Hoarding Tips


General Tips

  • Spend ISO-8 and buy ISO-8 Refills only during Coordinated Assaults. Otherwise, claim only free refills and don’t spend more than 30 ISo-8 energy daily needed for Daily Objective (if you do not need green ISO-8 materials for upgrading characters, or you are at max level).
  • Hoard Gold always, but do it slowly and with a plan – the best is to spend no more than 1.075M daily to reach Milestone 7 on Golden Opportunity Milestone (50 PC daily as a reward). If you do that for two weeks, you will accumulate more than 14M even though you’ve spent one M+ daily.
  • Intentionally avoid collecting all Raid Rewards for six days in a row. After that, claim only rewards that are about to disappear (6th day). You will always be ready for Raid-based Events.
  • When you reach level 95, if you don’t need Campaign Energy for Events or farming character shards, do not spend PC on refills. Just take all free energy daily and Web free energy rewards (it is enough for all keys Alliance requires from you). 
  • Hoard Gold Orbs unless you need additional gold to reach Milestone 7 in Golden Opportunity.
  • Claim RS Orbs only and only when no characters have an increased chance for RS. It is how you will accumulate Dark Promotion Credits fastest. The drop rate for Dark Promotion Credits increased in that period.
  • Do not open Elite Orbs until a new character has an increased chance for RS. Only then you should start opening Elite Orbs, and as soon as you get at least 4 RS for that character, save the rest of Elite Orbs for the next character. 
  • Never claim Blitz Milestones while the Blitz still lasts. Always claim when Blitz is over and is in the review. 
  • If everything in your Stark Tech is at max level, hoard Alliance Credits. 

Hoarding Mindset

After playing this game for a certain period of time, I concluded that saving some of the rewards I am getting through game modes is a smart way of playing. That way of behavior when we talked about prizes and recourses management is called hoarding. You already know that, but I am guessing that some of you don’t know what, when, and how many rewards you need to save for future benefits. That’s why I am writing this article: to help the community and to make this game easier for all of us.

First of all, I need to say that hoarding is not necessary at all. You can still progress in MSF and be competent in all game modes without hoarding anything. You can still complete all relevant and crucial Milestones related to the weekly and Monthly Events. But with hoarding, some of the Events will become much easier to complete, and specific Milestones only can be reached with that method (if you are a free-to-play player).

Most of the players (I am one of them) do not like Hoarding at all. It can slow your progress sometimes, but in the long run, it is beneficial. It requires discipline from a player, which is not easy for everyone. For example, it would be ideal if you spent 1.075M gold every day. But for a current game standard, that amount of gold is nothing. How many times have you acquired a new character, and the moment you get it, you level up, creating and equipping gear and learning abilities for that character?


Spending gold on recently unlocked characters to make them usable costs a lot – way more than our daily limit. There are other examples as well. It is there where your discipline comes to the test. You have the option to follow our rules and benefit in the long run (it may seem that your current progress will be slower) or you can burn a ton of resources in a short time to your advantage and get instant satisfaction.

As I already said, unlocking critical Event Milestones will be possible without hoarding, but if you start following our instructions and summarize what additional rewards you got after 2-3 months because of hoarding, you will undoubtedly realize that hoarding didn’t limit your progression. On the contrary!

Do not worry; I am not saying that you shouldn’t level up your characters or anything like that. I am just saying that you do it at a slower pace, respecting the rules we previously mentioned. It is hard sometimes, it can be annoying most of the time when you need to wait a few more days to max up your character, knowing that you can do it immediately, but it is beneficial, and when you get used to it – it will become your way of playing this game. 

Of course, sometimes we will have exceptions to our Hoarding rules for the greater good. If reaching some goal requires you to spend a certain amount of gold / Power Cores / other resources, and the reward is good – you will spend it. That’s why we are saving valuable things. To be able to consume them when the time is right. We will get nothing if we only keep them in our inventory.



You do not need to follow every single tip. You should be flexible and wise, thinking ahead of current situations, and seeing what you should save. Let’s take Gold Orbs hoarding example: If you need to spend more gold for upgrading some crucial character, and you want to do it ASAP, and at the same time, you know there are no Gold Orb-related Events in near future – be free to do that. 

We are not saving those resources to have them in our inventory. We are doing this to be able to spend it when spending is most beneficial for us.