Prepare for Raids – starting teams


Building a Raid team as a new player, the most important thing is to find the right combination that will have at least one Hero who can preserve the Health of other Team members through multiple Raid Nodes.

Doing Raids is mandatory because Raid rewards grant Ability materials (needed for improving Skills) at first and various Hero Shards and resources later. Without Raids, progress is impossible.

Raids can only be done with the help of the Alliance. This means that playing without Alliance is impossible. Knowing all this leads us to the conclusion that assembling an initial Raid team is as important as assembling Arena or Campaign teams.


ISO-8 class

There are several heroes available at the start that makes Raids easier. Those Heroes are usually Supports that offer constant healing but even without them, it is possible to build a team capable of doing the job – the secret is in the ISO-8 class placement.

ISO-8 makes a whole difference and offers various successful strategies as long as a player is focusing on certain Heroes only for Raid duties. Unfortunately, fresh players are overwhelmed with farming options and if they do not carefully plan a progression, they could have difficulties being properly prepared for both PVE and PVP.

My suggestion is simple – do not overthink and use the best available free synergy at your disposal.


Gamora and Nebula

These two Heroes together have increased survivability, maximum possible initial damage, and permanent assists. Most importantly Gamora is immune to Def Down while Nebula is most of the time under the effect of Evade.

Ok, those are two heroes capable of living through several Nodes. Let’s find their allies.

The obvious choice for the healer is Mantis.


She is easily farmed through Blitz, and she provides decent healing in the initial Raids. She is not as useful as Minn-Erva, but Minn-Erva can be farmed only through War Supplies, and I somehow doubt that Minn-Erva will be the primary option in War Store for fresh players.

The natural addition for those three heroes is Rocket Raccoon and Groot.


Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Rocket Raccoon and Groot together have decent Raid Synergy – Rocket Raccoon is probably the best initial AOE damage dealer who passively buffs allies with offense Up. Groot is a mix of Tank, Buffer, and Healer who passively slows everyone who attacks him and who increases Rocket’s damage output.

All those Heroes except Nebula are Guardians who are additionally protected by Mantis in Raids. Placing ISO-8 healer on Mantis and Groot gives enough healing for the first 5 Ultimus Raids and the first 2 Levels of each Greek Raid.


During the Mid-game, there is one Raid team capable of fulfilling all required tasks. That team is the mixture of permanent Ability Energy distribution, healing, and constant AOE.

As soon as Minn-Erva and Thanos are available new players should assemble the so-called “Cosmic Team I”.


Cosmic Team I

Minn-Erva + Thanos + Rocket Raccoon + Star Lord + Groot (in that order)

This team can Clear Ultimus 6.

Ultimus 7

For Ultimus 7, higher Difficulty Greek Raids and Doom Raids, players will have to assemble specialized Raid teams and decide which Heroes will be improved to the required ISO-8 level.

Raid teams and Heroes who should be prioritized in farming are:

  • Symbiots (Spider-Man [Symbiote], Carnage, Anti-Venom)
  • Astonishing X-Man (Jubilee, Bishop, Beast)
  • New Warriors (Deathpool, Dagger, Cloak)
  • Kestrel
  • Silver Surfer
  • Thanos + Ebony Maw
  • Black Bolt + Yo-Yo
  • Invisible Woman

As you can see, it is not mandatory to have the entire roster unlocked to successfully participate in Raids. Progress carefully and with a plan, and only time is between you and the end-game.