we want to save them for tougher nodes. To beat this node we can use Eternals and Kestrel, if your Eternals are built up very high (gt17-18, high Yellow/Red stars) you can use only them with Loki and a couple of other characters, Loki will allow Sersi to go before Ikaris and weaken the enemies which will help Ikaris kill someone with his Ultimate so he will repeat the attack.

Otherwise, you can take in Kestrel to provide additional damage. You could also use Nova, Photon, Thor (Infinity War), and Shuri mixed team. Shuri will provide Ability Energy to everyone early on, which will allow them to start with their Ultimates and crush the enemies before they get a chance to react. Shuri’s strength doesn’t matter that much but Nova and Photon have to be at least at gt15-16. Alternatively, you could use the full Knowhere team here if they are above 1 million TCP.


Floor 22 – Vahl, Loki, Thor, Thor (Infinity War), Sif, Heimdall – (1,2 million)

  • Weapon X (1 mil+)
  • New Warriors (1.1 mil+)
  • War Dogs (1.1 mil+)
  • Invaders (1.3 mil+)

This Floor has fewer characters than the previous one and less TCP, but all the characters here now are gt17 so they can be dangerous. The one to watch out for is Vahl, they are decently fast and pretty dangerous. All the others are somewhat slow so won’t be that dangerous. A strong Weapon X team will be able to beat this Floor, use Omega Red’s Special on Vahl to apply Ability Block. You can Stun Vahl with Samurai, or Stun Thor to avoid his Passive attacks, but all the other attacks should be directed at Vahl.

Strong New Warriors also have a good chance of winning since the enemies don’t have a good way of cleansing debuffs, although keep in mind that Blind won’t affect them because of Heimdall, but Bleed will help and the damage from Cloak & Dagger, as well as Deathpool can be enough to defeat everyone. While War Dogs won’t be as strong as they are on War Offense they are still pretty fast and you could defeat Vahl pretty quickly, and Loki’s Summons will work well with Black Panther, but this fight can be RNG dependent.

Invaders fight might drag for a bit, but if Fury’s summons or Iron Fist manage to Stun Vahl it will go down easier. Even if Vahl resists you will still win, but you will have to go through Sif first.


Floor 23 – Spider-Weaver, Spider-Man (Noir), Spider-Man 2099. Spider-Man (Big Time), Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, Stature, Wasp – (1,65 million)

  • Tangled Web + Cable + Shang-Chi (900K+)
  • Infinity Watch (1+ million)
  • Darkhold (1.2+ million)

The easiest way to defeat this node is to use Tangled Web yourself but with a spin, take in Cable or Emma Frost to ensure that your Tangled will get the first turn. That way you can Stun enemy Weaver with yours and after that, you’ll be free to eliminate everyone. As a 5th it would be best to take a good damage dealer like Shang-Chi. With this team, you can punch-ups very high, as long as your Weaver and Shang are at least gt16. A big Infinity Watch team can also win here but the fight may drag on for a while, the best thing to do is wait for the moment when Weaver isn’t Charged and use Warlock’s Special or Ultimate on her and then eliminate her.

Darkhold can overpower this Floor and it doesn’t even matter if Weaver gets Charged, just burn them off by hitting other targets and once Weaver loses them all just Stun or eliminate her.


Floor 24 – Agatha Harkness, Wong, Strange (Heartless), Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Adam Warlock, Moondragon – (1,9 million)

  • Underworld+Eternals(drop Nobu and Goblin) – 1,3+ million TCP
  • Darkhold (1,2+ million)
  • Gamma (1,5+ million)

This is not a Boss Floor but it does look like one because the combo of Darkhold members and Quicksilver can be bothersome as is, even without Morgan Le Fay. The most dangerous enemy here is a 7 Red Star, gt17 Quicksilver, he can mess up a lot of counters. A big Underworld team with Eternals instead of Goblin and Nobu can take them out but it may be tricky. Mr Negative and Taskmaster should control the Darkhold enemies, and while Kingpin’s Bodyguards are distracting Quicksilver Eternals will have a chance to finish him off, if Quicksilver is killed and all your characters are still alive then you will win but getting to that point may be hard.

The most effective counter to use here would be Darkhold. If you have them around 1 million TCP you could swap Scarlet Witch with someone else to increase your chances (Quicksilver, Doom or Dormammu, or even Silver Surfer to remove the Charges from enemy Quicksilver). But if your Darkhold is at least 1.2 million you should be able to finish the node without any changes to your squad. Use Morgan’s Ultimate on Wong and after that focus on eliminating Quicksilver as fast as possible.

Gamma can brawn through the node, but it can be tricky, especially if Quicksilver takes out She-Hulk or Red Hulk early, that’s why you should focus on keeping him Stunned with Abomination and She-Hulk. Start with Red Hulk’s Special on Adam to remove his Revive. The next key thing is to get Red Hulk Charged, once his Ultimate goes off it will be easy to clear the Floor.


Floor 25 – Kang, Moonstone, Absorbing Man, Titania, Ikaris, Firestar, Gwenpool, Dagger – (2.1 million)

  • Black Order (1.3+ million)
  • Gamma (1.2+ million)
  • Undying+Dormammu (1 million)

A Boss Floor with Kang and his MoE allies already implies that this won’t be easy and may warrant the use of a meta team. Gamma will be able to win this fight with ease but it would be best to not have Red Hulk adjacent to Hulk because Kang’s Special attack can hit hard.

Black Order can be a very useful team for this counter, Thanos’s first turn will remove Taunt from Absorbing Man and apply it to Cull, so Kang’s attack will hit your Protector. After that Thanos’s Special will flip all Positive effects of your enemies and leave them open to your attacks, as long as you eliminate Kang quickly you will be able to win. Ikaris’s Ultimate won’t be dangerous because without Sersi he won’t flip your buffs and others will have a lot of debuffs so you should have enough time. But if your Black Order isn’t very strong then you can use a Meta team, or Masters of Evil themselves with a strong plug-and-play character instead of Ultron or Moonstone. The safest thing would be to drop Ultron because his minions may be killed by Ikaris which will trigger his second attack.

Undying with Dorm can pull off a big win here as well, if you don’t have Jugg at 5 yellow you can use another pre-Taunt character in the corner, like Absorbing Man or Red Guardian. It’s important to start with Dorm’s Special even if you have to waste it on enemy Absorbing Man, you could take in Big Time as a fifth and remove the Taunt, and then Stun Ikaris, but it can also work without that. Dorm’s Charges will flip the positive effects on everyone, including Kang and Ikaris, so they will be hitting you with Offense Down so even tho Ikaris will hit twice because he will kill an undead summon, he won’t deal a lot of damage. It can get tricky if Kang’s Ultimate takes out your Zombie Iron Man but at that point, most of the enemies will be eliminated so it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.


Floor 26 – 30

Floor 26 – Black Panther (1MM). Black Panther x2, Shuri, Okoye, Nakia, Spider-Weaver, Squirrel Girl – (2,2 million)

  • Darkhold (1.3+ million)
  • Infinity Watch (1,6+ million)
  • Secret Defender (1+ million)
  • Vulture + 2 Superior Six characters

The most dangerous thing here would be the speed of Wakandans and their constant assists from Okoye. A good counter here can be Darkhold since they will be able to take the first hits without too much damage, and Morgan’s Passive will prevent Okoye from assisting which will considerably weaken your enemies. Infinity Watch can also win here if they are massive they will easily survive the first few hits, and then Moondragon will clear all enemy buffs while Adam Warlock can Ability Block Weaver or Squirrel Girl so that they don’t interfere too much. And after that, you should focus on Okoye and all others, but it can be a longer fight.

Alternatively, Secret Defenders will also clear this Floor easily. They may take a few hits but after that simply use Hard Light’s Ultimate to hit both Weaver, apply Ability Block to Squirrel Girl with Robbie and Stun Weaver with Black Cat, after that, it’s gonna be easy.

If Vulture has 2 Superior Six characters he will on Spawn remove Speed Up from his enemies and will apply it to his team, that hurts Wakandans a lot and will make this fight very easy. You can fill the last 2 slots with other Sinister characters or just plug-and-play damage dealers. It’s also good to have someone who can apply Ability Block to Weaver, like Kraven or Mysterio. Once that’s done also Ability Block Squirrel Girl so that she doesn’t cleanse. My go-to team for this was Vulture, Kraven, Mysterio, and Lizard, as the fifth I just used a random minion and the opponents never even took a turn.


Floor 27 – Rogue, Gambit, Sunfire, Dazzler, Beast, Iceman, Jubilee – (1,8 million)

  • Nick Fury, Dormammu, Kestrel, Captain America (Sam) – 1,3+ million
  • Unlimited X-Men + Cable or Emma Frost(instead of Fantomex) – 1,3+ million
  • Tangled Web + Quicksilver or Nova – 1.3+ million
  • Super Skrull + 2 Heroes and 2 Villains
  • X-Treme X-Men – 1+ million

This Floor is essentially the X-Men Floor, with core members or Both, Unlimited and Astonishing teams present. But the key to defeating this lies in the standard counters we use for the Unlimited X-Men. As long as you can prevent Rogue from Taunting you will have the upper hand. The first counter is a CC one but it will also work here: Use Fury’s Special first, then Kestrel’s Basic on Rogue and Cap Sam’s Ultimate attack. All of that will allow Dormammu to take his first turn before Rogue, so you can stun her with his Special. After that the task is to get rid of Gambit first and then the others, as the fifth member you could use Sharon Carter for more control, or a damage dealer character to get through the Floor more easily.

You can also clear this Floor with Unlimited X-Men, just swap Fantomex for Cable or Emma Frost because that will guarantee that your Rogue goes first and can immobilize the enemy’s Rogue. After that it’s the same, get rid of Gambit and the others will fall as well. Tangled Web will also have the speed advantage so you will be able to Stun Rogue quickly. As the 4th and 5th you could take strong damage dealers here or great plug-and-play characters like Doom, Dormammu, or Quicksilver.

Funnily enough, Super Skrull can solo this Floor, just take in 2 Heroes and 2 Villains minions and he’ll win if he’s 7 Yellow Stars. You can apply Ability Block to Dazzler and then use his Basic on Rogue to prevent her Taunt, but even if she manages to do that the Ultimate from Skrull will still wipe out nearly everyone.

Full X-Treme X-Men will easily clear this Floor, just stun Rogue with Nightcrawler, apply Ability Block to Dazzler with Sunspot and the rest will come naturally.


Floor 28 – Nick Fury, Kestrel, Maria Hill, Sharon Carter, Captain America (Sam), Captain America (WW II), Union Jack, Bucky Barnes – (2,1 million)

  • Death Seed (1.3+ million)
  • Eternals+Kestrel+Red Guardian (1.3+ million)

This Floor can be very easy if you have a good Death Seed team, around 1.3 million at least, although you probably could win with a weaker team, especially if you drop Psylocke and add Dormammu, Doom, etc. Mass Blind from Magneto and the Damage and Speed Bar reduction from Archangel will help you get through this node at a steady pace, the only thing to be wary of is Kestrel’s Ultimate which might eliminate someone from your team if she Crits so to avoid that focus her down first, and after that try to clear all the buffs from Fury and you’ll be in a good spot. Eternals and Kestrel is another team that can work well against Nick Fury because of his minions.


Floor 29 – Hela, Iron Man (Zombie), Gwenpool, Deathpool, Archangel, Nemesis, Dark Beast – (1,7 million)

  • Death Seed (1.2+ million)
  • War Dogs (1.4+ million)
  • Rebirth + Dormammu, Apoc, etc instead of U.S Agent (1,3+ million)
  • Hive-Mind (1+ mil)

This node is a deadly mix of punishing you when your characters die and mind-controlling your characters to attack their allies. Death Seed will be able to breeze through the Floor, just focus on eliminating Archangel and Hela, also Ability Block Dark Beast to prevent the Revive, and you’re all set. If you try to hit Hela’s undead minions with each of your attacks, your Archangel will keep rewinding your enemies, this might allow you to beat them without them even taking a single turn.

War Dogs can take the lead quickly and using Hela’s minions to fill Black Panther’s Speed Bar can lead to some crazy combinations, but it can still be tricky and your War Dogs need to be pretty strong to be able to take out the essential targets before they make their move. A very strong Rebirth team can outlast this Floor, especially if you drop U.S. Agent and use a strong plug-and-play character.


Floor 30 – Dormammu, Morgan Le Fay, Okoye, Wong, Strange (Heartless), Emma Frost, Baron Zemo, Shuri – (2,5 million)

  • Secret Defenders + Quicksilver, Dormammu (1.2+ million)
  • Gamma (1.5+ million)

While you could use some other Meta teams here, the best choice would be to use Secret Defenders. Black Cat will neutralize Dormammu’s Revives so you won’t have to worry about that. Ability Block Wong with Robbie, Stun Morgan Le Fay with Black Cat, and try to control or eliminate Emma Frost quickly. You can do very big punch-ups but to ensure victory it would be better to drop Doctor Strange and use Dormammu or Quicksilver, or any other great damage dealers with controlling abilities (Nova, Omega Red, Spider-Weaver…)

Gamma can do the trick but it’s more relying on rng. You need your Red Hulk to get Charged and Ult as fast as possible, and then you need to get rid of Dormammu and Morgan while preventing Wong from taunting.


Floor 31 – 35

Getting through Floors 31 and up to 40 will be a slow and hard process, a lot of the teams are very strong and all characters are GT18 with high Red and Yellow stars, most players won’t be able to go far beyond this point or will be able to beat a few more at a very slow pace. The last Floors are meant for longtime players with massive rosters.

Not all counters going forward will have their TCP mentioned, because we start using a lot more mixed teams and the TCP won’t convey the necessary information so we will mention the Gear Tier(GT) that you will need. Most of the characters mentioned will be at 7 Yellow Stars and at least 5 Red.

Floor 31 – Cloak, Dagger, Gwenpool, Firestar, Deathpool, Quicksilver, Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Kate Bishop – (3,6 million)

  • Darkhold + Dormammu (1,4+ million)
  • Apocalypse + Tangled Web
  • Tangled Web GT17 + Eternals GT18
  • Superior Six (1,4+ million)

Darkhold can beat this Floor but you definitely need the help of Dormammu since Quicksilver can take out one of your characters nearly instantly, so we need to have the Revive. After Quicksilver takes his first turn you should start controlling him, Stun him with Dormammu, and while he’s stunned try to get rid of Squirrel Girl. It will also be good if you drop QS below 50% Max Health, he will summon Scarlet Witch but won’t heal or cleanse because of Trauma. Keep clearing everyone else out while he’s still stunned and once he’s back up stun him again Agatha and while he is stunned again Dormammu will have enough time to get ability energy for his Special so Stun QS again. By this point all other characters are likely to be dead so you will be able to focus solely on QS and finish him /off.

With Apocalypse and Tangled Web, the idea remains the same – control Quicksilver. You’d need Apoc to be at least gt17 and Weaver at gt16. After you flip their buffs with 2099, Stun Quicksilver with Weaver, use Apocalypse’s Ultimate, and try to kill QS immediately with the Awakened Basic. If your Apoc is not Awakened you can instead use his Special on Squirrel Girl and do the Ult+Awakened Basic on QS on his second turn. With a Big Boy Apocalypse, you could handle this Floor with just him and Tangled duo, but it would be safer to have some more damage.

If your Spider-Man Noir is strong enough you could use him and 1 other great damage dealer (Shang-Chi, Omega Red, Thor (Infinity War)) or whomever you have available. If Apoc is not Awakened, it’s better to take in with you Kestrel or Nova, or maybe Vahl, Nemesis, Hela, or Fury. You will need more support.


Alternatively, if you have Eternals at GT18 already you can go in with them and Tangled Web. Target Quicksilver with 2099 and Noir, then Stun him with Weaver. He should drop below 50% Max Health after all of those attacks and will summon Scarlet Witch, at this point use Ultimate with Ikaris, this will be enough to kill Scarlet Witch so he will repeat the attack and overall deal a ton of damage. After that and Sersi’s Ultimate you will have only a few characters to clean up, Focus Qs first and then the others.

Full Superior Six can easily clear this Floor, as long as you watch out for Quicksilver and control him.

Floor 32 – Vahl, Nova, Beta Ray Bill, Loki, Loki (Teen), Sylvie, Cosmo, Korg – (3,3 mil)

  • Apocalypse GT17+, Eternals GT16+, Red Guardian
  • Hela and Zombie Iron Man, Kang GT17, Dormammu
  • Kang GT17, Eternals GT16, Doom, Star-Lord

Apocalypse with Eternals is a good option for this node, Apoc needs to be at least gt17 and Awakened, while Eternals can be at gt16 but high Yellow and Red Stars. You also need to have an auto-Taunt character because Loki will use his Special early on and mind-control your characters to attack a target and we don’t want this to hit Ikaris or Sersi because they could die from this. So Red Guardian, Absorbing Man, etc.

After that it’s relatively simple, use Eternal’s Ultimates, and they will reduce the Speed Bar decently. Then proceed with Apoc’s Ultimate and try to take out Vahl if you can (Beta Ray could Taunt at one point so if you can’t target Vahl just destroy Beta). After a few more attacks from Eternals and Apoc, only Nova will likely remain, once he loses all his Charged stun him with Sersi and keep hitting him until he perishes. As the fifth, you could take either someone who can provide more damage to make the Floor easier or some support in the form of Speed Ups or protective buffs.


You can also clear it with Kang and Doom combo. You will also need Eternals here for additional damage but most importantly – Speed Bar reduction and Sersi’s Stun. Team placement here matters, Star Lord needs to be adjacent only to Doom, so place Star-Lord in the corner and Doom to him. You will take the first turn with Kang – use his Special on Beta Ray Bill. After that enemy Loki will go, if he targets Star-Lord or Doom and they die – you lose. If anyone else was targeted, they will survive which means that now you can clear the Floor.

Use Sersi’s and Ikaris’s Ultimates to reduce the Speed Bar’s and deal some damage, after that use Star-Lord’s Special on Vahl. He may end up applying Blind but most importantly, he will generate 2 Ability Energy for Doom, which will allow Doom to use his Ultimate immediately and he will grant Kang +300% Speed Bar. With Doom’s 3 attacks and Kang’s, you will be able to clear the Floor, but Nova will still be standing, although he won’t have Charged anymore. Once you get a chance Stun him with Sersi and eliminate him.

Floor 33 – Quicksilver, Rogue, Gambit, Phoenix, Beast, Magic, Colossus – (2,8 mil)

  • Tangled Web GT16+, Nick Fury GT16, Kestrel GT17
  • Nova GT16+, Kestrel GT17+, Nick Fury GT16+, Rogue GT 17+
  • X-Treme X-Men 1.2+ million

Every character here serves a purpose – 2099 will apply Slow to everyone and speed Up Weaver, Weaver will Stun Gambit, otherwise his passive attacks will wreck us. Fury will summon his minions, while Kestrel will use her Special on the cluster of 5 enemies to the right side. The first attacks from QS won’t hurt us because of the Weaver’s Charged, and you can use Fury’s minions to Stun either Rogue or Quicksilver (or even both if he summoned 2 Security minions).

After that just try to get rid of Gambit quickly, and then Quicksilver, use Kestrel’s Ultimate on Quicksilver. To make things easier you can take another great damage dealer with you as your 5th, like Kang or Deathpool, etc.


Alternatively, you could use Fury and Kestrel with Nova and Rogue. This time use Special with Fury to apply Speed Up to everyone, use Rogue’s Special on enemy Rogue, and then stun Quicksilver with Nova. After that, you can use Kestrel’s Special but make sure not to hit Quicksilver because if he drops below 50% Health he will Heal himself and remove the Stun.

Once you took care of Gambit and the others you can now focus on Quicksilver and clean up. As the fifth, you could either bring in some more damage or someone who could Heal or apply protective buffs to you because Gambit’s attacks will hit hard. Photon could be good since she will Blind him, or Shang-Chi to deal more damage and reduce the Speed Bar a little.

X-Treme X-Men can beat this node on a big punch-up. Start with Nightcrawler’s Special on Gambit and then Ability Block Rogue with Sunspot, after that also Ability Block Phoenix with Gambit and focus on eliminating Quicksilver. Once your team’s second turn starts and you use their big Ultimates it should be more or less over. It’s possible to do with a 1.1 mln TCP team if your Gambit is big, but it is safer if your team is bigger.

Floor 34 – Archangel, Nemesis, Psylocke, Sabretooth, Dark Beast, Mr. Sinister, Stryfe, Mystique – (3,2 mil)

  • Death Seed (1,5+ mil)
  • Tangled Web GT16+, Dormammu GT16+, Kestrel GT17+
  • Tangled Web GT16+, Eternals GT16+

For this Floor Death Seed is somewhat essential because you need to get ahead of the enemies and mass Blind from Magneto will help you do that. After that, you will have to get rid of Stryfe first because otherwise, he will Taunt soon and get in the way. As long as you can kill him quickly Archangel’s Passive will trigger and will rewind the enemies a little, at that point, there should be a few other targets with low Health so go after them to get more Speed Rewind, Ability Block Psylock so that she doesn’t throw all the debuffs back at you, and the victory will be near.

It can be done with a smaller Death Seed but in that case swap Psylock with a big damage dealer to help you get through Stryfe and the others faster (Kestrel, Kang, Shang-Chi, Vahl etc).


Use Noir’s Ultimate to apply Disrupted on Stryfe, then flip all buffs with 2099’s Ultimate. You can Stun Archangel with Weaver to make the fight easier but make sure to get rid of Psylocke and Dark Beast promptly. Dormammu is here mostly for support, in case something goes badly and Kestrel will be responsible for dealing tons of damage.

Alternatively, you could use just the 3 Tangled Web, one character who can apply Stun or Ability Block, and one good damage dealer. As long as you apply Disrupted to Stryfe, and Stun or Ability Block Archangel and Psylocke you will have enough advantage to get the victory. Or go with Tangled and Eternals, Stun Archangel, apply Ability Block to Psylock, and just eliminate everyone.

Floor 35 – Apocalypse, Archangel, Rogue, Red Hulk, Abomination, Emma Frost – (3 mil)

  • Apocalypse GT17+, Secret Defenders GT17+
  • Apocalypse GT17+, Kang GT17+, Red Hulk GT17+, Rogue GT17+

This is the penultimate Boss Floor and it’s not an easy one since we have Apoc and 3 Horsemen here but it is manageable. Apocalypse with Secret Defenders will be able to handle this Floor, just treat it like an Arena fight – reduce Apoc’s Speed Bar with your Hard Light, but make sure that your Hard Light is a Skirmisher and target Rogue to leave a Vulnerable on her, then remove Apoc’s Immunity either with Robbie’s Special or with his Passive attack. After that, you need to Stun him with Black Cat. At this point, your Apoc will take his turn and apply Trauma to everyone, if he still has his Charged target Rogue and he will Stun.

From here on it will be easier. Use Awakened Basic to kill enemy Apoc, Blind Red Hulk with Photon, and start the Clean-Up. Even if the turn order doesn’t work right and you can’t stun Apocalypse with Black Cat your Apocalypse will still go first and after his Ultimate and awakened Basic enemy Apocalypse will be gone.


Alternatively, you could use a couple of Horsemen, namely Rogue and Red Hulk, Apocalypse, and Kang to give yourself a Speed advantage, as the fifth you can take in Hulk because he will Safeguard and Immunity to Red Hulk. Use Red Hulk Special to reduce the Speed Bar of Apocalypse, his counterattack won’t Stun you because you had Immunity (if you brought Hulk too). Then Kang will take a turn so use his Special as well to attack the cluster of 4 enemies (including Apoc) on the right side and use Rogue to Ability Block enemy Rogue. After that you Apocalypse will get his Ultimate in and at this point the fight is done, you’ll just have to clean up!

Floor 36 – 40

Floor 36 – Red Hulk, Hulk, She-Hulk, Brawn, Abomination, Mister Negative, Taskmaster, Ronin – (3,4 mil)

  • Tangled Web GT16+, Apocalypse GT17+, Nova GT16+
  • Superior Six – 1.4+ million
  • Tangled Web, Eternals, Quicksilver

We need Apoc to be here so that he will prevent Red Hulk from spawning with Safeguard. That will allow us to flip his Immunity with 2099 and then Stun him with Weaver. After that, we should Stun She-Hulk with Nova. You can take a great damage dealer or a controller for the fifth character, whichever one you have. If it’s Kestrel or Kang, use their Special ability on the cluster of 6 enemies to the right. with Quicksilver use his Basic on Red Hulk and then his Special on Hulk. If you took a controller as your fifth then Ability Block or Stun Hulk.

Once you get to Apocalypse’s turn use his Ultimate and the victory is nearly yours. If Red Hulk is very low health you can use Apocalypse’s Awakened Basic to take out Hulk, afterward just eliminate Red Hulk and She-Hulk, then proceed with the cleanup.

Superior Six will deal with this Floor easily, start with Green Goblin’s Ultimate as you would, and then apply Ability Block to Red Hulk with Kraven. After that quickly eliminate Taskmaster and the Red Hulk and finish up with everyone else.

Tangled Web with Eternals will also handle this Floor on a big punch up, your characters don’t need to be huge, except for Quicksilver who should be GT18 (7 Yellow 5 Red in our Case). If your QS is smaller but Eternals are bigger it should still work. Start with 2099 Ultimate and then Stun She Hulk with Weaver, after that Red Hulk will take his turn and lose Immunity. Next, you need to hit him with QS Basic first and then Special to remove the Charged, and after that, you can Ability block him with 2099 and eliminate him. Once that’s done you will just need to clean up.


Floor 37 – Morgan Le Fay, Rogue, Gambit, Agatha Harkness, Scarlet Witch, Wong, Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), Ghost Rider (Robbie)

  • Secret Defenders + Dormammu (1.5+ mil)

At the start of the fight, your Ms. Marvel will take the first turn – use her Ultimate to reduce the Speed Bar of the 6 enemies standing to the right side. After that Stun Morgan Le Fay with Black Cat and apply Ability Block to Rogue with Ghost Rider. Then you should Blind Gambit with Photon and Stun Wong with Dormammu. After this start the fight should be relatively easy, the Revives from Dormammu will help you survive long enough to eliminate everyone and clear the Floor. Focus on getting rid of Morgan and Rogue first.

Floor 38 – Apocalypse, Vahl, Morgan Le Fay, Quicksilver, Emma Frost, Nemesis, Red Hulk, Black Cat, Kestrel – (4,9 mil)

  • Apocalypse + Secret Defenders (1,8+ mill)

Make sure that your Ms. Marvel is a Skirmisher for this fight, use her Ultimate on Apocalypse to apply the Vulnerable and reduce his Speed Bar. Then Ability Block Morgan Le Fay with Robbie and Stun Quicksilver with Black Cat. With Photon, target Vahl with and use the Special Ability. Note – if Apocalypse is close to dropping below 50% Max Health then it’s best to target QS or Red Hulk. This will Blind Vahl and Red Hulk so we shouldn’t worry about them for a bit. Your Apocalypse should take the next turn (have him in an opposite corner from Ms. Marvel so that enemy Black Cat doesn’t reach him). Use his Ultimate but target enemy Apocalypse, this will allow your Apoc to do a follow-up attack and apply Stun to enemy Apocalypse. If enemy Apoc is pretty low health at this point you can kill Quicksilver with your Apoc’s awakened Basic. If it didn’t kill him focus on him until he is down.


Ignore Red Hulk for now and make sure he doesn’t get 5 Charged. Ability Block him with Apocalypse’s Special once you get a chance. Finish Kestrel and Morgan if they are still alive, then work on eliminating Red Hulk, Vahl, and Black Cat. Robbie’s Special will be back up soon so you can Ability Block either Black Cat or Red Hulk again which should help. This can be a tough fight but it’s possible to win here without using Super Skrull.

Floor 39 Dormammu, Nova, Black Cat, Eternals, Kestrel, Ms.Marvel (Hard Light), Thor (Infinity War), Iron Man (Infinity War) – (4,8 mil)

  • Superior Six with Vulture (instead of Spider-Slayer) – 2+ million
  • Secret Defenders + Apocalypse (instead of Strange) – 2+ million
  • Secret Defenders + Apocalypse and Super Skrull (instead of Strange and Photon) – 2+ million

Superior Six with Vulture will get the first turn, so start with Vulture’s Special on the right cluster of enemies(target Iron Man or Nova), then use Lizard’s Ultimate to remove all buffs. After that – Ultimate with Green Goblin and then Special with Kraven on Ms. Marvel to Ability Block her. Your Lizard needs to be big enough to survive until his second turn (in our case, lvl 90, GT17 5 Yellow/Red worked). Once you get to Lizard’s second turn use his Special on a target adjacent to Dorm, since Dorm is a Support character he will be Ability Blocked. The next important step here is Kraven’s Ultimate. If he kills someone they won’t be able to Revive so having Kraven as big as possible will be best (in our case lvl 97, GT18, 5 Yellow/Red stars). After his Ultimate he will eliminate a few targets, if one of them is Sersi it’s perfect. If not, you have to eliminate her before Ikaris takes his turn. After that, the fight will slow down a little but Superior Six will prevail. Just eliminate the dangerous targets first, like Dorm, Kestrel, Ikaris etc.


Floor 40 Super Skrull, Undying, Kestrel, Vahl, Beta Ray Bill – (3,4 mil)

  • Super Skrull, Apocalypse, Kang, Kestrel, Red Hulk (all GT18)
  • Super Skrull, Kestrel, Nova, Dormammu, Emma Frost (all GT18, except Emma)

If you’re using Super Skrull and Apoc counter, you can start with Skrull’s Special on Juggernaut, then use Red Hulk’s Special. At this point, Jugg should lose Taunt and you will be able to apply Ability Block to Skrull with Apocalypse. After that you can keep hitting Skrull with Kang and Kestrel, they will also deal damage to adjacents and will likely eliminate them. Once you get to Apoc’s Ultimate you can use it on any target that has the most Health, other than Skrull. Super Skrull’s Health is too great and even Apoc’s Awakened attack won’t eliminate him if he’s at full Health, so the tactic here is to eliminate everyone else and leave Skrull for last. He will use his Ultimate but you will have Safeguard and Immunity from Apoc’s Special so you will easily survive and after that it will be 4 or 5 against a single Skrull so you will win easily.

Skrull + Dormammu counter is riskier as it solely relies on 1 thing – applying Stun+Trauma to Skrull with Dormammu. If Skrull resists that you will lose. The fight will start with your Skrull using Special on Jugg, after that Nova with his Special will remove Taunt from Jiggs and this will leave enemy Skrull open so use Dormammu’s Special on him (Skirmisher Iso for Dorm). If the Stun+Trauma combo landed you can focus fire on Skrull and eliminate him and after that just finish everyone up.