Peter Parker aka Spider-Man Guide

Firaxis continued to provide us with character showcases. This time we could learn interesting things about Spider-Man.


It is immediately obvious that Spider-Man’s kit (or at least what was presented to us) is made for a pure damage dealer. He is probably unique in his ability to use the environment more effectively, but I have a feeling that he should have greater control over the battlefield. It seems to me that only one ability with controlling debuff is kinda not enough for an iconic character such as Spider-Man.


Let’s see what abilities are shown in the video.

  • Opportunist (skill) – The next 2 Spider-Man environment attacks cost 0 Heroism and deal +x damage. +2 Moves this turn; Lvl2 – + x Damage; Lvl3 – Draw the last Attack played.
  • Webslinger (skill) – Gain 1 Strengthened. Free. Exhaust; Lvl2 – Strengthened. Free.; Lvl 3 – Strengthened. Free. Draw the last Attack played.
  • Chain Strike (attack) – if a target is killed (K.O.) Chain to another target (maximum x Targets). 
  • Web Throw (heroic) – Forceful Knockback in any direction. Nearby enemies take x damage; Lvl 2 – +x damage; Lvl 3 – Apply 2 Marked.
  • THWIP(heroic) – Apply Bind. Environment attacks against the target deal 50% increased damage.
  • Infernal Spider (heroic) – The next 3 Spider-Man cards are Free. Exhaust; Lvl 2 – Draw a Spider-Man card; Lvl 3 – On Redraw, gain x Block.

As you can see most of the effects are already available to Iron Man and Captain America except the Bind effect for which we didn’t get an explanation.


Those are effects available to Spider-Man from the video we got.

  • Quick – Upon killing a target (K.O.) refunds a Card Play (maximum 1 per ability)
  • Free – Does not cost a card play.
  • Strengthened – Increase offense by 50%
  • Exhaust – Ability cannot be used again during an ongoing combat mission
  • Knockback – Sends an enemy flying in your chosen direction
  • Forceful – Sends an enemy flying much further in your chosen direction
  • Marked – Card play is refunded after killing (K.O.) the target 
  • Block – Reduce damage by X amount


The passive ability can be gained if your “reputation” with Spider-Man is good enough. That will depend on your interaction with him in the Abbey. We could learn there are at least three levels of Spider-Man’s passive.

  • Bring the House Down – When Spider-Man uses an environment attack, 15% chance to refund the Heroism cost. The first Environment attack Spider-Man uses each encounter costs 0 heroism.


Spider-Man is the character whose main strength is drawn from the nearby surroundings. He will use all objects in the vicinity with unparalleled power and he won’t spend energy while using them.

Spider-man’s support abilities enhance his damage output. Opportunist grants him two free attacks with increased damage if he is using objects in the environment while Webslinger increases his damage overall.

He also has 2 AOE abilities – one that throws a selected enemy into a cluster of enemies making havoc and a second that chains to additional targets if an initial attack has killed a primary target. The only way he can incapacitate an enemy is with Bind (bound targets receive significantly more damage).

Finally, he can make his future attacks free of Energy cost which can be understood as free additional damage output.

It seems that I was wrong while predicting the Spider-Man kit. I thought that he would affect the enemies’ speed and movement as well as reduce their damage. Unfortunately, from what we could see, he is a simple damage dealer with a damage bonus while using an environment. Most importantly I can’t see any synergy between him and other characters whatsoever. I am kinda disappointed, but I believe that Firaxis showed us just a glance at what we will get in the end.


The next showcase will probably be Doctor Strange’s gameplay. If Firaxis continue releasing content like until now, we should expect a new video in a few days. I am fully optimistic that with every new video we will get increasingly more information that will finally give us a full picture of what we can expect. Our expectations are high, and I am confident that Firaxis is aware of that.

Stay tuned for Doctor Strange – the Sorceror Supreme!