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Hoarding Tips


General Tips

  • Hoard your ISO-8 Energy Refills and spend them only during Coordinated Assaults.
    Keep in mind, that you can have only 500 Refills max, so check them from time to time, and if you’re close to maxing out use 1-2 Refills. 
  • On a daily basis spend only the ISO-8 Energy that recharged over time, and the 3 free recharges from Daily Objectives. Use it on the ISO-8 Hard Campaign if you need blue ISO, or on normal if you need green ISO.  Prior to the Coordinated Assault, you can Hoard all ISO-8 Energy for a day or more, if you have plenty of Ions and ISO for all classes. 
  • Don’t overspend Gold. The minimum per day is to spend 1.075M to reach Milestone 7 on Golden Opportunity Milestone (50 Power Cores daily as a reward). If you are a newer or returning player, it makes more sense to spend 2,275M Gold, to get all the Milestone III Orb Fragments, which will help you get more Character Shards, Gold and Training Orb Fragments, and more.
    Going above that mark will only bring diminishing returns, but it’s normal to spend more when needed, just don’t spend over 6 Million Gold. 
  • When you reach level 95, if you don’t need Campaign Energy for Events or farming character shards, do not spend Power Cores on refills. Just use the energy that recharges over time and the 3 Refills from the Daily Objectives. (you no longer need to worry about Raid keys since they are automatically generated). 
    Also, save the Campaign Energy Refills for when there are Events that require spending it. Keep in mind, that you can have only 500 Refills max, so check them from time to time, and if you’re close to maxing out use 1-2 Refills.
  • Open Red Star Orbs only when there’s an increased chance for Dark Promotion Credits (you’ll see a “10x” next to the Dark Promotion Icon on the Red Star Orb banner). This is the best way to accumulate Dark Promotion Credits. 
  • Do not open Elite Orbs until a new character has an increased chance for RS. Only then you should start opening Elite Orbs, and as soon as you get at least 4 RS for that character, save the remaining Elite Orbs for the next character. 
  • If everything in your Stark Tech is at max level, hoard Alliance Credits. 
  • Try to have some excess amount of Raid/War/Arena/Cosmic Crucible and Blitz credits. Some events may require it.
    But if you need to spend these credits feel free to do so, usually we get half a week’s notice before these Events start, so you’ll have time to hoard at least some. 

Hoarding Mindset

After the Patch 7.2 hit, the Hoarding Meta changed forever. Nowadays you can’t save your inbox messages, since they get auto-claimed. Blitz and Raid Credits from different Milestones were removed and relocated, ISO-8 Energy from the S.T.R.I.K.E. pass is gone, now you get it daily from the Web Milestones. And most importantly, Gold and Training Orb opening events are no more, they are gone for good.

Hoarding was never intended as a means to play the game, despite it being encouraged by the Events structure. There’s evidence that hoarding made Events harder to complete for non-hoarders since MSF Developers stated that these events had to be specifically tuned in order to account for hoarding. Important to note that players are not at fault here since they were simply trying to maximize their efficiency.


Now we should have a much more leveled playing field. It hasn’t been that long as to ascertain if the Events have become easier because of that change or not. But it looks like they did. In most cases, to reach the necessary Milestones you have to be only moderately active. But we will reserve any official judgment until we had more time and Events.

That said, there are still some tips and tricks that will help you be better prepared. All of them are listed above.



These are general pieces of advice that are meant to help you, you do not need to follow every single tip. You can still progress at a steady pace in MSF without doing anything from the above.
First and foremost you should concentrate on having fun while playing the game. This article will still be here if you ever need it, maybe even with updated Tips. You could also join our Discord and ask as directly if you have any questions.

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