Famine Scourge – full mechanics and how to prepare


Famine Scourge is ahead of us! On July 6th at midnight (UTC) the Event for unlocking Rogue will begin.

As you already know Rogue is the second Apocalypse horseman and her importance should at least match the importance of Morgan Le Fay. Obviously, unlocking her is mandatory!

Scourge Mechanics

Famine Scourge will be similar (almost identical) to Pestilence Scourge in many ways. The Event mechanics is the same, and you will need the same number of points to unlock Rogue. The only difference is that 5 Scourges are changed along with team requirements for nodes.

We already talked about requirements for Nodes 5 and 10 in our first “Famine Scourge” article, so now we will focus on other things courses are buffs and debuffs that can be turned on to affect your team and the enemy team in the way that the enemy team is an advantage. Depending on the effect, a single Scourge grants additional points to your overall score.

Points from different Scourges are cumulative meaning that the more Scourges you turn on the more points you will earn in the end. As you can see the mechanic is identical to Pestilence Scourge but with a few adjustments.


Scourge List

I will now list all Scourges, so you can have a clear picture of what should you expect.

  • Experimental Serum I – Enemies Gain +10% Max Health
  • Dark Resolve I – On Enemy Death, Remaining Enemies Gain Defense Up
  • Experimental Serum II – Enemies Gain +20% Max Health
  • Gloating – When Any Player Character Dies, Enemies Gain 2 Ability Energy
  • Power Syphon I – Enemies Gain +5% Drain
  • Devil’s Bargain II – When A Player Character Gains Ability Energy, They Gain Defense Down
  • Not So Fast … – When A Player Character Gains Ability Energy, Apply Slow To Them
  • Gloves Off – On Enemy Turn, Steal 5% Health From Lowest Health Player Character
  • Power Fatigue I – Player Character Special Abilities Cost 1 More Ability Energy
  • Too Clever – When A Player Character Uses Their Special, They Gain Ability Block
  • Poisoned Energy II – When A Player Character Gains Ability Energy, Apply Defense Down For +1 Turn er Ability Energy Gained
  • Pyrrhic Victory – When A Player Character Blocks, Apply Stun To Them
  • Unkillable – When An Enemy Drops Below 50% Health, They Gain Deathproof
  • Blinded by Power – When A Player Character Uses Their Ultimate, They Gain Blind
  • Strong Opener – On Spawn, Enemies Gain Immunity
  • Weakened – Player Character Healing Is Reduced By 20%
  • Dark Rally – When A Player Character Uses Their Ultimate Ability, All Enemies Gain 1 Ability Energy
  • Power Fatigue II – Player Character Ultimate Abilities Cost 1 More Ability Energy
  • Bleeder I – When A Player Character Takes Damage, They Gain Bleed
  • Experimental Serum IV – Enemies Gain 40% Max Health
  • Off Balance – When A Player Character Gains Offense Up Or Defense Up Apply Heal Block To Them
  • Power Syphon II – Enemies Gain +20% Drain
  • The End is Near – When A Player Character’s Health Drops Below 50% Max Health, Apply Trauma To Them
  • Vile Resurgence – On Enemy Turn, They Gain Offense Up
  • Going Rogue – When A Positive Effect Is Applied To Enemies, Increase The Duration Of All Positive Effects On That Enemy By 1, Up To A Max Of 3. When A Negative Effect Is Applied To Player Character, Increase The Duration Of All Negative Effects On That Character By 1, Up To Max Of 3
  • Speed Bost – On Spawn, Fill Speed Bar For All Enemies By +100%
  • Stay Down – On A Player Character’s Turn, Remove Revive Once From That Character

To unlock Rogue, you’ll need 425 k points so I can freely conclude that clearing Difficulty 4 with all Scourges turned on, will be enough to get the job done!

For higher results and more Rogue shards, you will need to do higher difficulties and combine Scourges in the best feasible way. To help you we will announce the Scourge Tier List, once the Event is on (we need to see Nodes first before we can make an accurate list for Famine Scourge).



As we mentioned earlier, Nodes 5 and 10 on higher difficulties will require Inhuman/YA/A-Force characters. To be fully prepared for the rest of the Nodes it is important to understand what other Traits you will require.

Here is the full list of what you should expect (this list is data-mined, and it is not officially confirmed yet.

NodesDiff 1Diff 2Diff 3Diff 4Diff 5+
Node 1—–—–—–CityCity
Node 2—–CityCityCityCity
Node 3—–—–—–MutantMutant
Node 4—–MutantMutantMutantMutant
Node 5—–—–—–HeroInhuman / A-Force / Young Avenger
Node 6—–—–—–VillainVillain
Node 7—–VillainVillainVillainVillain
Node 8—–—–—–CosmicCosmic Mystic
Node 9—–CosmicCosmicCosmic MysticCosmic Mystic
Node 10—–—–—–HeroInhuman / A-Force / Young Avenger
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City Nodes

City Nodes should be easiest for everyone. You’ll have Symbiots, and Web Warriors alongside Dagger and Cloak, and H4H at your disposal. Assembling a powerful team with significant self-preserve and immunity to available Scourges should not be a problem for anyone. 


Mutant Nodes

Mutant Nodes could be tricky since Famine Scourge is not a Raid so you will not have the full benefits of the Jubilee/Bishop/Beast trio. Nevertheless, you can combine those 3 with numerous characters to get a powerful combination.

Don’t forget that you recently unlocked Gambit which is truly awesome for all MSF features.

Villain Nodes

Villain Nodes doesn’t offer many combinations for continuous fighting and HP preservation but as long as you have Doctor Doom and Morgan Le Fay you shouldn’t be worried about those nodes. Just combine those two with Thanos/Ebony Maw duo and add the fifth member of your choice and you are good to go.

If you have strong Dr. Strange [Heartless] and Agatha Harkness you will be able to assemble an even more powerful combo and avoid leading Thanos (he could be a liability if you wanna use Scourges that punish accumulation of Ability Energy).


Cosmic Mystic

Cosmic Mystic nodes will be the easiest for you if your Sersi and Ikaris are fully prepared. Unfortunately, those Nodes could be extremely tricky if you turn on Scourges like “Not so fast…”, “Devil Bargain II”, and “Poisoned Energy II” because Thanos and Deathpool will constantly provide Ability Energy.

Making a Cosmic Mystic team without Thanos and Deathpool is possible, but that team will be far less potent and deadly.



We cannot fully guide you through Famine Scourge before we gain experience from the Event itself. When that happens, we will give you advice and hints on how to make the best possible score.

Until then prepare your toons for what lies ahead. It may seem that there are too many options in front of you but honestly, there are only a few acceptable combinations available. With my help, unlocking the Rogue will be the easiest thing in the world. Trust me 🙂