Heroes for Dark Dimension

Dark Dimension (DD) is an official end-game content of Marvel Strike Force. Players doing it are in the end game because the requirements for DD are not easy.

Currently, there are 5 Tiers of Dark Dimension, and requirements are gradually increasing. Basically, it means that the initial decision of the DD team is extremely important because reaching the next requirement is a lot easier with already improved characters.

Clearing each Tier of Dark Dimension provides a significant progression boost because it awards players with an enormous number of most-needed resources. Dark Dimension I will ask for Heroes with 6*. After that, you will need characters at T13, T14, T15, and Tier 16. DD mechanic is simply ingenious because as soon as you finish 1 DD Tier you will get enough resources to reach the requirements for the next Tier.

Doctor Doom

Each DD can be cleared twice for rewards and DD II and DD IV award Heroes whose presence will be much welcomed in the second clearing. Those Heroes are Ultron in DD II and Doctor Doom in DD IV.

I strongly suggest that you maximize Doctor Doom as soon as you get him. You could do the same with Ultron (you will not be mistaken) but currently, Ultron is nothing more than a mediocre character so it is questionable should you improve him immediately.

Before deciding what Heroes to maximize, know that starting from DD 3 we need Global, Cosmic, and City characters with requirements achieved for clearing. DD 4 and DD 5 have even more requirements so players will need non-legendary Global, Cosmic, and City heroes and a team made of only Legendary Heroes.

Having all this in mind, it is best to decide which Global, Cosmic, or City Heroes to improve and to use a team made of those same heroes for the first 2 Tiers of Dark Dimension.

Global Heroes


With the introduction of Secret Avengers, they momentarily became mandatory members of all important Global teams. The healing, sustenance, and CC potential of Secret Avengers is unmatched for long fights and Nodes mechanics. Their damage potential is not the best but is more than enough considering that success in DD is measured by the time a team can endure enemies. Since all Secret Avengers are Skill based, you may not be able to simultaneously improve them. In that case, you have plenty of options.


  • Captain America [Sam]
  • Spider-Weaver/Sharon Carter/Maria Hill
  • Agatha Harkness
  • Gambit
  • Doctor Doom

Spider Weaver is simply amazing. She is Mystic though, so it may be hard to improve her at the same time as Agatha Harkness. Nonetheless, you will have to improve both of her for Apocalypse, so they are obvious options for DD5. In case you lack Mystic gear, you can improve Sharon or Maria instead Spider-Weaver. Your battle potential will be similar but keep in mind that it is not necessary to have SA on T16 while Agatha and SPider-Weaver have to be improved at some point.

With the introduction of Unlimited X-Men, Sunfire and Gambit became important options for global Nodes. As long as Sunfire is in the team Gambit will have Offense Up on himself and he will punish enemies passively on every turn. Sunfire is kinda squishy indeed but his damage potential and the fact that he will grant Offense Up to the allies almost indefinitely makes him a priority for improving over other Global characters. Both of them are members of Horseman team so investing in the will pay off for the Sagas.

Doctor Doom is unlocked after clearing DD IV. His presence in the team is crucial for easier clearing especially since his Ultimate is ready more often due to Sam’s ability point distribution. Choosing who will be replaced by Doctor Doom can be a tricky task, but the decision should depend on ongoing synergies.


  • Ghost
  • Sunfire
  • Ema Frost
  • Mister Sinister
  • Sabretooth
  • Wolverine
  • Yo-Yo
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Kate Bishop
  • Echo
  • Baron Zemo

Substitutes for the Global team are found among other synergies within Global trait (Emma Forst/Mister Sinister for example) and among Heroes who are best at passively protecting the team.

Sabretooth and Wolverine together have decent self-healing and offensive potential. Since maximizing Sabretooth is essential for having viable Weapon X synergy, you may exploit that for a decent DD option at the same time. Those 2 mutants are not the most viable option for the Global team, but they can be used successfully, nevertheless.

Choosing Ghost and Yellowjacket to be the main addition to Secret Avengers may seem like an unorthodox decision. In reality, those 2 Heroes are extremely powerful in DD with decent self-preservation. Their damage is high, their cooldowns are fast, and all their abilities are boosted in DD. Most importantly both are Tech, meaning that you can successfully combine them with Skill and Mutant characters without fear that you will lack resources for improving.

Yellowjacket can cause the highest damage against DD’s enemies compared to any other Hero (with his special) and that alone should be enough to invest in him.

Yo-Yo makes all attacks against the team executed under the effect of Offense Down. That literally halves incoming damage but the problem is because that passive ability is not possible if there is another protector (Sam for example). If you wanna use Yo-Yo that is ok but be sure that he is the only protector on the team.

Baron Zemo could be a good option to accompany Secret Avengers since he is a Skill character and will always be under the effect of Offense Up from Sharon.

Echo is another Skill Global that can benefit from Sharon. However, without Young Avengers Echo is almost crippled in her importance to the team, so using her will not provide you with effects available to YA.

Kate Bishop can passively place Blind on enemies, and she is Tech. Along with Echo she could be a viable option for DD if you decide so.

Global Legendary

  • Phoenix
  • Rogue
  • Jubilee
  • Omega Red
  • Morgan Le Fay

After the introduction Rogue became the most important global Legendary for DD along with Omega Red. Her kit is not so special without the rest of Unlimited X-Men in prolonged fights but her stats and self-preservation are second to none. Anyway, deciding to prepare Rogue for DD will never be a mistake.

Omega Red is the best Global Legendary for Dark Dimension. All of his attacks are stealing the percentage of the enemy’s HP which is crucial in fights against enormous HP pools. He is kinda slow but no one causes more damage in Dark Dimension than him (all of his skills are like Yellowjacket special).

Morgan Le Fay is the first Horseman and as such, it is logical that her importance will be great even for DD. She has 2 abilities that cause HP percentage damage. That alone is enough to prioritize her for DD4 and DD5. When we add that she will cripple all Controllers she engages and that her turns will come faster the longer the battle last we can only conclude that she is mandatory for DD. She is not as strong as Omega Red for this segment of the game but she is close.

Red Hulk is literally insane for DD5. Improving him on T16 is the only logical thing to do because you will one-shot all 3 legendary nodes and you need him on T17 because of War and Apocalypse Saga.

Jubilee is kinda useless without Bishop but her ability to blind with basic attacks and extra turns whenever an enemy is killed makes her an interesting choice on some nodes.

1 year ago, improving Phoenix on T16 would seem a logical choice for DD. When she is in Dark Phoenix form her special steal percentage of enemy health which is extremely useful in DD. However, nowadays, it just can’t be justified to improve her for DD… All other Global Legendaries are better options.

Cosmic Heroes


Unlike Global nodes, Cosmic nodes are usually a lot easier and faster for clearing. That’s not because of enemies – it’s the fact that it is possible to assemble a full working synergy between certain Cosmic characters.  Keep in mind though, that DD5 Cosmic nodes proved to be the hardest in the first clearing.


  • Sersi
  • Ikaris
  • Kestrel

Those 3 characters are must-have Cosmic characters. Both Sersi and Ikaris are Mystic which could be a problem but it is of utmost importance that you have both of them ready for DD. Their full potential is only when they are together and both of them have extra bonuses for DD.

Kestrel is another natural choice. She is skill/tech and her kit is simply amazing for any segment of MSF.

Adding 2 more characters to form the best possible synergy is kinda hard because the best options are all Mystic. Strange [Heartless], Deathpool, Silver Surfer … all Mystic characters same as Eternals.

The best course of action at this moment is to add Gamora (skill) and Phyla-Vell (bio).

A cheaper option would be to improve T’Challa and Ravager Stitcher who are both Tech but it is questionable if investing in those 2 is justified in the long run.

When you clear DD5 for the first time, you can maximize Dormammu and put him on the Cosmic team. That would grant you easier clearing in the second run.

All other mentioned options in addition to Eternals and Kestrel, are also viable but in truth, only Strange [Heartless] will be really needed on T16 at this point.


  • Dormammu
  • STrange [Heartless]
  • T’Challa
  • Gamora
  • Nebula
  • Moondragon
  • Phyla-Well
  • Silver Surfer
  • Deathpool
  • Thanos
  • Bishop
  • Longshot
  • Shatterstar
  • Minn-Erva
  • Ravager Stitcher

Substitutes for Cosmic Team are obvious. Thanos alone is nothing out of the ordinary but if he is combined with Ebony Maw, he can help a lot in early DD Tiers.

Longshot and Shatterstar are Mutants with decent synergy. Having a Mutant character in your Cosmic team will speed up the process of assembling the whole team because it will lower the number of needed Skill and Mystic characters.

Bishop is a blaster with Protector properties and his sustenance and damage potential single him out of other options.

Minn-Erva is always a safe Cosmic pick because of her healing and her HP percentage AOE.

Dormammu is the best Hero in the game but he will be available only for the second clearing of DD V.

Cosmic Legendary

  • Ebony Maw
  • Black Bolt
  • Adam Warlock

When we talk about Cosmic Legendary Heros our options are straightforward.

Black Bolt is a crucial addition for early DD Tiers because of his damage and his passive that automatically targets near-death targets.

Ebony Maw offers great sustenance to any team and he is crucial for using Thanos. Adam Warlock CC’s and sustenance can help a lot but honestly, his is not that great unless there are no other Legendary options.

If you are planning upfront, none of those Cosmic legendaries aren’t needed for DD5, so prioritizing them over Global Legendaries is not smart at all in my opinion.

City Heroes


Assembling City Heroes is a simple job for early DD but if you are thinking in front and preparing for DD5 there is only 1 course of action.


  • Ghost Spider
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Shang Chi 
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Cloak

With the introduction of Web Warriors, Symbiots became a secondary option in DD. Ghost-Spider, Original Spider-Man, and Scarlet Spider have an amazing synergy and damage potential. They do not have a self-sustain as Symbiotes but their damage is far greater. Dagger and Cloak are obvious additions. Those 2 characters have amazing healing and utility skills when together. However, both are Mystic same as Spiders who are Bio and share identical uniques.

The easiest and safest way is to invest in Chang Chi who is Skill character. That is justified because his damage is unparalleled and he will be more than useful in Raids, AW Defense ( not so recently), and DD. The Mystic character should be Cloak. His ultimate has a long CD but it will essentially influence the course of battles.

Unfortunately, you will have to prepare 3 Bio characters for the best available potential. There are Tech and Mutant City characters but using them will drastically slow your progress. In other words, it is better to wait and improve 3 Bio characters than assemble a faster set-up with other tags, because in the end, you will be slower overall.

Ghost Spider is the obvious pick. Her damage is best and she can spread all negative effects with her ultimate. In synergy with Cloak, Gwen is simply amazing.

Scarlet Spider is a better pick than Original Spider in my opinion. He has a higher Base HP and his ultimate is powerful AOE.

For the last Bio character, I picked Squirrel Girl. The first reason is that her unique item is not the same as Spiders. The second reason is that her healing and cleansing are amazing and they will be ready at every third turn. All in all, having Squirrel Girl in the team, basically grants you one-shots of City nodes.


  • Original Spider
  • Spider-Punk
  • Dagger
  • Spider-Man [Symbiote]
  • Carnage
  • Anti-Venom
  • White Tiger+Moon Knight
  • Punisher
  • Mercenary Lieutenant

It’s important to say that some other Heroes can be used on City, but the effect will not be as great.

The remaining WWs can be used as primary options. It is just not smart to use the whole team because of resource costs. If all WWs have met requirements it is best to use them as a team obviously.

Symbiotes were the primary option for City Nodes before the introduction of Web Warriors. Their main strength is amazing Drain abilities and additional turns upon killing an enemy. You can use them with immense success in DD3 and DD4 but for DD5 they seriously lack DPS.

White Tiger and Moon Knight combined (they are Mystic Hero characters) also have a synergy cumulative with Dagger + Cloak but unfortunately, their squishiness is just too high.

Punisher increases the damage against all villain targets which can be crucial on some nodes but there is no effortless way to keep him alive for more than a few turns.

And in the end, Mercenary Lieutenant is extremely cheap for upgrading and he offers a lot with his buffs. He is also extremely squishy and mostly useless on higher DD Tiers (he can make a difference on some occasions though – Symbiotes lacks damage so his Offense Up can be crucial).

City Legendary

  • Doctor Octopus

There is only 1 City Legendary and currently, it is not mandatory that he is fully maximized.

Doctor Octopus offers great sustenance and has decent damage potential. His presence in any squad will be important. He may not be the first pick in late Legendary Nodes but most players will use him with success in previous challenges.


Assembling teams for Dark Dimension won’t be an easy job. However, if you follow our instructions, you will avoid a situation where you spend resources on the Hero that cannot successfully help you. That could be the difference between quitting and continuing playing.

We hope you won’t have any difficulties unlocking all the goodies DD has to offer. 

Good luck!