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Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Characters Part 2



The list goes on! Let’s dive into the next set of MMS characters and see what they can bring to us.

First, we will remind you who you can expect in Marvel Midnight Sons. The updated list (after Game Fest rebranding) of characters is:

  • Nico Minoru
  • Doctor Strange
  • Blade
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Ghost Rider
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine
  • Magik
  • Captain Marvel

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is the founder of Midnight Sons. It is he who fully understands the danger Lilith brings. That is why he will be at your disposal almost immediately.


Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider was raised by motorcycle stuntmen – first by his father Barton who died in an accident and later by Barton’s fellow stuntmen Crash and Mone Simpson. He lived a nomadic life moving from one place to another and earning money by riding bikes.

When Crash got mortally sick from cancer, Johnny, after trying everything to help him, started looking for a cure via occultic means. Thinking that he was selling his soul to the Devil, Johnny made an agreement with Demon Lord Memphisto who promised him to cure his stepfather. Like all demons, Memphisto was a king of lies who manipulated Johnny into a costly bargain – Crash Simpson was cured of cancer only to die a few days later in a motorcycle crash.


It is then that Jonny decided to refuse giving soul to Mephisto and stand up against him with a help of Roxane who temporarily drew the demon away. As a final act before leaving, Mephisto cursed Johnny by placing the demon Zarathos inside him and transforming him into Spirit of Vengence – Ghost Rider.

The Demon inside him forces Ghost Rider to be in the never-ending pursuit against evil, seeking vengeance. He chases his victims without stopping and makes them relive all the terrible things they caused to other people.

Ghost Rider can boost all motorcycles with blazing fire and even summon his own hellish vehicle out of nothing. His main weapons are blazing hellfire chains used for both damaging and incapacitating enemies.


He possesses almost unlimited superhuman strength – only Johnny’s human nature prevents the demon inside him from reaching full power. His fighting skills were improved through numerous battles reaching the level where Johnny could stand against Mephisto himself.

MMS Role

In my opinion, Ghost Rider will be an off-tank. He should sustain a lot of damage while providing decent crowd control with his chains. His offensive cards should have bonuses for interacting with an environment. His supporting cards should increase the speed of the team and grant freedom of movement. This is pure speculation according to the Ghost Rider Lore and my understanding of it. Devs might look at things entirely differently.


Spider-Man is the most popular Marvel character at the moment. His adventures are described in numerous MCU films and every person in the world knows at least something about Peter Parker and his life as a Superhero.



When someone says that Spider-Man will be one of the protagonists in RPG, an endless number of questions appear. The first and obvious question is what Spider-Man we are talking about? In the trailer, we saw his costume is black suggesting that it could be Miles Morales instead of Piter Parker. On the other hand, it is not logical that Firaxis would emphasize less known character for their title especially since Spider-Man wasn’t initially chosen to be part of Midnight Sons.

The Spider-Man story is similar for most characters. He got his powers after being affected by radiated spider’s bite and started fighting crime in his neighborhood. All versions of Spider-Man experienced a life-changing loss that shaped their future.

As an orphan, Spider-Man lives with his aunt, and he is fully focused on school and science. He uses his vast knowledge of science to add gadgets to his suit and overcome obstacles. Every Spider-Man has his special girl who is the love of his life and his main weakness – villains often exploit Spider-man feeling towards that girl to set scenes to their advantage.


Through many years and many versions, Spider-Man fought many foes – Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Sandman, Rhino, Scorpion, Kingpin, Shocker, the Lizard, and even Thanos.

Spider-Man powers are iconic and famous. He is a man with spider powers. He is extremely fast to the point that he can dodge every attack. He casts the web out of his hands to use it for incapacitating enemies, flying, and protecting people. He says that “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” and he lives through that doctrine.

MMS Role

In Marvel Midnight Sons, Spider-man is a newly added character. He doesn’t have any Comic connection with Midnight Sons but since many of the Villain Bosses in the game will be characters that are Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis it feels natural that he is part of the group.


Spider-Man will probably be a crowd controller and support damage dealer. His Offensive cards should prevent enemies from moving and changing positions. Also, he should be able to interact with the environment from afar (use the web to force cars and other objects to hit enemies). His support cards will grant increased evading abilities to the team. Apart from that, it is possible that Spider-Man uses his web to increase the defensive characteristics of his allies.

All in all, Spider-Man will be a squishy target with constant mediocre damage. Being able to dodge almost everything he may be used as an off-tank as well but that should not be his main priority.


The life of James Howlett Logan aka Wolverine is one unfortunate story filled with guilt and regret.



Logan was born in Canada, and he became aware of his mutant powers at an early age. His powers were a curse at the same time because he killed his father and best friend in separate accidents. He killed his real father on purpose not knowing that he is his real father, while he killed Rose (best childhood friend) accidentally. The guilt was tearing him apart and he found his refuge in cage fights where he got his nickname – Wolverine.

After that Logan traveled the world and took his part in every major conflict including World War I, World War II, and Vietnam as a mercenary for hire. Before being recruited by Professor Xavier and joining X-Men, Logan was abducted as a test subject in the Canadian Weapon-X program. It was there that he gained adamantium claws and became the ultimate weapon of destruction against his own will.

Wolverine powers are also widely known and iconic. Wolverine cannot be killed due to his superhuman regeneration – he can be only killed with an adamantium bullet in the head, but he survived even that. He is a beast in nature therefore claws emerge from his hands when he is in danger. At first, he couldn’t control the emergence of his claws but eventually, he mastered his behavior and put them into control.


With his claws, he can slice through almost anything, and in synergy, with his regeneration, he can put up the fight even against the most powerful villains.

Wolverine stood against anyone who crossed his path, but his greatest adversary is the villain with similar abilities, Victor Creed aka Sabretooth. The two of them clashed numerous times and they will clash again in Marvel Midnight Sons. As the matter of fact, only after beating Sabretooth who is Lilith’s minion, you can add Wolverine to the team.

MMS Role

Wolverine will be an offensive tank who relies on life steal, regeneration, and chained attacks against multiple opponents. Wolverine Offensive cards will be defensive in their nature since they will replenish his lost Health while inflicting damage at the same time. His damage potential should be exponentially increased as he loses HP.


Wolverine should be able to ignore enemy defense and protections. His support cards should provide additional Regeneration and Hp to the team. Since all his attacks will cause only bleeding as a debuff, I expect that his Synergy cards will be extremely potent.

Like Captain America, Wolverine is also known as someone who can maximize his abilities when in synergy with other Superheroes.

This is only a theory craft, but I doubt that Wolverine will be useful along with Captain America, Ghost Rider, or Spider-Man. However, in a team with spell-casters and energy evocators, he should be amazing.



Magik has no lore connections with Midnight Sons but her ability to maintain in Limbo is the reason she is linked with the summoning of Lilith. As someone who understands Demons, Magik is a natural addition to the Midnight Sons team and their purpose of preventing Lilith come into the world.


Iliyana Rasputin aka Magik was the youngest child in the Rasputin family. Her brother, Mikhail Rasputin was a Russian mutant who was a cosmonaut before being announced dead in an accident. However, the Russian Government faked his death and that emerged powers to Peter, Iliyana’s second brother, who joined Professor Xavier and the X-Men. It was then that Iliyana wished she had powers also.


Her wish was granted sooner than she expected – along with other kids she was kidnapped by villain Arcade and rescued by X-Men. Peter vouched for his sister to stay in the School for Mutants where Iliyana became best friends with Peter’s girlfriend Kitty Pride.

In Professor Xavier’s School for young mutants, Iliyana mastered her teleportation skills and became Queen of Limbo known as Magik. Every time she visits Limbo, she becomes increasingly corrupted by Demonic Powers, but she manages to keep that side of herself at a safe distance.

Because of Limbo’s nexus status, Magik can teleport across Universe even without knowing her target location. While being trapped in Limbo, Magik created a sword out of her own soul. Soulsword became her iconic weapon, and she mastered a swordfight in full.


With her sword, she can instantly destroy supernatural beings and magical weapons, but it is harmless against normal humans. With every fight and every experience, Soulsword becomes increasingly powerful, allowing Magik to stand against the deadliest creatures and villains.

Magik’s greatest enemy is the Belasco, a demon Lord who seeks Magik as a replacement in Limbo. With every trip to Limbo, Belasco tortures and taints Magik trying to transform her into an instrument of Evil – Darkchild. Eventually, Magik overcomes Belasco and his lackeys and restores her humanity in full, becoming a strong and fearsome member of X-Men.


MMS role

Magik will definitely be a pure damage dealer who can teleport through the battlefield. Her offensive cards will have increased damage against unnatural and mystic beings, but she’ll be almost harmless against humans. Her support Cards should allow teleporting team members from one place to another. Also, Magik should provide protection against monsters and magic.

I eagerly anticipate seeing what Devs created as Magik Synergy cards. The options are endless – from backstabbing enemies to combined aerial strikes.

Magik is not someone who is well known to average players, but I don’t doubt that her kit will be more than interesting which should force others to learn more about her.


Captain Marvel

I am not sure what the connection between Captain Marvel and Midnight Sons is because she is not related to them anyhow, but she will be one of the characters at Hunter’s disposal.


Carol Danvers was a USA Air Force Pilot who strived to explore space and stars. She didn’t know that her commanding officer was in fact heroic Kree Mar-Vell. Mar-Vell protected Earth and peace between Skrull and Kree for years before she had to stand up against Yon-Rogg to fight for her beliefs. Unfortunately, Yon-Rogg emerged victorious, but their battle was witnessed by Carol who tried to help Mar-Vell.

In the key moment, Carl was exposed to Psyche-Magnitron, a device that could transform imagination into reality. At that moment, Carol accidentally submerged Mar-Vell’s powers becoming half Kree-half Human.


Since Carol lost memory in the process, victorious Yon-Rogg shaped her to his liking for years at the Kree capital. Without knowing the truth, Carol inherited the name Mar-Vell and fought side by side with Yon-Rog as her mentor against Skrull for some time.

Eventually, she was captured by Skrull who showed her the truth about her past and made clear that fighting against them is fighting against the true beliefs of her real self and her real mentor.
During those events, Carol emerged as Captain Marvel, a savior of the Earth and one of the World’s mightiest Heros.

Captain Marvel’s body was already in fantastic shape even before it was improved with Kree-enhanced DNA. With Kree DNA she has superhuman strength, stamina, agility, and sustenance. She can fly in space even without protection. She is completely immune to radiation and poisons and has a so-called “seventh sense” that allows her to briefly see future events.


In specific situations, she can enter a “Binary Form” that allows her to manipulate gravity and radiation creating powerful and deadly photonic blasts out of her hands.

As the World’s greatest heroine, Captain Marvel has a long list of enemies. She fought all warmongering Kree including Ronan the Accuser, Yon-Rogg, the Supreme Intelligence, Minn-Erva, Doctor Eve… She also stood against Universe’s greatest villains such as Thanos and Doctor Doom. When she joined X-Men she challenged Mystique, M.O.D.O.K., Moonstone, and even Rogue.

MMS Role

Obviously, Captain Marvel will be a hard DPS carry, capable of damaging multiple enemies from above. Her offensive cards will bring chain attacks, increased DPS, and energy blasts. Many of the offensive abilities will be AOE with powerful single-target attacks as well.


As for her Supporting cards, it is hard to foresee in which aspect she will help because she can help in almost every. She could increase defensive properties by her control of gravity, she could increase speed via flying, and she could increase DPS via radiation manipulation.

There are many options and whatever Devs do they will not make a mistake – Captain Marvel is the World’s greatest heroine for a reason.


These ten characters are confirmed so far. There will be twelve characters in total meaning that we will be introduced with two more before October 7th. Even now, you can have a rough picture of synergies and teams, but if I am right, you will need all of them at some point. Games like this encourage the improvement of all available characters because it increases the overall game-play duration and makes it more interesting.

I am positive that Firaxis is up to the job. Making a single-player RPG in 2022 is not an easy job for many reasons but I am sure that we will get what we want. All signs suggest that.