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Ghost Rider’s build guide



Robbie Reyes is the last incarnation of the dreadful Spirit of Vengeance. His predecessor Johny Blaze is in possession of the torn page of Darkhold that can prevent the prophecy or at least Midnight Suns believe so.

Robie Reyes is working hard to assure everyone around him that he is worthy of the task given to him. He is an original member of the Midnight Suns, and he will form a small club of inventors with Peter Parker and Tony Stark. Eventually, those 3 will find a common tong and invest some crucial tools in the fight against Lilith. Their work progression will be stalled by their mutual quarrels and Tony Stark’s ego but in the end, Tony will see the reason and finally become a member of the team instead of being an annoying and spoiled rich individual.

In combat, Ghost Rider has unique mechanics. His damage output is higher but that comes with the cost of HP or cards in your hand. With every KO, Ghost Rider will fill his soul matter. On the maximum, he will automatically draw a specialized card that will be improved with each additional KO. Additionally, his HP will be passively increased which will cause his damage to be also increased.

Robbie Reyes is specialized for fighting against the spawn of Hell and he will challenge Mephisto himself at one point (with the help of others obviously). He is a damage dealer who needs a lot of Heroism and a healer to compensate for his constant loss of Health.


Best Build


  • Lash
  • Retribution
mms ghost rider cards lash
mms ghost rider cards retribution


  • Hellmouth
  • Immolate
mms ghost rider cards hellmouth
mms ghost rider cards immolate


  • Drain Soul
  • Hell Ride
  • Hell’s Fury
  • Penance Star/Judgement (if a legendary Card is not unlocked)
mms ghost rider cards drain soul
mms ghost rider cards hell ride
mms ghost rider cards hells fury
mms ghost rider cards penance stare

Skill Cards

Ghost Rider has 3 different skill cards. None of those are essential for him to be effective because it is not his job to support others or to generate Heroism. However, in my opinion, he should equip 2 Skill cards.

“Hellmouth” generates 2 Heroism and creates a Drop with an increased chance to KO enemies for 2 turns. When upgraded it will buff Ghost Rider with Strengthened. I decided to suggest using this card because of its upgrade. Since Ghost Rider is capable of causing enormous damage, it is only logical to provide him with an Offense Bonus. In short, if you have enough Heroism to execute some of the powerful abilities, you should first use upgraded “Hellmouth” to double the effects. In addition, you will also get a Drop which could instantly eliminate enemies with full health if you are lucky. If you are not lucky, you will lose nothing, on the contrary.

“Straight to Hell” grants 2 Heroism and replaces Ghost Rider with a Drop until the next turn. When upgraded it will grant him moderate healing. This skill card should be only used for saving Ghost Rider from dying. When he uses this card, Ghost Rider will not be targetable anymore and he will be decently healed for the next turn.

In my opinion, equipping this card is justified only if Ghost Rider doesn’t have a supporting character and he is a part of some forced combination along with another 2 damage dealers. In all other situations, successfully using Ghost Rider means that he is not in imminent danger of dying and that he doesn’t need to be saved.

“Immolate” grants 2 Heroism and makes all enemies KO’d by Ghost Rider explode causing moderate damage to everyone in the vicinity for 2 turns (Ghost Rider and allies will also be affected by the explosion). This card doesn’t seem necessary, but it actually is if you are familiar with Story missions in which Ghost Rider will participate. If you are using Ghost Rider for Side missions, you can feel replace this SKill card with another Attack Card.


Attack Cards

Ghost Rider has only 2 different Attack cards which should be quite enough for having him useful.

“Lash” generates 1 Heroism and grants Forceful Knockback in any direction at the cost of a moderate amount of Ghost Rider’s Health. When upgraded it will also grant Quick meaning that if an enemy is KOd after using this card, Card Play will be refunded. Forceful Knockback in any direction is one of the most useful effects in the game. It will allow you to position enemies wherever you want and will maximize the impact of their collision with another character or object. This comes at the cost of Ghost Rider’s HP which is essential for the potency of his Heroic Cards.

This card needs to be upgraded immediately because it is considerably less useful without Quick, especially since it doesn’t cause any direct damage. If you plan to lose Health with Ghost Rider while using Attack cards, then at least compensate Card plays. Having 1 copy of the improved “Lash” will be enough for Ghost Rider’s efficiency.

“Retribution” generates 1 Heroism, causes heavy damage, and Knockback but at the same time, it discards 1 random card from the hand. If it is upgraded, it fills 2 Souls to the Soul Metter. This Attack card causes the maximum damage compared to the Attack Cards of other Midnight Suns. It can be used to kick enemies into Drop or another character significantly increasing the KO chance.

Unfortunately, it discards a random card from your hand meaning that it shouldn’t be used if you have some important cards that can’t be used immediately. That narrows your options and limits you especially if initial turns where you need to build heroism. Nonetheless, equipping with one improved “Retribution” is the only logical thing to do.


Heroic Cards

Ghost Rider has 5 different Heroic cards at his disposal. It would be no exaggeration to say that he needs all 5, but he will have to be limited to 4 if you want to have all possible options available.

“Drain Soul” costs 1 Heroism, provides 2 Chains and Lifesteal, and causes minimum damage. When upgraded if the damage is focused on the single target, it grants 1 additional Soul as well. This card will be automatically drawn when Soul Metter is full. The first use of the card will grant moderate damage (in total) and moderate healing for Ghost Rider.

However, after the use, the next “Drain Soul” card will be granted with an additional Chain and will cost 1 Heroism more. In short, every use will provide you with the better card in your deck for a higher Heroism price. It is important to say that this card is the only Ghost Rider card that can be used without cost in HP or in other cards, so as the combat continues the value of ” Drain Soul” will gradually rise. Having one ” Darin Soul” in the deck is mandatory!


“Hell Ride” costs 3 Heroism and causes devastating damage against all enemies in the line. Unfortunately, you will have to discard an entire hand after using this card. The damage of “Hell Ride” and its efficiency cannot be compared to any other “normal” Heroic AOE Card. It is literally insane, but it comes with the cost of the entire hand. In some situations, using this card can be really helpful especially because it will discard all cards in hand, but most often you will have to wait before using it. Nonetheless having a “Hell Ride” in your deck is the only alternative for an efficient Ghost Rider.

“Judgement” costs 1 Heroism and consumes 25% of the current Ghost Rider HP to damage an enemy causing 2 damage per each HP used along with everything else in a close range (including Ghost Rider and allies). When upgraded it will damage only enemies. Depending on your Soul Metter and Ghost Rider health, “Judgement” can cause up to 600 damage against a single target for just 1 Heroism. If anyone is near, they will be punished also.

It is sufficient to say that Hero Combo cards cost 4 Heroism and cause up to 500 damage. For this card to reach its full potential, Ghost Rider must be at maximum HP and maximum Souls, otherwise, it would be a waste using it. Until you unlock Ghost Rider’s Legendary card, having this card in the deck is the only logical thing to do.


“Hell’s Fury” costs 1 Heroism and causes huge initial damage. When upgraded the initial damage is increased by 33%. As long as this card is in the hand, every time Ghost Rider receives damage (by an attack or ability), the initial damage will be increased by another 33%. There is no limit to the potential increase of the damage.

Having this card in hand can be really rewarding if you are patient enough but limits you from using any Ghost Rider cards that will discard cards in hand, such as “Hell Ride” or “Retribution” (as soon as the “Hell’s Fury” is discarded it will lose all previous bonus). In my opinion, this card should be in the deck regardless of all possible limitations. In my experience, this card was always a finisher against hard-value targets.

“Penance Star” costs 4 Heroism, fills the Soul Meter, and consumes 50% of Ghost Rider’s Health to cause 4 damage per HP against a single target. After using this card will be Exhausted. This is a legendary card available after beating Ghost Rider’s Challenge. “Penance Star” potentially causes the highest single-target damage in the entire game (higher even than Blade’s Reaper).

Depending on the Ghost Rider’s maximum Health, buffs, and Level, “Penance Star” could cause over 1800 damage for 4 Heroism which is way higher than anything else available in Midnight Suns’ arsenal. It is sufficient to say that without this card, Ghost Rider is not the same character. “Judgment” can be used as an alternative for some time but maximizing Friendship with Ghost Rider should be one of your priorities in the game especially if you are playing on higher difficulties.



Honestly, Ghost Rider is not self-sufficient. You could try with some alternate builds to compensate for his lack of heroism and healing but in practice, he is only as effective as his allies can support his needs.

Having that in mind, 2 characters excel in the supporting role. Doctor Strange and Nico Minoru can generate Heroism and provide Healing at the same time and that is all that Ghost Rider lacks.

It is important to say that Hunter with Light builds can also be really helpful, allowing Ghost Rider to be paired additionally with Spider-Man or Magik who can benefit from Ghost Rider’s Drop and increased KO chance.

In my experience, all other members of the Midnight Suns including Scarlet Witch are simply not in synergy with Robbie Reyes.



Improving your relationship with Ghost Rider will unlock his passive ability:

  • Soul Collector I – filling Souls Metter will fill up Ghost Rider’s health by 15% (twice per battle)
  • Soul Collector II – the number of Souls required to fill the Souls meter is reduced by 1

As you can see Ghost Rider’s passive is crucial for his usefulness and the offensive potential of “Judgement” and “Penance Star”. His maximum Health can be increased by 30% in total but to do that you will have to focus on all trash mobs with Ghost Rider because he will need 6 KOs before filling the Soul Metter for the second time. Bearing in mind that his kit doesn’t allow him to equip a lot of Attack cards it will be always tricky to do what is needed. Ghost Rider grants a lot, but he will need your constant dedication, focus, and strategy to reach his potential.



Robbie Reyes grows up through your struggle against Lilith. From a boy fascinated by his idols and unaware of his potential he will become a Hero worthy to be called “Spirit of Vengeance”.

He will learn from Johny Blaze’s sacrifice to reach the opportunity to avenge him and continue his Legacy. He will also make Tony Stark apologize, which is a heroic feature in itself.

In the end, Robbie and his Hell Ride will become probably the most dangerous tool of the Midnight Suns.