Cosmic Crucible – Defensive Setup


Choosing a defensive team for Cosmic Crucible is not an easy task. We get Victory Points depending on the speed of clearing enemies in Offense and your remaining Health. This practically means the best teams should be left for Offense and that you should pick your Defense from the teams that remain.

Basically, you have to leave 6-7 teams that can beat any Defensive option (depending on CC Season). Then you need to pick the best Defensive setups for each Stage from the rest of your roster.

In my opinion, the only viable strategy for Cosmic Crucible is to make sure that you can beat any enemy setup as fast as possible and without casualties. In other words, if there is a team that can be beaten only by a duplicate team depending on stage rules, you should leave that team for offense.

Emphasizing Defense in front of Offense is ultimately wrong in my opinion, but the teams I will propose for Defense will be chosen according to their strength in Defense.

I’ll give you my Defense Teams suggestions for every Stage, but before that, I will show you what I am using in the ongoing Season.

Important – with every new Season or new Update, this page will be updated accordingly with the current defensive META.

Let’s begin!


Cosmic Crucible Best Weekly Defense

Over time it became obvious that we need a list of the best possible CC Set Up for the current Meta. That is because Marvel Church, all players, and all Content Creators continuously look for new and better options on how to maximize their Defensive capabilities while having enough Offensive options to answer all possible threats. That is why I realized that my defensive Set Up is not always the strongest one regardless of the fact that my logic is accurate. That is why from now on you will be able to see the list of Teams per Stages that have the highest defensive potential if we presume that they are fully maximized.

March 2023 – Third Week Best CC Defense:

  • Stage 1 – Underworld
  • Stage 2 – Infinity Watch
  • Stage 3 – Brawn, Abomination, Hulk (Fortifier), Red Hulk, She-Hulk
  • Stage 4 – Bishop, Kitty Pride, Iceman, Jubilee, Beast
  • Stage 5 – Ikaris, Spider Weaver, Apocalypse, Spider-Man (2099), Sersi
  • Stage 6 – Black Panther, Shuri, Black Panther (1mm), Okoye, M’Baku

With this Defensive setup, your offensive options are:

Uxmen can counter:

  • All Teams and all Stages
  • Stage 4 Uxmen (50% chances of win – only if MoE is not Available)

MoE/MoE+Dormammu can counter:

  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 6

Darkhold/Dormhold can counter:

  • Stage 6 (avoid any Punch-Up)
  • Stage 4 (only without Uxmen)
  • Gamma (at least 20 % Punch Down)
  • Deathseed
  • Infinity Watch (Hard Counter)
  • all other possible teams

Deathseed can counter:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3 (Without TW or Gamma)
  • Stage 4 (Without Uxmen)

New Warriors+1/New Warriors+2 (Undying, Dormammu, Doctor Doom…) can counter:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • TW (only with Firestar but outside Stage 5)
  • Rebirth

Rebirth and Underworld can counter:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3 (Without TW and Gamma)
  • Stage 4 (without Uxmen; only Rebirth, do not use Underworld against Axmen)

Skill Raid Team (Kestrel+Shang Chi+SA)

  • Stage 4 (without Uxmen)
  • Bionic Avengers
  • Heroic Asgardian

Weapon X and YA can counter:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • should not counter 8W, Underworld, Rebirth

A-Force+DD and Undying+3 can counter:

  • YA

My Current Setup

I will always tell you what my defensive Setup in the game is, before suggesting viable options for each Stage. Also, I will tell you about my offensive options as well, so you can understand what my strategy is.

This is what my Crucible Defense looks like now on my f2p account:

  • Stage 1 – Young Avengers (770k)
  • Stage 2 – Rebirth (741k)
  • Stage 3 -Gamma(Hulk Fortifier) (977k)
  • Stage 4 – Jubilee, Cyclops, Magik, Phoenix, Bishop (700k)
  • Stage 5 – Tangled Web + Eternals + Apocalypse (900k)
  • Stage 6 – War Dogs (800k)

Teams that will carry out the Offense are:

  • Darkhold (1140k)
  • Unlimited X-Men (1000k)
  • Death Seed (950k)
  • Doctor Doom & Dormammu + New Warriors (or other variations) (930k+)
  • Infinity Watch (900k)
  • MoE +Apocalypse (700k)
  • New Warriors + (830k)
  • Black Order (750k)
  • Bionic Avengers (718k)
  • Underworld (690k)
  • Weapon X (560k)
  • Emarauders (500k)

Now let us talk about your viable options for each room separately.


Stage 1 & 2


  • On Offense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 10% for all non-MASTERS OF EVIL VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On Defense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 20% for all COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On any COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS Turn, apply Bleed to that character.
  • On Defense, all characters gain +20% Health and +10% Damage.
  • Darkhold characters have -10% Max HP, Resistance, Focus, and Damage.

Defending teams in Room 1 and Room 2 get increased HP and damage. My advice is to set up your teams in Rooms 3-6 before deciding on Rooms 1-2. If you do that your options for the first 2 Rooms will be considerably higher.

Important – all teams suggested for Rooms 3-6 that will remain available after your final decision for those Rooms should be prioritized in Room 1 & Room 2

The remaining options are:


28012023 marvel strike force teams rebirth

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Captain America
  • Winter Soldier
  • Captain Carter
  • Agent Venom
  • U.S. Agent

Young Avengers

31102022 marvel strike force best blitz teams young avengers

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Ms. Marvel
  • Squirrel Girl
  • America Chavez
  • Echo
  • Kate Bishop

Bionic Avengers

26102022 marvel strike force best teams bionic avengers

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Hulkbuster
  • Viv Vision
  • Iron Man
  • Vision
  • Deathlok

Hero Asgardian

31102022 marvel strike force best blitz teams hero asgardian

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Mighty Thor
  • Valkyrie
  • Thor
  • Heimdall
  • Sif


31102022 marvel strike force best blitz teams underworld

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Kingpin
  • Nobu
  • TMister Negative
  • Green Goblin
  • Taskmaster


In Stage 1&2, players usually put their best remaining defensive setups. You can literally pick any team from your roster and put it here.

In Season 2, Cosmic Villain Mystics will be at a great disadvantage. This is the list of all Cosmic Villain Mystics:

  • Dormammu
  • Ebony Maw
  • Hela
  • Loki
  • Mordo
  • Ronan the Accuser
  • Strange [Heartless]
  • Thanos
  • Ultimus
  • Yondu

Putting any of those characters in Defense will lower your defending capabilities. Even though their nerf in this Season is not fatal, it is better to not use them, obviously.

Those 5 teams will represent the highest threat to enemy players. They can be easily beaten, but all other acceptable alternatives are simply worse. You can try putting META teams or Horseman teams in those 2 rooms trying to get the best possible defense, but in that case your attacking options will be crippled.

Having all this in mind, I must say that Rebirth proved to be an excellent choice for Stages 1 or 2. It is not that they are hard to beat, it is that beating them will require Hard Counter (Tangled Web, Uxmen, Horsemen) to achieve victory fast. In all other matchups, they will lower your point bonus in general score significantly due to the fact that they have probably the best self-sustain in the game.

Underworld is also a very good team for CC Defense. Their (lower) power may trick opponents and bring you some unexpected points. However, Underworld is one of the few teams that fit Stage 5 beside Tangled Web, so you may want to use them there.


Stage 3

Stage effect:

  • On Defense, any FORTIFER that uses an Ultimate Ability spreads all Positive Effects to Adjacent Allies.
  • On any STRIKER’S turn, Barrier that character for +5% of that character’s Max Health Barrier and flip Offense Down

Global effects:

  • On Offense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 10% for all non-MASTERS OF EVIL VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On Defense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 20% for all COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On any COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS Turn, apply Bleed to that character.
  • On Defense, all characters gain +20% Health and +10% Damage.
  • Darkhold characters have -10% Max HP, Resistance, Focus, and Damage.

This room does not boost certain teams or characters. It boosts 2 different ISO-8 classes allowing you to assemble some really scary combinations. For doing that, you will need the knowledge of characters’ passive buffs and buffs gained when using ultimate abilities. Basically, you will have the same bonuses as in War and Death Scourge, when you pick “Butterfly Effect” and “Unstoppable Force” scourges.

The possible options are unlimited, and the Developers’ goal is to force you to improve Fortifier and Striker ISO-8 class for use only in this CC Season. My goal is to propose to you the best viable team defenses that will not require a big investment. In other words, I will propose only justified team combinations (in my opinion, obviously).


Take a look at my suggestions for Room 3.

GAMMA (Hulk Fortifier)

26102022 marvel strike force best teams gamma team 1

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Brawn (Striker)
  • Abomination (Skirmisher)
  • Hulk (Fortifier)
  • Red Hulk (Striker)
  • She-Hulk (Striker)

Skill team + Baron Zemo

marvel strike force teams secret avengers+kestrel+zemo cc 19012023 (1)

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Kestrel (Striker)
  • Shang Chi (Striker)
  • Sam Wilson (Fortifier)
  • Baron Zemo (Fortifier)
  • Sharon Carter (Skirmisher/Striker)

Eternals (both Fortifier) + Tangled Web (all Striker)

marvel strike force teams tangled web + eternals 19012023 (1)

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Spider-Man [Noir] (Striker)
  • Sersi (Fortifier)
  • Spider Weaver (Striker)
  • Ikaris (Fortifier)
  • Spider-Man (2099) (Striker)


As I said earlier, there will be a lot more combinations as time passes, because options are limitless as long as you have enough ISO-8 materials for changing Classes.

It proved that Gamma is the best option for this room. They cant benefit much from the Room Fortifer effect but considering Offensive options and the fact that Gamma cannot grant you fast victories when attacking it might be best to use them defensively. At least, they will link some important Offensive set-up on them

The other teams that I’ve proposed will grant you some results and the investment should not be expensive (many players have already Fortifier on Sam and Zemo because of the recent War Scourge). Putting Fortifier on Eternals may seem fully unorthodox, but just think about it – who else can have more buffs on self when using ultimate, and who else can use ultimate in the first turn with a Speed high enough to play before most of the other characters?

Skill Team+Zemo was the only solution to reach maximized results in War Scourge and clear Nodes 8 and 9 with all scourges activated. That means that a lot of players will have a fully prepared team for this room without investment. Most importantly, in Season 2, there is a high chance that many players will leave their Eternals in Defense, which will make this team an even higher threat than they would be otherwise. This would be my first defensive option for this Room but I realized that Skill Team can beat many CC defenses faster than Gamma, so I decided to put Gamma there.

However, even though Eternals+Tangled Web in this room seemed totally unbeatable before the 7.0 update, updated effects for Stage 5 simply deny any reason to use this synergy here. They are strong in Stage 3, but they are a lot stronger in Stage 5. Also, if they are not on Stage 5 and don’t have Immunity at the start they will be easily countered by New Warriors who were reworked and boosted after the last update, as well.

I thought that there will be a lot of interesting combinations and ideas for this Room, but people simply decided not to complicate things and to use proven Defenses regardless of the Stage 3 effect. Hopefully, some new teams that will be introduced in the future will have more benefits for Season 2 Stage 3 effects, so we can maximize the defense in this Room according to the possibilities


Stage 4

Stage Effect:

  • On Spawn, HERO MUTANTS gain Revive Once and Immunity.

Global Effects:

  • On Offense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 10% for all non-MASTERS OF EVIL VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On Defense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 20% for all COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On any COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS Turn, apply Bleed to that character.
  • On Defense, all characters gain +20% Health and +10% Damage.
  • Darkhold characters have -10% Max HP, Resistance, Focus, and Damage.

Room 4 in Season 4 will give you only a few options for choosing a proper Defense. Obviously, only Hero Mutants are acceptable in this room, but you will have to decide either to use Uxmen in Defense or to leave them for Offense. It will be no easy choice, trust me.

Below are the teams that can fit in the new Room 4.

Unlimited X-Men

31102022 marvel strike force best blitz teams unlimited x men

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Fantomex
  • Rogue
  • Gambit
  • Sunfire
  • Dazzler

Astonishing X-Men

31102022 marvel strike force best blitz teams astonishing x men

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Bishop
  • Iceman
  • Jubilee
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Beast

X-Factor+Kestrel/Silver Surfer

31102022 marvel strike force best blitz teams xfactor kestrel

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Kestrel
  • Multiple Man
  • Longshot
  • Shatterstar
  • Polaris

Uncanny X-Men

26102022 marvel strike force best teams uncanny xmen

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Storm
  • Cyclops
  • Magik
  • Phoenix
  • Colossus


26102022 marvel strike force best teams xforce

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Cabal
  • Deadpool
  • Domino
  • Negasonic
  • X-23


Hero Mutants will get immunity and Revive Once at the start of the battle. That will give a crucial advantage to all teams that I have proposed.

Most importantly, that will remove the only weakness of Unlimited X-Men. With Immunity on start, you will not be able to prevent Rogue from using her special, and that will have an essential influence on the entire Season 2 (or at least until Masters of Evil are not fully assembled and ready to give their contribution against META CC teams).

Not being able to achieve a certain victory against any team in CC totally changes the perspective and trust me you will not know for granted that you will win, even if you use a mirror match. The only safe way of winning will be by brute force meaning that at least your Gambit and Rogue must be stronger than the enemy counterparts. We have Mirror Match Playlist prepared and you will see how to beat Uxmen in a mirror match in the worst circumstances. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to do it without casualties.

Other proposed Hero Mutants are well-known to everyone and will be considerably stronger with those buffs. However, that will not give them a significant advantage against their hard counters – it will just lower the possible punch-up and allow them to cause few kills. Do not misunderstand me, each kill makes a difference in CC and must be calculated when you are choosing your best possible tactics.


Stage 5


  • On Defense, Tangled Web with Stealth +20% Damage,
  • On Defense, Eternals counts as Tangled Web
  • On Defense, Tangled Web on Hit places Bleed
  • On Defense, Eternals + 20% Resistance and Max HP
  • On Defense, if Sersi is an ally Tangled Web gains Revive Once with 50% HP on Spawn
  • On Defense, if Ikaris is an ally Tangled Web Immunity for 2 turns on Spawn
  • On Offense, characters with Bleed have -20% Resistance

Global Effects:

  • On Offense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 10% for all non-MASTERS OF EVIL VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On Defense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 20% for all COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On any COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS Turn, apply Bleed to that character.
  • On Defense, all characters gain +20% Health and +10% Damage.
  • Darkhold characters have -10% Max HP, Resistance, Focus, and Damage.

Effects in Room 5 are updated after the 7.0 update. The fact that Eternals are counted as Tangled Web in this Stage basically forces you to use them as defense, especially since Revive and Immunity are granted only for Defense. However, since Eternals are actually those who can grant you the fastest victory against this defense you will be in a dilemma about what to do. Let’s see the possible options for the best Stage 5 Defense:

Let’s see our suggestion according to the current rules:

tangled Web + Eternals + Apocalypse

26102022 marvel strike force best teams tangled web sinister 6 symbiotes copy

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Spider-Man (2099)
  • Sersi
  • Apocalypse
  • Ikaris
  • Spider Weaver

Tangled Web+Eternals

marvel strike force teams tangled web + eternals 19012023 (1)

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Spider-Man [Noir]
  • Sersi
  • Spider Weaver
  • Ikaris
  • Spider-Man (2099)

tangled Web + Eternals + Emma

marvel strike force eternals and tangled web meta arena 30102022 1

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Spider-Man (2099)
  • Sersi
  • Emma Frost
  • Ikaris
  • Spider Weaver

Tangled Web + Red Guardian/Kingpin + Dormammu/Doctor Doom

31012023 marvel strike force teams tangled web + red guardian + doctor doom

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Red Guardian
  • Spider-Man (2099)
  • Spider Weaver
  • Spider-Man [Noir]
  • Doctor Doom


Putting Eternals and TW in Stage 5 after the 7.0 update will be the obvious decision for most of the players. Stage effects undoubtedly suggest the team who will grant you the highest chance of Victory or advantage in points but there are a few important facts that you should know.

Apocalypse seems to be a hard counter for this room if you use him in Offense. However, his 100% Accuracy Increase to everyone is not active in Cosmic Crucible. That means that if you use Apocalypse against TW you will miss like with most of the other characters (contrary to War and Arena). However, if you put Apocalypse in Defense instead of [Noir] (who is already perceived as “useless”), you will totally negate the threat of being countered by Unlimited X-Men (they will not have Safeguard and Ikaris will flip all their buffs on start).

Having that in mind it is important to say that the new character Firestar gives +50% accuracy to all New Warriors (who are boosted for CC Offense) and that we will probably get another New Warrior in the next update. That suggests that they should have a kit to counter this room. They can counter TW even now and even without Firestar but not in Stage 5, because of Immunity on start that is available on all TW+Eternals.

Outside of Uxmen, the only team that can counter this room is MoE, so there will also be an option to put Emma Frost instead of [Noir]. If that is the case, Titania will not play first and MoE will be unable to prevent Weaver from using her ultimate, after which everything will be over. The easy way to counter Eternals+TW+Emma in stage 5 is to put Emma alongside MoE instead of Moonstone. However, if you do that, you will not be able to add Dormammu to the MoE team, who is essential for keeping Absorbing Man alive enough for all those who have him on 3 or 4*. Without Absorbing Man, MoE will be an easy target for defenders of this room, so keeping him alive is of utmost importance. Obviously, players who have Absorbing Man fully maximized will don’t need Dormamu and will not have problems countering Emma.

Uxmen and MoE are actually not the only ones who can currently counter this Stage. Players who decide to not put Eternals in defense will have the option to use them against this room. As a matter of fact, if you combine Eternals with existing New Warriors you will have a 50% chance to clean Stage 5 Defenses in the first turn of combat which will grant you the highest amount of points from the turn-bonus. Obviously, if Emma is in defense, Eternals will need Emma in Offense as well, but as long as rebalanced New Warrior team is not fully complete (I believe they will be the hard counter for current Stage 5), having Eternals in the Offense will grant you the most options to successfully clear all possible Defenses with your set-up Offense. You will have a tough choice to decide what is best to do, especially since you can’t see what is best from understanding your opponent’s attacks on your Defense.

I must say though, that underestimating SM [Noir] usefulness in Cosmic Crucible is not a smart thing. Players who will use full TW+Eternals will have Weaver’s Speed Bar and ABility energy filled after every attacker’s turn. That will make TW+Eternals completely immune against Infinity Watch and Baron Zemo combinations because it will not be possible to control Weaver, trying to prevent her from entering an “endless Charges loop”.

If you decide to leave Eternals for Offense, the best way to maximize the defensive potential of the Tangled Web is to try to prevent targeting Spider Weaver at the start. The only possible way to do that is to add a character who spawns with Taunt. At this moment only Drax and Red Guardian have that ability. Absorbing Man will have it also when he joins the roster. By doing that, you will make it impossible for Uxmen or 8W to control Spider Weaver and prevent her from doing her thing. At the same time, Doctor Doom will be unopposed in building his Ultimate that will decide the battle in the end. The only way to counter this setup is to use custom teams with Baron Zemo or to have Tangled Web in the offense. The only other possibility is to give Skirmisher to Nebula and Gamora in 8W and remove the taunt with their initial attacks before Weaver can play (you can’t do this with Uxmen because Weaver will get charges before you are able to make a second attack). This is on a long leash, especially since you will still lack options to prevent DD from using his ultimate.


Stage 6


  • On Defense, WAKANDAN characters gain +60% Max Health, Focus, Resistance, and Damage.
  • On Defense, on Turn, WAKANDAN characters clear all negative effects on self and gain Speed Up.
  • On Defense, WAKANDAN characters clear Revive Once on each successful attack.
  • On Defense, WAKANDAN characters with Speed Up, gain +20% Speed.
  • On Defense, WAKANDAN characters with Bleed, Offense Down, Trauma, or Disrupted gain +50% Speed
  • .On Defense, MYSTIC WAKANDAN characters (Black Panther, Black Panther (1mm), M’Baku) gain Revive Once with 30% Max HP, on Spawn.
  • On Offense, non-TECH characters clear Charged at the end of the turn. If Charged is removed, apply Defense Down to all player characters.

Global Effects:

  • On Offense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 10% for all non-MASTERS OF EVIL VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On Defense, reduce Speed and Resistance by 20% for all COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS.
  • On any COSMIC VILLAIN MYSTICS Turn, apply Bleed to that character.
  • On Defense, all characters gain +20% Health and +10% Damage.
  • Darkhold characters have -10% Max HP, Resistance, Focus, and Damage.

The effects in this Room do not give you many options. This Room is made with only one purpose – to force you to build War Dogs or improve Original Wakanda. The Boost given to Wakanda is so great, considering that they are already specialized for CC, that any other option is simply not good enough.

Also, the last effect will force you to build the Masters of Evil team just for dealing with this room 😉

War Dogs

31102022 marvel strike force best blitz teams wardogs

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • Black Panther (1mm)
  • Okoye
  • Black Panther
  • Nakia
  • Shuri

Wakanda Original

26102022 marvel strike force best teams wakanda

Characters in the image (left to right):

  • M’Backu
  • Killmonger
  • Black Panther
  • Okoye
  • Shuri


Stage 6 effects are also boosted with the 7.0 Update – BP, BP (1mm), and M’Baku got Revive Once. Besides that, Darkhold’s main stats are reduced by 10% so the most used counter for this Room will be even in a harder position to grant points and victory for that matter. Most importantly, Eternals will be needed in Stage 5 Defenses or will be the best option to counter current Stage 5 Defense, so using them with Echo and Kestrel to easily beat this Stage will no longer be an easy option.

Due to this new effect for Mystic Wakanda, it may seem that assembling a Wakanda team with all 3 Mystics (alongside Shuri and Okoye) is the best and only viable option. However, I don’t think so. I think that BP(1mm)-Nakia synergy is a lot more effective than losing Nakia in favor of M’Baku so he can be Revived after he is killed. Also, M’Baku and Killmonger have mutual synergy, so from my perspective, there are only 2 options for Stage 6 – War Dogs and Original Wakanda. The importance of Nakia is in her damage output because all who are experienced with dealing with Stage 6 in Season 2 know very well that it is Nakia who is responsible for the crucial killings that will lead to victory. On the other side, neither Nakia nor BP (1mm) has additional bonuses in CC, so it is better to use Killmonger if the power of your M’Backu forces you to use him.

Everything else regarding this room stays the same as before so I will leave the previous text.

First and for all, all Wakanda characters will gain a 60% increase in main stats. Without any other improvements, this increase will give them a double advantage compared to the advantage Hero mutants had in the last season. Trust me, only this makes things impossible already, especially against those who have Wakanda or War Dogs over 1 million power.

More importantly, they will be almost immune to negative effects in addition to the Immunity they have at the start. If you survive their initial burst or flip their buffs (with Eternals for example) when they come at turn all those negative effects will vanish and they will get boosted Speed (they will get +70% Speed instead of +50%) as a reward.

This doesn’t mean that you should not put debuffs on them though. You should try to maximize your damage against them before they can play and prolong their turns for sure, but that will not last as normal. In other words, you must carefully pick targets that can be eliminated while you have time – after that, you will be probably doomed.

Also, if you plan to attack them with characters who can be Revived (such as Infinity Watch, for example, who were War Dogs/Wakanda justified counter in CC before), think twice because they will not be revived.

Obviously, Trauma will be a hard counter against Wakanda but even if you try using teams or characters that can place Trauma in CC, its effect will last half as long because the affected character will get +50% Speed.


There is a debate about who is better for Cosmic Crucible – War Dogs or Original Wakanda. In my opinion, the answer is simple. Even though Original Wakanda has greater sustain and greater damage in prolonged battles, the amount of damage War Dogs will deliver on an unfortunate opponent in this Season is simply overwhelming. If you could control War Dogs with those stats and advantages, you wouldn’t lose a single battle regardless of the opponent.

Fortunately, they will be controlled by AI, which always gives you a chance for victory even against all odds.

Do not forget that all non-tech characters will not be able to accumulate Charges and that having charges in Offense grants immediate Defense Down on the entire attacking team in this room. In other words, Gamma will be useless.

Also, Deathseed will not be able to cripple them with initial Blind or any of their debuffs due to Wakanda’s Immunity and the passive effects of Room 6.

That will leave you with only Uxmen, MoE, Eternals+Echo+Kestrel (Echo prevents Okoye from assisting), and Infinity Watch (insane punch-down). Tangled Web will be useless because Charges (check above about this) and mirror matches will not have any of the advantages available for defenders.

Now, if you use any of the possible counters for Wakanda in Room 6, what you will do with Rooms 3 and 5 if the best Defense is set?

I would say that you should get used to the fact that achieving all 6 Victories in Cosmic Crucible is no longer a granted standard 😉



With every Season we will get new effects. This page will be always up to date!

Stay assured that I’ll update this post as soon as something changes. If you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will share everything worth sharing.

I hope my experience helped you to overcome your Cosmic Crucible dilemmas. Until next time, enjoy the marvel Strike Force, and may the RNGod be with you!