Iron Man’s build guide



Tony Stark is one of the most important characters in the Abbey. He is responsible for most of the plans (even though they constantly fail), he runs the Forge with Doctor Strange and provides you useful resources by assembling spoils of war.

He is arrogant and stubborn, which usually gives the wrong impression of his goals. The betrayal of Bruce Banner aka Hulk will have a great impact on his decisions but in the end, he will come to his senses. It is not easy to be the most famous Billionaire who never had any real problems that affect ordinary people.

On the other hand, his combat capabilities are formidable. As a pure damage dealer, he will be an irreplaceable member of the first team for the majority of players.


Best Build

Choosing the best build for Iron Man is not really hard, to be honest. This is what I suggest:


  • Quick Blast
  • Quick Blast
  • Quick Blast
mms iron man cards quick blast
mms iron man cards quick blast
mms iron man cards quick blast


  • Leave it to Me
  • New Plan
mms iron man cards leave it to me
mms iron man cards new plan


  • Surgical Strike
  • Air Superiority
  • Hellfire beam/Surgical Strike (if you don’t have a Legendary card)
mms iron man cards surgical strike
mms iron man cards air superiority
hellfire beam card

Deck Guide

As you can see, Iron Man is a pure damage dealer despite his announcement as a Jack of all Trades. All his cards cause mediocre damage initially but can be significantly boosted if you spend Redraws on them.

When you use the Redraw option for selected Iron Man’s ability, instead of drawing another Card you improve the damage of the selected Card or give it an additional effect. That means that generation of the Redraw attempts is crucial for using Iron Man. Fortunately, his passive is doing exactly that.


Attack Cards

Iron Man’s attack cards are ordinary with decent damage. Quick Blast Card when Redrawn will give a Knockback effect while Blast will give a Forceful effect. When upgraded Blast will cause more damage while Quick Blast will Draw Iron Man’s card after each use.

While Forceful Knockback can be really useful sometimes, in my opinion, it is much more important to provide additional Iron man cards for free than to Knockback enemies at a higher distance. That is why I suggest using only Quick Blast cards. If you do that you will have to eliminate all trash mobs only with Iron Man which will not be in synergy with some other characters who also benefit from free kills.


Skill cards

All Skill cards can be useful. “Leave it to me” is obviously a must for every Iron man build. It will give you 2 Heroism, 2 Redraws, and 2 additional Iron man cards and will reduce the cost of his Heroic Cards by 1. A really useful card that perfectly fits Iron man build. “New Plan” will double your current Heroism and give you a new Heroic Card. This card seems really handy but in practice, it will not be used often, unless you lack Heroic cards to be played at the time.

“Heads Up” significantly increases the Block of the selected target and gives 2 Redraws. Honestly, this card should be used only when Iron Man and Captain America are on the same team.


Heroic Cards

Heroic Cards are Iron Man’s main strength. He has 3 different heroic Cards and each of them can decide the outcome of a battle. “Surgical Strike” can Chain as many times as you have Iron man cards in the hand. It can be redrawn 2 times to increase the damage. The Damage potential is really huge especially since the cost of the card is only 2 Heroism when the card is upgraded.

“Air Superiority” is expensive for the reason – it will damage all enemies on the battlefield. If you spend 2 Redraws on it the damage will be serious, considering that you will affect all enemies. This card can be your only solution for some situations later in the game.

“Hellfire Beam” is Iron Man’s Legendary Card. Unibeam is an iconic weapon known to all which is now upgraded for the Prophecy. At first glance, it doesn’t seem anything out of the ordinary. It causes moderate damage to everyone in the line for 3 Heroism. The trick is that you can spend as many Redraws as you want to increase its damage – there is no limit.

“Hellfire Beam” is the ability that caused the highest amount of damage compared to any other skill including Hunter’s. It can be more potent even than “Annihilation”. It is simply OP, and it becomes stronger and stronger making enemies that would otherwise be difficult, extremely easy.

In short, you want to have as many upgraded Quick Blast cards as possible, so you can initiate a fight with Tony killing trash mobs for free. That will give him a few additional cards and hopefully a “Leave it to me” card. When that happens, the rest will be easy – just don’t forget to spend redraws on your cards and that is all.



Iron Man can be combined with almost everyone. He is a one-man army that wants to be the primary option in all situations. For example, on side missions without Hunter, Iron man is always my first pick – he is not dependent on anyone and regardless of your hand at the time everything is straightforward.

Obviously, he will benefit the most from Doctor Strange who is second to none when we talk about supporting the team.

Nico or Scarlet Witch also fits ideally to be paired with Iron Man and Hunter – as long as Iron Man can be a primary damage dealer everything will be fine. Otherwise … Well, you will not need him otherwise.

It would be logical to avoid combining Iron man with Captain Marvel because she also needs to be in the center of happenings so she can activate Binary (that would make Iron man useless and playless in most situations). However, if you are forced to do that, be sure to equip “Heads Up” on Tony, so he can prolong Captain Marvel’s Binary.



Iron Man’s Passive Ability really helps. Since he depends on the number of cards he is using, additional Redraws come really handy and helpful. On level 4 of Friendship, he will get 1 Free redraw after every second played a card which proved to be invaluable, especially in the last encounter.

  • I’ll handle this (I) – If 4 Iron Man cards are played in a turn, +1 redraws (limit 1 per turn)
  • I’ll handle this (II) – If 2 Iron Man cards are played in a turn, +1 redraws (limit 1 per turn)


Tony Stark in Marvel Midnight Suns is everything we expect from Tony Stark – unbearable at home and outstanding in the fight. If you are doubting what is best to do to increase his Friendship fast, just make him sure that he is what he thinks he is.

Give him Comics that praise his superiority, tell him that you understand him and that he is right, etc… You will shortly become his best friend, even though he would never be your best friend. In the end, money can buy everything that Tony knows the best.