Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange



Creators: Stan Lee; Steve Ditko

First appearances (Comics):

  • Strange Tales #110, April 1963

Death (Earth-616):

  • Death of Doctor Strange #5, January 2022

Other media appearances:

In the MCU, Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange. We heard of Dr. Strange for the first time in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). He made a debut in the 2016 Doctor Strange film.



Doctor Strange was in MSF from the game release. For a brief period, he had some uses, but he was mostly useless before the introduction of Supernaturals. Even then his importance wasn’t even near to his real importance in Marvel Universe. To fix that Scopely has introduced a new version of Doctor Strange whose origin is outside Earth 616. In MSF Evil Strange is more powerful than Earth 616 Strange which is nonsense.

Both of them have some connections with Comic Lore. Transmutation power is represented in Doctor Strange’s (Original) skill to flip positive effects on enemies and Evil Strange’s skill to steal those effects. Also, Evil Strange can actually Conjure Demons with his ultimate which is in correlation with his actual powers.

It is important to mention that Doctor Strange (Original) can summon the Book of Vishanti to revive fallen allies. However, since the Book of Vishanti should be the ultimate power of Mystic Arts and a natural counter to Darkhold, its importance is definitely not shown in the game.


Other than this, both Stranges in the game have almost ordinary MSF abilities that cannot be related to Comic lore. Knowing the real importance of Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe, the best I can say at this moment is that he is truly underrated in Marvel Strike Force.


Dr. Strange is a powerful sorcerer tasked with keeping Earth safe. Take a look below to see some of his abilities:

  • Infinite Longevity/Fearlessness
  • Energy Blasts
  • Mystic Bolts
  • Astral Projection
  • Banishment
  • Conjuring of Objects
  • Transmutation
  • Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation
  • Flight
  • Dimensional Travel…


Stephen Strange was born in November 1930 to Eugene and Beverly Strange while they were on a vacation in Philadephia. In 1932 his sister, Donna, was born. They were living on a family farm in Nebraska.

Karl Mordo, an apprentice sorcerer to the Ancient One, knew that Strange was to become the next Sorcerer Supreme. He was annoyed and jealous and sent various demons on young Strange from his eighth year until becoming of age. Eventually, the Ancient One, Mordo’s master, saved Strange.

Around a year after his “troubles” began, Stephen’s brother, Victor, was born. At eleven years old, Stephen was able to help his injured sister. The event put a clear path and interest in medicine for young Stephen.


Strange attended New York College as a pre-med student. When he was nineteen years old, Stephen spent a vacation at home with his family. It was his birthday. During swimming with his sister, Donna suffered a cramp. Stephen looked everywhere around. Once he found her, it was too late. This event left a huge mark on Stephen. His medical idealism got shattered, and he felt a personal failure.

Stephen finished college in record time and got his medical degree. He received a five year residency with the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Talented as he was, he quickly progressed. His success made him arrogant as well. His interest in patients often ended with the mention of bills.

The turning point in his life was around 1963. Stephen had a terrible car accident, Dr. Nicodemus West saved Strange, but there was not much help for the nerves in his arms. They were severely damaged. Stephen’s carrier was over. He was too proud to accept a consultant position and his riches quickly dwindled due to his search for alternative healing methods.


The move to the East

During his quest for healing, Stephen heard about the mystical Ancient One. He pawned his last possessions and bought a ticket to the East. Strange managed to locate his “target” in Tibet. Strange was disappointed when the Ancient One refused to heal him, though he received and offer to be thought of mysticism. Stephen refused and was ready to leave but found himself stuck in the palace because of a sudden blizzard.

While he was a guest of the Ancient One, Strange saw Baron Mordo attack his master in secrecy. The Ancient one dispelled the attacks with ease. Mordo figured out that Strange would tell the Ancient One what he saw and put a spell on Stephen, preventing him from doing so.

This event initiated a change of heart in Strange, and he accepted the offer of the mystical sorcerer. The Ancient One dispelled Mordo’s spell and explained to Strange that he knew about Mordo’s attacks, but he decided to keep his apprentice close, hoping he would change.


The Ancient One had planned to make Strange his successor for a long time. Stephen’s potential was enormous. Strange learned magic with the Ancient One for seven years and returned to the USA in the 1970s. He became a mystic consultant and established his Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, New York.

Wong, a member of the bloodline that served the Ancient One for centuries, became Strange’s servant, but most importantly, a friend.

A superhero with a heavy task

In the beginning, Dr. Strange did not meddle too much in the events around him. His focus was on the battle against Nightmare and Baron Mordo. However, Loki managed to pull him into the conflict and manipulate Dr. Strange to attack Thor. Stephen managed to find out about Loki’s treachery.


Spider-Man helped Strange save several people from the mystical dimension during his battles with Mordo. Strange was impressed with the courage and heroism of Spider-Man and considered him a friend. Throughout the years, these two would team up several times.

Dormammu. Ruler of the Dark Dimension felt that the Ancient One’s strength was declining and threatened to invade Earth-Realm. He sent his messenger first. The Ancient One knew that the threat had to be dealt with and sent Dr. Strange to the Dark Dimension to fight the enemy.

While in the Dark Dimension, Strange was approached by Clea, a novice mystic, Umar’s daughter. Umar was Dormammu’s sister. Clea was afraid that if Dormammu was defeated and no longer a ruler of the Dark Dimension, it would be torn apart by the Mindless Ones. Due to her concerns, she tried to stop the duel, but her attempts were in vain.


Dormammu easily defeated Strange but lost just enough energy during the fight to enable the invasion of the Mindless Ones. Strange lent Dormammu his powers to create a new barrier. Dormammu was furious because of his weakness and had to honor Dr. Strange. Stephen bargained for the safety of himself, Earth-Realm, and beautiful Clea.

That would be it for now. Let us check out the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of our favorite Doctor.


In MCU, Stephen’s early life is similar to his life in the Earth-616 dimension. Donna, his only sibling in this dimension, died. Because of her death, Strange decided to become a doctor.


His car accident is part of this universe too. After surviving the crash, he went on a search to heal his damaged arm nerves.

Eventually, Strange found a letter from his physical therapist. This letter contained information about Jonathan Pangborn. Jonathan was a paraplegic who regained the ability to walk again. Strange found out his location and approached him while Jonathan was playing basketball with his friends. Pangborn looked well and fit.

Even though Strange declined Pangborn as a patient, Jonathan decided to help Stephen. He spoke about the way he got healed and directed Strange to Kamar-Taj and the Ancient One.

Strange used his last money and went to Nepal.


Kamar-Taj and the Battle of the Mirror Dimension

In this version of events, the Ancient One is a female. Strange managed to find her in Kathmandu. She explained to Stephen how Jonathan Pangborn got healed through his spirit. Strange was furious and said that it was a waste of his time. He spent the last of his money in vain. He could see through the Ancient One’s lies.

The Ancient One pushed Stephen’s astral form out of his body, and Strange experienced the Astral Dimension for the first time. The Ancient One sent him on a journey through different dimensions and universes until he finally returned to his body. He was stunned and begged the Ancient One to teach him.

Earth-199999 brings us an interesting plot. The Ancient one was offended by his words of disrespect and refused to teach Stephen. Because he showed disrespect, the Ancient One expelled him from the temple. Luckily, Mordo managed to persuade her to give Strange a second chance.


Strange went through intensive training to be ready for the incoming challenges.

During the Battle of the Mirror Dimension, the Ancient One lost the fight against Kaecilius. Strange rushed her to the Metro-General Hospital. The Ancient One left her physical form and talked with Strange in the Astral Dimension. She confessed of using the power from the Dark Dimension. She hated it but had to do it to ensure the protection of the world. The Ancient One hinted that Strange would have to bend the rules in the future, as she did.

In this version, Mordo is not Strange’s enemy at the start. He left Strange once he found out that the Ancient One drained the power from the Dark Dimension and that Stephen was doing it too. Mordo decided to cleanse the world from all of the rogue sorcerers.


Protector of the New York Sanctum

Kaecilius murdered Daniel Drumm and left New York Sanctum without a protector. Strange had to take this new role. However, he realized that he was not ready and worthy of wielding the Eye of Agamotto. Stephen decided to return it to Kamar-Taj. Wong, his servant, but most importantly a friend, agreed with Strange. Overusing an Infinity Stone would be dangerous.

After the duel with Dormammu, Strange created a list of extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings who posed a threat to the Earth. Unsurprisingly, Loki was on the list. At the time, Odin was brought to Earth and decided to stay instead of returning to Asgard.

Once Thor realized that Loki was only pretending to be Odin, he took his brother to Earth. We witnessed an interesting interaction with Thor, Loki, and Dr. Strange in the movie: Thor Ragnarok.


In Infinity War, Dr. Strange was looking for a way to win against Thanos. Strange looked through fourteen million six hundred and five possible outcomes. There was only one outcome where the forces of good came on top against a powerful enemy.

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Basic information

  • Real name: Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Origin: Philadelphia, Pensylvania
  • Occupation: Sorcerer, Doctor previously
  • Height: 6’2’’
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hair: Black