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Prepare for Challenges



For veteran players, Challenges features are easy, but fresh players will struggle before having all Challenges on farm. Challenges do not offer many resources per attempt but the combined amount over time makes the difference between fast and slow progression.

That is why it is important to assemble appropriate teams as soon as possible and try to unlock as many Challenges as possible.

There are 6 Normal Challenges and 6 ISO-8 Challenges.


Normal Challenges

There are 6 Normal Challenges:

  • Orb Fragments (14 Tiers) – Global Heroes
  • Gold Rush (14 Tiers) – City Heroes
  • Training Day (14 Tiers) – Cosmic Heroes
  • Ability Enhancements (14 Tiers) – Controller/Protector Heroes
  • Medical Supply Run (14 Tiers) – Brawler/Support Heroes
  • Catalyst of Change (12 Tiers) – Blaster Heroes

Orb Fragments

Orb Fragment Challenge awards players with Basic, Premium, and Red Star Orb Fragments. It is open on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday and requires Global Heroes (Tier 9 and higher).


Depending on progression and farming new players can use available global Heroes on early Tiers but for Tiers 10-14 they will need a premade team.

At the moment the optimal Global team made of Heroes available from permanent farming spots should be assembled from:

  • Captain America (Sam Wilson)
  • Sharon Carter
  • Maria Hill
  • Baron Zemo / (Mister Sinister if Emma Frost is available)
  • Scarlet Witch / (Emma Frost if Mister Sinister is available)

Gold Rush

Gold Rush Challenge awards players with a fixed Gold amount and Gold Orb Fragments. It is open on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Only City Characters are allowed in this challenge (Tier 9 and higher). This means that new players will most probably use Defenders First but unfortunately stronger options will be needed later.

Optimal Heroes for easy clearing are:

  • Spider-Man [Symbiote]
  • Carnage
  • Venom (Moon Knight if Anti-Venom is not available)
  • Scream
  • Anti-Venom (White Tiger if Moon Knight is in a team)

Training Day

Training Day Challenge awards players with Training Modules (L1-L4). It is open on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. Starting from Tier 9 players will need Cosmic heroes for this Challenge.

Assembling an appropriate Cosmic team will be the easiest thing because there are a lot of decent options and Gamora is a game-changer now.

An optimal Cosmic team made of Heroes that can be easily farmed is:

  • Gamora
  • Nebula
  • Longshot (Thanos if Ebony Maw is in team/ Phyla-Vell)
  • Shatterstar (Ebony Maw if Thanos is in team/ Moondragon)
  • Minn-Erva (Kestrel if available – she should be the first choice as soon as she is unlocked)

Ability Enhancements

Ability Enhancements Challenge awards players with Ability Material (T1-T4). It is open on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Only Controllers and Protectors can be used in this challenge and players will need to carefully assemble a team capable of clearing all nodes.

Optimal Heroes for this Challenge are:

  • Scarlet Witch
  • Captain America [Sam Wilson] (Invisible Woman)
  • Sharon Carter (Mordo if Invisible Woman is in the team)
  • Hela
  • Loki

Medical Supply Run

Medical Supply Run Challenge awards players with Blitz Charges, Raid Health Packs, Dark Health Packs, and Elite 4 Credits. For this Challenge, players can use only Brawlers and Supports which provides a lot of options depending on progress.

Heroes that should be used are:

  • Gamora
  • Nebula
  • Spider-Man [Symbiote]
  • Carnage
  • Anti-Venom/Moondragon

Catalyst of Change

Catalyst of Change Challenge awards players with all kinds of Catalysts (Improved-Superior). For this Challenge, a player will need only Blasters meaning that improving the sustenance of the team should be a priority since Blasters are extremely squishy.

Building Blasters team will look like an impossible task at the start but as the roster is being improved players will have more options. A Blaster team will initially depend on unlocked Blasters but later players will be able to build some usable synergies that are needed for clearing of Blaster Challenge.

We propose 2 Blaster teams.

Initial Blasters:

  • Bishop
  • Falcon
  • Punisher
  • Electro
  • Cable

Optimal Blasters:

  • Kestrel/ Silver Surfer
  • Crystal
  • Bishop
  • Black Bolt
  • Falcon

ISO-8 Challenges

There are 6 ISO-8 Challenges:

  • Original Alchemy (3 Tiers) – 5 Mystic Heroes ISO-8 Level from 3 to 5
  • Original Biofuel (3 Tiers) – 5 Bio Heroes ISO-8 Level from 3 to 5
  • Original Mutagens (3 Tiers) – 5 Mutant Heroes ISO-8 Level from 3 to 5
  • Original Expertise (3 Tiers) – 5 Skill Heroes ISO-8 Level from 3 to 5
  • Original Industry (3 Tiers) – 5 Tech Heroes ISO-8 Level from 3 to 5

These Challenges are mid-game/end-game content and players will have a decent number of choices available at that point, including Legendary Heroes. We will suggest the best synergies for each ISO-8 Challenge, regardless of Heroes’ rarity. We will not suggest Heroes who can be unlocked only in Dark Dimension.

Original Alchemy

Original Alchemy Challenge (Mystic resources, open on Wednesday and Saturday):

  • Ikaris
  • Sersi
  • Silver Surfer
  • Thanos
  • Ebony Maw

Original Biofuel

Original Biofuel Challenge (Bio resources, open on Monday and Saturday):

  • Spider-Man [Symbiote]
  • Venom / Black Bolt / Phyla-Vell
  • Carnage
  • Scream / Yo-Yo (if Black Bolt is on the team)
  • Anti-Venom

Original Mutagens

Original Mutagens (Mutant resources, open on Tuesday and Saturday):

  • Bishop
  • Jubilee
  • Silver Samurai/Emma Frost (if Mister Sinister and Beast are in the team)
  • Sabretooth/Mister Sinister (if Emma Frost and Beast are in the team)
  • Wolverine/Beast (if Mister Sinister and Emma Frost are on the team)

Original Expertise

Original Expertise (Skill resources, open on Thursday and Saturday):

  • Captain America [Sam Wilson]
  • Sharon Carter
  • Maria Hill/Moondragon
  • Gamora
  • Kestrel

Original Industry

Original Industry (Tech Resources, open on Friday and Saturday):

  • Kestrel
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Vision
  • Falcon/Ghost (if Yellow Jacket is in the team)
  • Shocker/Yellow Jacket (if Ghost is in the team)