Doctor Stephen Strange aka Doctor Strange Guide

We didn’t wait long for another showcase regarding Marvel Midnight Sons. Today we learned important things about Doctor Strange and his mechanics.


The video suggests that Doctor Strange is an ultimate Support Hero who can heal, conceal, protect, and cure allies. Unlike Spider-Man, my prediction of Doctor Strange was almost perfect. Unfortunately, in this video, we got the least amount of information regarding Doctor Strange’s Cards compared to previous showcases.


We learned only about 5 Cards.

  • Astral Meditation (skill)- Restore 1 Combat item used in this mission. +2 Redraws. Exhaust.; Level 2 – Restore Combat items; Level 3 – Draw the last Attack card played
  • Vapors of Valtorr (skill) – Apply Concealed to Doctor Strange or any ally; Level 2 – Restore X health; Level 3 – Apply 2 Fast
  • Agamotto’s Gaze (skill) – Draw the last 2 Attack Cards played. Give drawn Cards + x damage until played or discarded. Start next Turn with 4 Card plays.
  • Shield of the Seraphim (heroic) Apply 1 Resist to Doctor Strange and all allies. Enhanced with x Heroism: +1 Resist; Level 2- Cure Doctor Strange and all allies; Level 3 – Draw a Card
  • Seven Suns of Cinnibus (heroic) – Damage each enemy in an area. Enhanced with 5, 7, and 9 Heroism: + x Damage. Exhaust.; Level 2 – Enhanced with 4, 6, and 8 Heroism: + x Damage.; Level 3 – on Redraw, recover x Health


Doctor Strange’s kit offers some new effects and mechanics. Some of those effects are unique and placeable only by Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Resist – Prevents all damage from the next damaging attack
  • Cure – Remove all negative status effects
  • Enhanced – Gains a bonus while you have a minimum amount of Heroism. Heroic ability costs adjust to each bonus threshold.
  • Fast – Reduces the cost of heroic cards
  • Exhaust – Ability cannot be used again during an ongoing combat mission
  • Concealed – Makes the Hero unable to be targeted (Removed if damaged by an AOE or Knockback impact and at the end of turn)


A good relationship with Doctor Strange can unlock his passive which can be especially effective with his Enhanced effect:

  • Greater Good (I, II) – 50% chance to generate 1/2 Heroism each turn


Unlike previously shown characters (except Captain America, maybe), Doctor Strange offers a full synergy to multiple available characters. His Resist effect and ability to grant additional Rewards are ideal for enhancing Iron Man’s powers. The ability to heal and conceal allies instantly makes him a first option alongside Hunter.

The only way Doctor Strange is not needed is if Hunter is made to be the Support or if Niko Minoru or Magik offers a better advantage to the team. Doctor’s Strange offensive capabilities are still a mystery due to the lack of Cards we could see in the showcase. If his only attacking Ability grants Exhaust after using, then he basically doesn’t have attacking abilities at all. However, I don’t believe in that at all.


Even though we learned some new things in Doctor Strange’s showcase video, such as using of Items and new damage mechanics, my feeling is that we learned nothing about his true potential. I know that Firaxis doesn’t want to reveal more than they must, but still, some people may get the wrong impression.

All our guides will be instantly updated with any latest information. Believe me, there will be a lot of things we were not aware of. Those videos just scratched the surface of the real game.

Keep tuned, we will be with you all the way – Lilith’s chances of emerging victorious are equal to 0.