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Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Characters Part 1



We already mentioned characters that will be at players’ disposal but today we will talk about each of them separately. Knowing Marvel Lore, we can closely determine their role and their behavior in the game.

I must accentuate that everything written in this article is pure theory craft. However, my vast gaming experience and serious knowledge of Marvel lore allow me to be bold and try to anticipate some things in Marvel Midnight Suns.

First, we will remind you who you can expect in Marvel Midnight Sons. The updated list (after Game Fest rebranding) of characters is:

  • Nico Minoru
  • Doctor Strange
  • Blade
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Ghost Rider
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine
  • Magik
  • Captain Marvel

We will list characters as they should appear in the gameplay. We’ll start with Nico Minoru.

Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru is one of the characters responsible for the summoning of the Hunter (the main protagonist in Marvel Midnight Suns). Along with Doctor Strange, she used her mystic powers to enlist the help of the daughter of Lilith in an attempt to defeat Lilith.


In Marvel lore, Nico is a young Runaway who escaped her villainous parents with other kids and became their leader. Her power comes from the Staff of One that emerges from her body when she sheds blood. The Staff of One is one of the mightiest tools of destruction, but it is fully chaotic in its nature – it allows Nico to vocalize spells by saying certain phrases like “Freeze”, “Stop”, “Danger”, “Help”…


Unfortunately, she can use certain phrase only once – every next time it will cause random chaotic effect (from summoning pelicans to creating balls of fire).

During her numerous adventures, Nico fought famous villains, went to the past, and survived the Arena.

MMS Role

Putting all this into Marvel Midnight Suns’ character is not an easy job. Without a doubt, Nico will be a crowd controller who will place different debuffs on enemies. She will also be a support damage dealer whose damage output will probably be random due to her lore. I don’t believe that her utility effects will be random, and I think that she will slow down enemy reaction time as well as lower their damage.

Also, I am positive that Nico will be among the first companions available for playing since it is her who will summon the Hunter.


Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the second character responsible for the summoning of the Hunter. That means that he should be the second available companion in the game.


Steven Strange’s life was entirely changed after the car accident that prevented him from continuing his neurosurgeon practice. Being one of the most brilliant and arrogant neurosurgeons in the world, Steven had to find a solution to the situation. After trying everything he ended up in Tibet looking for a magical cure. It is there that he met the Ancient One and started his journey to become Sorcerer Supreme.

The path was long, tricky, and Strange met a lot of obstacles in between but eventually, he changed his inner-self and became something no one expected – the Earth’s mightiest Sorcer and the last defense against even the strongest of Villains.


Strange’s best buddy and companion in adventures is Wong, the Master of Mystic Arts and keeper of Sanctum Sanctorum (Strange’s home). Strange was allied with almost all iconic Marvel Superheroes during numerous crises. His archenemies are Baron Mordo and Dormammu.

It is important to mention that MCU lore and comic lore about Dr.Strange are somewhat different, so giving conclusions in those aspects is not something that I should do at the moment.

Dr. Strange’s powers are iconic and widely known. As the Supreme Sorceror, he commands all the mystic arts available. He is a master of Chronokinesis (time manipulation), and he is adept in Energy Manipulation. Also, during his time in Tibet, he became an expert in Martial Arts, but that is not something that he uses without using Magic and Teleportation at the same time. He can predict all future outcomes in all possible dimensions, and he is one of the few who was worthy of the Book of Vishanti.


MMS Role

When we try to fit Strange’s lore powers in Marvel Midnight Suns we can only conclude that he will be DPS buffer support. He will utilize energy to cause damage and manipulate time to speed up his allies or slow down enemies. Also, I believe that Strange will grant some sort of barrier to the team members.

It is still early to predict but I don’t believe that characters like Strange who will have cross-roles will be first picks in final set-ups but that will depend on how you build the Hunter.



Blade is one of the most iconic Marvel characters and one of the first who has been set in a movie franchise. Strangely most people don’t even know that Blade is part of the Marvel Universe.


Eric Brooks aka Blade was the son of Tara and Lucas Cross. The period of his birth traced his future life and occupation. His mother, who was seeking refuge in England, asked for help in birth from Deacon Frost who turned out to be a blood-sucking vampire. Deacon exploited Tara’s naivety and fed on her until she gave birth to a child and eventually died.

The child was named Eric and he was given to an orphanage under the rule of his father’s arch-nemesis, Madam Vanity. It is there that Eric has sworn his vengeance against all vampires and where he started his training.


In the upcoming years, Blade has made many enemies and only one faithful friend – his teacher Jamal Afari. When Blade challenged Dracula himself, Jamal was turned into a vampire and Blade had to make the final sacrifice by killing his trusted mentor and best friend. After that, Blade allies with famous vampire hunters such as Nightstalkers and Noah van Helsing’s teams before he finally joined Midnight Sons.

Blade powers are incredible. He possesses all vampire strengths (keen senses, superhuman strength and stamina, fast healing, unbelievable speed …). Unlike Vampires, he is not affected by Sunlight nor any of their other weaknesses. Therefore, he is known as Daywalker. In addition, Blade has trained all his life to become one of the best fighters alive.

MMS Role

In Marvel Midnight Sons, Blade will most likely be a pure damage dealer. His attacking cards will cause bleeding, make additional damage against bleeding targets, and chain attacks them. His supporting cards should increase the team’s speed, accuracy, and critical chance. I admit that it is hard to foresee what his supporting skills will be, but the ones I’ve mentioned are the logical choices.


We will have to wait and see if Blade will be good enough to prevail against other more popular characters with higher power potential.

Iron Man

Iron Man aka Tony Stark is one of the most famous characters in the Marvel Universe. Everyone knows the MCU story about Tony and his vigilant sacrifice against Thanos. The comic story is a little bit different mostly because comic writers did not have problems with forcing the main actor to stay in the franchise.


Tony Stark inherited Stark Industries at a youthful age because of the premature death of his father Howard. He lived an ingenious celebrity life while fulfilling contracts for the US Army. While delivering some products overseas, Tony was caught in an explosion and was mortally wounded by shrapnel close to his heart.


While he was unconscious, he was captured by attackers and only with the help of a fellow captive, Yinsen, he’d manage to stay alive. Yinsen and Stark came to the brilliant idea to use some of Stark’s technology to prevent shrapnel from killing Tony while using it to construct a Power Armor around him.

That was the first of many Iron Man’s Power Armor designs in the future. During numerous adventures, Tony has even made Power Armors to counter Hulk, go to Space, and explore the seas. During those adventures, Tony showed his patriotic feelings by opposing US threats such as Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, and his own arch-nemesis, The Mandarin.

Iron Man Suits despite the difference through ages have several things in common. Repulsor Rays are his main attacking weapon coming from his hands. Unibeam utilizes the energy from its power core for devastating effects. His Helmet provides him with full awareness of the battlefield. While his boots allow him to fly fast enough to break the sound barrier and be more maneuverable than any flight jet.


In modern days, Tony invented Extremis, which allows him to become one with the Suit and even regenerate entire parts of his body (it opens a possibility that Tony emerges alive after being killed against Thanos in MCU).

Iron Man is a natural addition to Midnight Sons, as someone who wanna be part of every initiative against enemies of Earth.

MMS Lore

In Marvel Midnight Sons, he will most likely be an eccentric genius who is separated from others in the Abbey. His technical knowledge and potential will be used against multiple enemies while providing additional information to the rest of the team. You should expect that he has airborne AOE attacks with his Offensive cards. As for Supporting cards, I think he will increase the damage to his allies while also improving their defensive capabilities due to his ultimate awareness.


In short, if Iron Man turns to be anything else but the main AOE DPS, it will be a huge surprise for me.

Captain America

Captain America is the most famous Super Soldier in Marvel Universe!

We learned a lot about Steve Rogers via the MCU franchise, but it is important to understand that without a successful Captain America character we would never get hundreds of other Marvel Heroes and Villains. Captain America created a foundation for something we know today as the Marvel Universe.


Everyone knows a story about a shy and weak boy who wanted to help allies in WW2 but couldn’t because no one took him for granted. We also know that this changed after he was given a super-soldier serum by Peggy Carter, the love of his life.


What we don’t know is how the hell a Super Soldier with a vibranium shield as a weapon managed to take down the infamous organization known as Hydra. That was against all odds and logic, yet Steve did it, even though he died in the attempt.

At least, the World thought that he has died since, in the modern age, he was discovered in a chunk of ice and brought back to life 50 years after without any consequences. The only disadvantage for Steve was that all his friends already died (not all as it will turn out later) and that he is a stranger in modern days. That didn’t prevent him to fight evil (M.O.D.O.K., Crossbones, Baron Zemo, Winter Soldier, Serpen Society…) and being victorious again.

As a Super Soldier, Captain America is an excellent fighter with super-human strength, speed, and stamina. His main weapon is his iconic shield. He was first made by adamantium before it was made in Wakanda to be vibranium. Captain America uses it as boomerang that returns in his hand after being thrown away. Other than that, Captain America’s only superpower is his courage and willingness to stand still even against the direst odds. As such, he is a role model for Tank in RPGs.


MMS Lore

Obviously, in Marvel Midnight Sons, Captain America’s primary role will be to defend his allies. He’ll be able to cause continuous damage with his shield against multiple targets, but I don’t expect that his damage will be too high.

Captain America’s Support Cards will allow him to raise morale in his team which will be presented in increasing HP and other defensive stats. Since Captain America’s main strength is his synergy with other characters (regardless of who they are) I expect that his synergy Cards will be extremely powerful and rewarding.

It is still early to predict but having a full tank was always mandatory in games of this type.



This concludes the first five characters that you will meet in Marvel Midnight Sons. Do not miss Part 2, where you will learn about the rest of Midnight Sons.