Best teams for Famine Scourge and Tier List

We had several Articles (Famine Scourge – the best team for Nodes 5 and 10Famine Scourge – fully revealed) to prepare you for Famine Scourge. All those Articles were based on Theory Craft and were indeed helpful for preparation. However, we can be completely accurate only when we experience the feature ourselves.

Famine Scourge may have identical mechanics to Pestilence Scourge but, those 2 Events don’t have many similar points. 

Pestilence Event

In Pestilence Event, you could simply unlock Morgan Le Fay without using specific teams on nodes 5 and 10. By turning on all Scourges on Level 4 you could earn enough points for unlocking the first Horseman. Unfortunately, in Famine Scourge you can’t do that.

If you turn on all Scourges on Dif 4 in the Pestilence Event, you won’t be able to pass through the first mission easily. You can do it, but you’ll have problems especially because you’ll have team restrictions like higher difficulties. Therefore, it is contra-productive, and it is waste of time trying to do that since you can earn more points on higher difficulties without any Scourges at all. Also, unlike in Pestilence Event (Web-Warriors), players were informed on time so everyone could assemble a decent team out of YA/A-Force/Inhuman characters. 


In our previous Articles, we made suggestions about the best picks for each team requirement not knowing the enemies and Node mechanics. Today we can without doubt accurately pin out the best team for each Node.

City Nodes

marvel strike force teams city nodes 30092022 1 copyright

Characters on image (left to right):

  • Squirrel Girl
  • Spider-Man Symbiote
  • Shang Chi
  • Carnage
  • Anti Venom

Considering that Squirrel Girl is the crucial character for nodes 5 and 10 it is natural to predict that everyone will have her fully maximized for this Event. More importantly, she is the only usable City Character that can cleanse therefore using her seems mandatory even though it brings the risk of not having her fully prepared for Node 5.

Shang Chi is the best City damage dealer who has self-healing with his special so his place in the team is also natural.

The last three spots are open for discussion. The main reason I’ve chosen the core of Symbiots team is because of their Draining ability and additional turns gained by Carnage. Many people will have their reasons to prioritize New Heroes, Web Warriors, or Dark-Hunters instead Symbiots, but only Symbiots offer enough self-preservation for the final assessment.

This team, if it is stronger than 700k, can grant you an easy clean of the first two nodes on Difficulty 8 with T1 Scourges turned on.

Mutant Nodes

marvel strike force teams mutant nodes 30092022 1 copyright

Characters on image (left to right):

  • Bishop
  • Mister Sinister
  • Emma Forst
  • Omega Red
  • Jubilee

Ok, this is the team that proved to be capable of clearing nodes on the highest Difficulties without any problems or need for replacement.

If Emma Forst and Mister Sinister have Healer ISO-8 you are good to go. Bishop/Jubilee synergy is well known. As long you don’t use Beast with them you can be sure you’ll place Blind on their every turn (Jubilee will always assist Bishop but she must have Skirmisher ISO-8 for full effectiveness). I am fairly sure that most players have those four characters fully improved.

5th Character should be Omega Red for two reasons – he will passively lower all the damage from enemies and his debuffs can be placed often due to the low CD of his abilities.

This team 650k + can easily pass Difficulty 8 with T1 Scourges.

Some people may think that using Beast is logical along with Bishop and Jubilee but if you chose him, you can’t expect Jubilee to always assist Bishop and place Blind. If you pick Beast nevertheless, then you should add Silver Samurai to the team as well.

Jubilee, Bishop, Silver Samurai, Omega Red, and Beast are making a formidable synergy, but my proposition is better and safer.

Villain Nodes

marvel strike force teams villain nodes 30092022 1 copyright

Characters on image (left to right):

  • Omega Red
  • Doctor Strange [Heartless]
  • Doctor Doom
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Agatha Harkness

This team is quite capable of clearing Villain nodes even if you don’t have all characters fully maximized.

Darkhold trio will grant you easy gliding through both nodes and allow you to turn on a lot of Scourges. Doctor Doom and Omega Red are obvious picks because of their versatility and adaptability to most situations. Most importantly this Team setup allows you to turn on all Scourges that punish batteries (accumulation of Ability Energy).

The team with Thanos and Ebony Maw would probably grant you a much easier experience but the difference in points from mentioned Scourges is significant. With the proposed team (650k+) you’ll be able to turn on all T1 and T2 Scourges on Dif 8 and expect easy clearing.

Be sure that all members of the Darkhold have Skirmisher ISO-8.

Mystic Cosmic Nodes

marvel strike force teams mystic cosmic nodes 30092022 (1) copyright

Characters on image (left to right):

  • Ikaris
  • Ebony Maw
  • Silver Surfer
  • Adam Warlock
  • Sersi

This is not the strongest Mystic Cosmic team obviously, but it allows using Scourges that affect Ability Energy generation. If you want safe clearing of Dif 8+ without scourges you’ll assemble Ikaris, Thanos, Ebony Maw, Deathpool, and Sersi but with that team, you’ll be limited on score due to previously mentioned reasons.

However, if you are chasing a better score you have to pick Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock. Nodes will be somewhat more difficult and slower but Ikaris and Sersi will do the job. If you don’t have those 2 – well, good luck. 🙂

The proposed team (650k+) can easily pass-through Nodes 8 and 9 with all T1 and T2 Scourges. Be sure to have Skirmiser ISO-8 on Adam Warlock and Healer ISO-8 on Ebony Maw.

Nodes 5 and 10

marvel strike force teams famine scourge nodes 5 and 10 30092022 1 copyright

Characters on image (left to right):

  • Yo-Yo
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Kate Bishop
  • Echo
  • Ms. Marvel

I have proposed some combined teams in my previous article about those nodes and how those teams can be usable. Especially the Brawler team (SG, MM, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Yo-Yo). However, the truth is that only Young Avengers full synergy can lead you to success and only if you help them by replacing America Chavez with Yo-Yo.

Nodes 5 and 10 are really hard. Node 10 in particular. It is unlikely that having two different teams will help you because SG is mandatory in any team combination. Therefore, maximizing Kate Bishop and Echo should be your priority if you didn’t do it already.

In my opinion, trying to partially improve A-Force for helping will be a waste of resources – you should focus only on Kate and Echo trying to bring them as high as possible. Having those 2 girls with MM and SG even though they are below 70k is better than having Black Bolt + Captain Marvel (or any other duo for that matter) on 150k+. 

Even if your YA + Yo-Yo are good enough you will probably need to send a kamikaze team on Node 10 due to Ikaris who will initiate the fight with Offense Up and his Ulti.

If your Squirrel Girl is above 130k and the rest of the team grants strength of at least 600k you will be able to finish both nodes with T1 Scourges. Keep in mind that sending kamikaze teams on any Node will lower your overall score so avoid that if you can.

Scourge Tier List

For the final Score, it will be essential to choose the right Scourges. The decision will depend on many aspects so you must be really careful when deciding what Scourges to turn on. Picked scourges will affect all nodes and all teams, so before deciding, pick teams for all nodes and check how they will be affected with results. This is not an easy task and requires you to have knowledge of almost all skills for selected characters if you want to avoid futile attempts. To help you in this endeavor, I will list all Scourges in 3 Tiers – T1, T2, and T3.

  •  T1 Scourges will affect your progress the least and their activation should not make your job much harder.
  • T2 Scourges depend on the situation and can be either very easy or extremely hard. Activating some of those Scourges will make the final difference.
  • T3 Scourges are ridiculous and should be avoided in most cases. You should use them only on Difficulties much lesser than your overall strength.

T1 Scourges

1 Experimental Serum I
Enemies gain 10% Max Health
5 Experimental Serum II
Enemies gain 20% Max Health
7 Gloating
When Any Player Character Dies, Enemies Gain 2 Ability Energy
10 Unkillable
When an Enemy drops below 50% Health, they gain Deathproof
17 Dark Rally
When a Player Character uses their ultimate, all enemies gain 1 Ability Energy
20 Experimental Serum IV
Enemies gain +40% Max Health
10 Gloves Off
On enemy turn, steal 5% Health from the lowest Health player character
20 Power Syphon
Enemies gain +5% Drain

T2 Scourges

3 Not So Fast…
When a Player Character Gains Ability Energy, Apply Slow to Them
5 Dark Resolve I
On Ally Death, Enemies gain Defense Up
7 Devils Bargain II
When a Player Character Gains Ability Energy, they gain Defense Down
10 Strong Opener
On Spawn, Enemies gain Immunity
10 Weakened
Player Character Healing is reduced by 20%
12 Bleeder
When a Player Character takes Damage, they gain Bleed
12 Poisoned Energy II
When a Player Character Gains Ability Energy, apply Defense Down for +1 turn per ability energy gained
12 Pyrrhic Victory
When a Player Blocks, apply Stun to them
15 The End is Near
When a Players Character’s Health drops below 50% Max Health, Apply Trauma to Them
5 Power Syphon II
Enemies gain +20% Drain
20 Off-Balance
When a player character gains Offense Up or Defense Up, gain Heal Block

T3 Scourges

15 Blinded by Power
When a Player Character uses their Ultimate, they gain Blind
17 Power Fatigue I
Player Character Ultimate Abilities cost 1 more ability energy
20 Power Fatigue II
Player Character Special Abilities cost 1 More Ability Energy
20 Too Clever
When a Player Character uses their special, they gain Ability Block
23 Vile Resurgence
On Enemy Turn, They Gain Offense Up
30 Going Rogue
When a positive effect is applied to Enemies, increase the duration of all positive effects on that enemy by 1, up to a Max of 3. When a negative effect is applied to a player character, increase the duration of all negative effects on that player character by 1, up to a Max of 3
30 Speed Boost
+100 Speed Bar to Enemy Team on spawn


I certainly hope that this will be helpful for you. There are 10 more days left in the Event and we will learn a lot of new information through our experience.

The only way to acquire new knowledge is to practice – I will practice a lot so you can have the most accurate and worthwhile information. All you need to do is relax and visit the page before the end of Famine Scourge. The information you will find here will lead your score to the maximum. 😉