Anthony Edward Stark aka Iron Man Guide

Iron Man’s Showcase video has finally been released. From what we can see, Firaxis did an excellent job.


This Video does not tell us a lot, but it tells enough to understand Iron Man’s mechanics and combat style. Compared to Captain America’s showcase, we learned some new information including Iron Man’s passive ability. It is not clear if passive abilities are common for all characters or only for Iron Man, but it opens a lot of space for additional theory Crafting regarding Marvel Midnight Sons.


Let’s start with Iron Man Cards shown in the video. As you will see he has one card less compared to Captain America.

Here is the list of abilities.

  • Leave it to Me (skill) – Draw 2 Iron Man cards. +2 redraws; Lvl 2 – Gain 2 Fast; Lvl 3 – On redraw, gain 1 Resist
  • Quick Blast (attack) – Quick. Draw an Iron Man card. Redraw to add Knockback.
  • Blast (attack) – Knockback. Redraw to add Forceful.
  • Air Superiority (heroic) – Damage every enemy. Redraw to add 20 damage (2 remaining); Lvl 2 – Apply 1 Marked
  • Hellfire Beam (heroic) – Damage each enemy in the line. Redraw to add X damage; Lvl 2 – +1 Redraws for each killed (K.O.) target; Lvl 3 – 25% chance to apply 1 Marked.
  • Surgical Strike (heroic) – Chain x (1 for each Iron Man card in the hand); Lvl 2 25% chance to apply 1 Vulnerable


Effects that can be caused by Iron Man are slightly different from Captain America’s. Here is the list:

  • Fast – Reduces the cost of heroic cards
  • Quick – Upon killing a target (K.O.) refunds a Card Play (maximum 1 per ability)
  • Knockback – Sends an enemy flying in your chosen direction
  • Forceful – Sends an enemy flying much further in your chosen direction
  • Resist – Prevents all damage from the next damaging attack
  • Chain – Attack multiple enemies in a certain range of each other
  • Vulnerable – Enemies take 50% more damage
  • Marked – Card play is refunded after killing (K.O.) the marked target


We have also seen that Iron man has a special passive ability that significantly changes the game perspective when leading him in battle. Passive Ability is gained through interaction with a character in the Abbey:

  • I’ll handle this (I, II, III) – If 2 Iron Man cards are played in a turn, +1 redraws (limit 1 per turn)


As you can see, Iron Man is a pure damage dealer despite his announcement as Jack of all Trades. All his cards cause mediocre damage initially but can significantly be boosted if you spend Redraws on them. I don’t know if this is unique only for Iron Man, bet when you use the Redraw option for selected Iron Man’s ability, instead of drawing another Card you improve the damage of the selected Card. That means that generation of the Redraw attempts is crucial for using Iron Man. The difference in damage is insane and the effectiveness of abilities can be doubled or even tripled. Since most of Iron Man’s abilities are AOE based, that practically means that with the right strategy you can one-shot entire enemy waves in one turn.

Honestly, there is nothing much more regarding Iron Man. His Support Card is made to boost him and his abilities and the only thing you need to do is to survive long enough so he can use his heroic abilities at full strength.

I am almost certain that this is not all that Iron Man can do, so we will have to wait and see other character kits before deciding what course of action is the best.


More insight will be available after watching the Spider-Man highlight. I will not jump to conclusions before I have a full picture. Stay tuned and check the news regularly – more guides and showcases will be ready with every day passing. 

With every day passing, we are closer and closer to 7th October. Fortunately, Firaxis have decided to regularly give us a bit of latest information so our imagination can slowly make up the whole Marvel Midnight Sons puzzle.