Iliyana Rasputin aka Magik Guide

After a few weeks of turmoil and uncertainty, Marvel Midnight Sons is on the right track again. The release date is set for December 2nd, and we got two highlights in the meantime. 

The Hunter was presented first, but only partial information was given. It was said that Hunter will be fully described in another showcase. I’ve decided to delay the Guide until we get all the information regarding the protagonist. Explaining the main character without knowing her passive and legendary skills is simply not possible. You can expect an article explaining all Hunter Builds as soon as possible.

A few days ago, we got a showcase for another character. This time Iliyana Rasputin aka Magik is presented to us.

Magik is the powerful ruler of Limbo, a demonic dimension. Her abilities draw strength from Darkness, and she manipulates her enemies by controlling their existence inside and outside of Limbo. In Marvel Midnight Sons, Magik will be something between support and damage dealer character. She will control the battle by sending enemies into Limbo and by affecting their positioning.


In the showcase, we couldn’t see all Magik cards, but we could figure out her mechanics and synergies. Let’s see what Magik Cardswe know so far:

  • Limbo Grasp (Skill) – Create a Portal. For the rest of the Mission cause +x damage to enemies knocked back through a portal; Lvl 2 – Create a Portal; Lvl 3 – +2 Redraws
  • Quick Slash (attack) – Knockback. Quick. 
  • Banish (heroic) – Replace an enemy or ally with a Drop until the next turn; Lvl 2 – Replace enemy or ally; Lvl 3 – On redraw, + 1 Heroism
  • Gather (heroic) – Damage and move each enemy in the area toward its center; Lvl 2- Increased Area of Effect; Lvl 3 – 50% Chance to apply 1 Marked.
  • Darkchylde (heroic) – Gain 1 Invulnerability, Taunt all enemies. Exhaust; Lvl 2 -Gain 1 Counter, 


Effects at Magik’s disposal are:

  • Knockback – Sends an enemy flying in your chosen direction
  • Quick – Upon killing a target (K.O.) refunds a Card Play (maximum 1 per ability)
  • Marked – Card play is refunded after killing (K.O.) the target 
  • Counter – Retaliate to everyone who is attacking for 1 Turn
  • Exhaust – Ability cannot be used again during an ongoing combat mission
  • Taunt – Forces enemies to attack this hero
  • Invulnerability – The character is immune to all damage
  • Drop – When an enemy is knocked back into a Drop, they have a chance to be instantly KO’d. The instant KO chance goes up as the enemy’s HP is reduced. Heroes and Supervillains cannot be knocked into Drops


If you choose, The Hunter can improve her relationship with Magik by unlocking her passive ability:

  • Relay I/II – 10/25% Chance to generate a Limbo Portal card after an enemy is knocked back through a Portal

Magik’s passive is actually quite formidable. Having an opportunity to place another Portal on the map gives you a big advantage and increases your strategic opportunities. Being able to change the positions of allies and enemies by using a portal is something that should not be considered lightly. It is actually huge.


When I said earlier that Magik will be something between Support and Damage dealer, I meant on her Portal mechanics. Portals on the battlefield will give you an opportunity to cause considerably higher damage to all members of the team. Also, her ability to draw up large groups of enemies into the cluster is ideal for the AOE abilities of other Heroes.

The two most obvious synergies are with Scarlet Witch and with Spider-Man, but in truth, all other characters can benefit from this ability. Darkchylde’s ability seems totally overpowered. Magik will taunt all enemies into attacking her while she is immune to damage. More importantly, she will retaliate in full strength against everyone which makes this ability ideal for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Magik is not as popular as some other members of Marvel Midnight Sons, but from what we could see, she will be a logical pick for making a team. No other character offers similar versatility of options in combat as she does. The most interesting thing is that it seems that Magik will have special bonuses if The Hunter picks a Darkside ability tree.

All in all, there are a lot of reasons to put Magik as an irreplaceable member of your Midnight Sons team.


In the next week, we will probably get another showcase. at least four more characters need an introduction. It is possible that we get the second Hunter highlight instead, so we can fully learn the importance of the protagonist and find out the best options for her Build. 

I will not be fully optimistic because the release story around Marvel Midnight Sons had its ups and downs the entire time. I am really eager to play this game and share my gaming experience with you. I just hope that the Devs are sharing the same excitement about this game as we (Marvel fans) do.