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Iron Man [Zombie] and Hela – The power of the Undying duo


Iron Man Zombie is coming soon. He will be a new playable character and part of the new 2-person Undying team with an updated Hela (more about her updates later on). This team will be most effective in Alliance War Offense. So be ready for him, especially if War is one of the main game modes for you in this game.

Iron Man Zombie will be a brawler with high HP who can mind-control enemies with his Basic, Special and Passive abilities. He will also have some great benefits, especially in War Offense. 

Traits: Villain, Global, Bio, Brawler, Undying




With his basic, he will mind controlling the primary target forcing it to attack a most injured enemy that does not have Bleed. He will also apply two bleeds on the primary target. He will also Fill the Speed Bar of all summoned Undead Asgardian allies by 30%. It is impossible to block this attack. Characters killed cannot be revived.

Satisfying Basic is even better in the War Offense, where mind control characters will gain +50% increased damage. With this attack, he will attack two targets (double bleeding first), simultaneously increasing the speed of the summons, increasing their chance to play before enemies kill them. By the way, all his attacks will Fill the Speed Bar of all summoned Undead Asgardian allies by 30%. So, I will not mention this again. 



Special will cost four energy. Iron Man Zombie will start combat with Special ready for use. He will attack the primary target with a good amount of damage, and apply Bleed, Disrupt, and Ability Block for two turns. Again, mind control is in the game, so the same as with a Basic attack enemy will attack a most injured enemy that does not have Bleed.

He will have a 500% increased focus for this, and the blocking is out of the picture. That’s important because it means enemies will have minimal chance to resist those powerful debuffs. 

When he uses Special, Hella (if she is an ally) will fill her speed bar by 10%. So Special will increase her chance to play sooner. 

Thanks to his Special, Iron Man Zombie can control the battlefield early in combat. 



Ultimate will need seven energy and will start with five. It will clear all barriers first, attack all enemies with immense piercing damage, and prolong all debuffs (excluding Trauma and Stun) by 1. It will also apply defense down for two turns to all enemies with an extra 1500% focus for this attack. It is his 2nd attack with non-reviving mechanics (same as Basic). It will always crit against any enemy with Bleed.

An attack that wipes out enemies because his Ultimate is available on 2nd turn, so by that time, there will be a lot of enemies with bleed effects on the battlefield. 

The important to mention: In War Offense, if Hella is an ally, this attack will clear all Charged from the primary target and enemy with the highest Resistance. In other words, Iron Man Zombie is “a counter” for some great War teams (read Gamma).



His passive will bring even more to the table. It will increase his (and Hela’s) HP by +50%, giving him 2-turn Defense Up on spawn, and whenever the enemy takes bleed damage, he will mind-controlled that enemy to attack the most injured enemy. If Hela is an ally, he will always revive with 50% of his max health.

In War-Offense, Passive is even better. He will apply “Defense Up” for two turns to every non-summoned ally (on spawn). If he has more than 50% HP, his whole team will be immune to Stun, and enemies cannot gain Deathproof. Enemies with Bleed take an additional 25% damage.


War Offense

Having everything in mind, I can say that Iron Man Zombie will be a War-Offense monster! But let’s look at his War-companion Hella, and let’s see her improvements.

Stat increases:

  • Health +80%
  • Damage +16%
  • Armor +50%
  • Focus +62%
  • Resist +39%

She will have all stats increased, HP and Focus most. 

Her Basic is the same with the addition of one Bleed. 


With Special, she will add Bleed on the target and call Iron Man Zombie to attack that enemy. The damage amount is the same as on the old one and Disrupted for two turns stay.

Ultimate is also the same, with a few (crucial) editions. If Iron Man Zombie is an ally, she will spread all debuffs from the primary to secondary targets (discluding Stun). All Undying teammates will get two regenerations, and this attack will have +5000% extra focus. So, she will always be able to put those precious debuffs.

Passive will gain her stealth on spawn if Iron Man Zombie is an ally. She will have even more HP and heal more on a turn if he is with her. Hela will also put a Taunt on all summons when below 50% hp if he is present. And whenever one of her summonses dies, she will get Deathproof (up to a max of 3).


Duo with Hela

Hela is updated so she can synergize with Iron Man Zombie. Together they will create one of the deadliest War combinations, especially in the War-offense. She will apply Bleeds with most of her attacks, and he will benefit from it. I don’t know his speed right now, but if he is playing before her, he can put a ton of crucial debuffs on target with his Special, and after that, with her Ultimate, she can spread those debuffs on all enemies.

That is just one example. We need to wait a bit and see how they work and which characters can fill the other three spots on the team. But with certainty, I can say they will be one of the best teams for War offense depending on who will be their allies in that team.


Undying Duo – Team Options

There are plenty of options to make the Undying duo effective in War. However, our goal is to make them fully effective and capable of countering WAR Metas. As I said before their kit suggests that they probably can counter even GAMMA. To do so, it will be important who will go along with them.

The first obvious option is the Tangled Web team. Since there are only 3 of them it fits perfectly to combine them with Undying. That will make a very dangerous team (whose true potential needs to be tested first but I am pretty sure that they easily deal with H4H for example) without breaking any of the existing synergies at the moment.

Another option is to combine them with some of the Dark Dimension Legendary Characters. If you had your doubts about where to put Dormammu or Doctor Doom in WAR, the Undying duo will welcome them without a doubt.

There is also an option to combine them with Eternals+1 or even New Warriors but in my opinion, that would not be the happiest decision considering the alternatives. It would probably give a wider attacking range, but the number of possible War attacking options would remain the same.



One thing is certain, whatever you decide, you will be awarded for placing resources in Iron Man [Zombie]. I think that Hela is already almost fully improved in most rosters, so you should look at it as a cheap investment in a new War META. Most importantly, the Undying effectiveness is almost identical in War defense, so you will boost your War effort significantly by improving just 1 character.

In War Defense, Iron Man [Zombie] will not remove Charged, they will not be immune on Stun nor prevent Deathproof and they will not have Defense Up on start.


Nonetheless, their defensive potential is second only to Gamma considering available options (when we speak about their potential allies and other WAR defense synergies). They are better for Offense obviously but they will be important even for those players whose main goal is to maximize their WAR defense.

From this perspective, Iron Man [Zombie] will be Scopely’s bulls-eye. I can’t recall that improving only 1 character had brought us so many benefits. However, I should not jump to conclusions before the Undying duo is tested in combat, so consider all this just as a theory craft based on my knowledge of all other characters and abilities. To be honest, I was rarely wrong in my predictions, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am maybe wrong now … Let’s wait and see.