Arena/Alliance Offense/Blitz List

Arena/Alliance Offense/Blitz list is a list of the best teams used for MSF offensive purposes. Teams are fully described (tap on a name for description) and sorted by quality.

With the introduction of new teams and characters, this list will be updated accordingly.

Arena Meta

msf church current arena 2 meta copyright

Dormammu, Red Hulk, Morgan Le Fay, Spider Weaver, Rogue

The time has come for assembling the Horseman team for Arena. Not only because it is obvious that the new Arena Meta will definitely be 4 Horsemen and Apocalypse but because this team has already proved to have everything needed to dominate.

Red Hulk, Rogue, and MLF together basically have an answer to everyone. Against full Darkhold and Eternals, your MLF will play first due to the fact that your team has fewer Mystic characters than the enemy. Even if Emma is on the other side and you don’t play first, Spider Weaver will make sure that initial enemy attacks miss you. Rogue will incapacitate 1 character at your will, making things a lot easier, while Red Hulk will destroy enemy barriers and possible “Revive Once” buffs if Dormammu is on the other side. The fifth member of this team is Dormammu. Even though his influence and importance diminish with every new Horseman, Dormammu is still someone whose help is the best compared to other alternatives.

It is important to say that if you wanna make sure that your MLF will play first, you can replace Spider Weaver with Emma Frost and you will not lose much. However, when we take all aspects into consideration, Spider Weaver is the better option, especially for Arena Defense.

Keep in mind, though, that Death Horseman will most likely take his place in the Arena Meta when he shows. This means, that you should not insist on maximizing characters in this team who are not Horseman, because the new Meta is just a several weeks away!


marvel church darkhold&dormammu

Wong, Dormammu, Strange [Heartless], Agatha Harkness, Morgan Le Fay

Darkhold is the latest Arena Meta that is fully described in Marvel Church’s “Darkhold – new MSF META” article:

“…I’ve used to make theory crafts about teams that can beat META but at the moment I am pretty sure that the only team that can beat Darkhold is Darkhold with Dormammu (it is questionable should he replace Scarlet Witch or Strange [Heartless]).

Theoretically, there is another combination that can harm them in offense, but I doubt they can endure any punch-up against Dark Hold. Combining Baron Zemo, Emma Frost, Sersi, and Ikaris with Doctor Doom or Dormammu opens possibilities for early control of the battle by preventing Morgan or Agatha to cast their starting skills. However, that doesn’t do anything because Darkhold seems impenetrable – their sustenance is so great compared to other teams. I don’t see how they could be quickly cleared before the time starts working for them.

The longer the battle lasts, Darkhold becomes stronger and stronger. Their turns are increasing exponentially, they are healing injuries and improving Barriers constantly which undoubtedly leads to the imminent failure of their opponents.

All in all, having Dakhold fully improved will be definitely an imperative for all players because alternatives don’t exist…”

Eternals & Morgan Le Fay

marvel church eternal&mlf

Loki, Ikaris, Emma Frost, Sersi, Morgan Le Fay

This is most likely the strongest custom team at the moment. The strength of this team lies in the fact that Morgan and Sersi will always play before enemies. The reason for that is Emma Forst’s passive, which decreases the speed of all enemies by 10%, and Loki’s passive which fills the Speed Bar of all Mystic Controllers (MLF and Sersi). This practically means the Morgan in this team will always place Ability Block and Trauma before enemy Morgan can do the same, preventing all controllers cast their abilities.

In other words, Morgan will do everything necessary to allow Ikaris to freely do his thing. More importantly, Loki will play before Ikaris and will bring one target near death with his ultimate. After that everything will be prepared so that Ikaris can execute his ultimate twice in a row which almost always decides the outcome of a battle.

This team cannot beat Darkhold of equal strength, but they can beat anyone else at this moment.

Gamma Team

marvel church gamma team copyright

The third Horsemen team is extremely powerful. Red Hulk and company will definitely be the strongest WAR option, but their strength will not be much lower outside the War. A close analysis of GAMMA members can be found in the Red Hulk article and GAMMAa article.

In War, they will easily deal with any existing teams, including other Horseman teams and Dormammu’s combination. For the Arena, it is a different story but 1 thing is certain – Red Hulk negates Dormammu’s passive revives.

Eternal Overpower Synergy I


Dormammu, Doctor Doom, Kestrel, Sersi, Ikaris

Sersi and Ikaris form a formidable synergy capable of eliminating almost all existing teams regardless of who their allies are. However, some combinations are obviously stronger than others.

Kestrel is the most versatile Hero in the game in my opinion. He benefits greatly in the team with Ikaris.

Dormammu and Doctor Doom need no explanation and their power is obvious. The only weakness of Doctor Doom is practically nullified with Dormammu in the team because early Ability Block on Doctor Doom has no real effect. He will be revived by Domrammu’s passive, ready to unleash his powerful ultimate.

Silver Surfer has greater synergy with this combo than Kestrel. His Ability Block is helpful on the start of the battle, but Kestrel definitely offers higher damage potential and that’s the reason she is prioritized.

Eternals Overpower Synergy II


Emma Frost, Ikaris, Loki, Sersi, Cable

This team combination provides the best support to the powerful Sersi/Ikari’s combination.

Both Emma Forst and Cable improve the Speed of the entire team making them burst their offensive salvo before the enemy can react.

Using Loki instead Baron Zemo may seem like a wrong decision, but Loki is the hero whose initial burst is not dependent on stats. He will most certainly bring one enemy on half HP which allows Ikaris to kill a target with his ultimate and perform another obliterating AOE at the start of combat.

Additionally, this team is easy to assemble, and all characters will be ready to support Ikaris and Sersi as soon as they are available.

By using this team, you will not make mistakes, for sure!

Unlimited X-Men

msf church unlimited x men

Rogue, Sunfire, Gambit, Dazzler, Fantomex

This team will be the best team for Cosmic Crucible without a doubt but even outside CC, they will perform greatly.

I’ve already made 4 Articles about them where I’ve explained everything important about them and where I pinpointed how great they will be – MSF Rogue – The second Horseman is already riding! Unlimited X-Men and New Wakanda’s true potential, and Sunfire and improved Asgardians

Now, they are fully assembled and ready to roll!

Infinity Watch


Gamora, Moondragon, Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vell, Nebula

The moment it got released, Infinity Watch Team became a new META for almost all segments of the game (including Raid). A team that can successfully play any role is already good enough but a team that is practically the best in any role is game-changing.

At first glance, Infinity Watch is a complete counter to Black Order. Thanos and company are crippled against Adam Warlock’s allies, but honestly, no other team can even touch. Infinity Watch has everything – if they have any weaknesses, those are not visible at first and it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to beat them without a punch up. Even with a punch up only certain combinations will be able to harm them (Darkhold and Sersi/Ikaris teams).

Infinity Watch starts with immunity on all members making Baron Zemo’s offensive combinations useless. Phyla-Vell can clear all debuffs from all allies at the start of combat while Moondragon clears all buffs from all enemies at the same time. Their damage potential with Phyla-Vell (she has the highest base damage in the game), improved Gamora and Nebula is good enough to prevail against anyone.

The difference in strength between them and other teams is just too great. If there is the slightest chance to assemble them in the first rotation don’t save resources – it will pay off several times!

Weapon X


Silver Samurai, Wolverine, Omega Red, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike

Every new Legendary Hero brings a new META team to the play. The same goes for Omega Red.

Weapon X team may seem mediocre outside of Alliance War but in reality, their synergy is quite formidable and capable of dealing with almost anyone even outside AW. In AW Offense they will be your answer to literally any opponent defending the Helicarrier. Only Darkhold and Infinity Watch may pose a threat, but even they are not an impossible task for Weapon X company.

By increasing the damage of his team and decreasing the damage of the enemy team, Omega Red brings totally new power into the game. I have a feeling that only the chosen few will be immune to his insane abilities.

Doctor Doom Meta I


Invisible Woman, Doctor Doom, Black Bolt, Silver Surfer, Kestrel

Unlocking Doctor Doom will be extremely hard for a reason!

Once you have beaten Dark Dimension IV, a wide variety of options open. Doctor Doom’s power will crucially influence the game balance regardless of his team. This happened only once before when Ultron became available through Dark Dimension II. It will happen again when you unlock Dormammu on DD V.

Assembling a team for Doctor Doom may seem difficult. He has synergy with Fantastic Four Heroes only and you definitely don’t want the main damage dealer in your team, besides Doctor Doom, to be Human Torch.

Doctor Doom needs only one Fantastic Four Hero which means that Invisible Woman is the best and only choice. She will place a Barrier on Doombots keeping them alive until Doctor Doom is fully buffed and ready to use his special.

Since Doctor Doom grants a free turn to the ally with the highest damage, Black Bolt is the logical choice. He has insane damage and can be acquired relatively fast.

Kestrel is overpowered in every way. He has amazing synergy with Black Bolt’s ability to make extra strikes against near-dead targets. That’s because of her ability to make extra strikes whenever someone attacks the target with Defense Down.

Silver Surfer on the other hand is also overpowered. He prevents enemies from using abilities and removes Immunity which makes him ideal against full Black Order.

This team has unbelievable damage potential. It can deal with almost all existing premade teams even when all odds are against you.

Doctor Doom Meta II


Baron Zemo, Doctor Doom, Emma Frost, Silver Surfer, Kestrel

This is another variation of synergy between Doctor Doom and two new insanely overpowered Heroes – Kestrel and Silver Surfer.

In this team, there’s no Fantastic Four ally to assemble a natural synergy with Doctor Doom. The presence of Emma Frost and baron Zemo grants the best possible sustenance, utility, and debuffing potential compared to any other existing combination in my opinion.

Emma Frost’s passive Increase of Speed grants Baron Zemo control of the fight by placing Ability Block on the most dangerous target. Also, both Kestrel and Silver Surfer have the slightest Speed advantage which can be crucial on some occasions.

There are other possibilities to have an effective team with Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, and Kestrel. One of the options is to add Hela and Baron Zemo in order to initiate a fight with mass Ability Block on the entire enemy team. The other possibility is to combine Loki and Spider-Man Symbiote with Kestrel. This combo allows your team to always have an extra strike by Kestrel because all enemies will be under Defense Down all the time.

Another obvious option is to use Phoenix with Cyclops who will swarm enemies with Defense Down.

Be creative and exploit Doctor Doom’s versatility. The only thing you should know is that Adam Warlock’s special (or any other hero who can place Ability Block for 2 turns) can be very harmful against Doctor Doom. Be sure to have cleansing ability ready (Emma Frost, Phyla-Vell, Phoenix, Invisible Woman …) at your disposal when using DD.


marvel church underworldteam
marvel. church copyright

The Underworld team will be really powerful in WAR. Outside of it, their power is considerably reduced but still, they will be a sure-to-win team for Blitz.

In War, they will be capable of beating Emarauders, Young Avengers, and even Heroes for hire. This Underworld team is not as strong as Weapon X but they are definitely stronger than A-Force and Dark-Hunters in WAR. Even in Cosmic Crucible, they will be a viable option, especially in Stages that will emphasize City characters. Improving this team will be easy for most veteran players because they will need only to invest in Mister Negativity and they will have them ready.

In short, this team will leave its mark in the game.


marvel church a force

Spider-Woman, Niko Minoru, Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones, Silver Surfer

The A-Force team is described in our “A-Force fully revealed” article:

Without a doubt, A-Force will be a viable Offensive option that will counter some really strong defensive teams like Marauders with Madelyne Pryor and Young Avengers. I am not sure that they will effectively deal with Heroes for Hire, and I am positive that Weapon X will remain the strongest specialized Offensive option.

However, A-Force will bring new importance for Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel along with another certain victory in Alliance War.

Tangled Web

marvel church tangled web copyright

Tangled Web team can be combined with a lot of characters. The strongest combination is to combine them with Eternals obviously but that will rarely be justified considering the current roster. This team is specialized for Cosmic Crucible but even outside it, they can be extremely dangerous due to Spider Weaver’s unique mechanics.

A team where the 3 most important characters start the combat in stealth and which can completely ignore at least 5 enemy turns is definitely a force you can rely on. Since Spider Weaver will be mandatory for the Apocalypse Saga, investing in this team will be a priority. In the end, you will be satisfied, for sure!

Black Order


Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Thanos, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian

The Black Order team is created with just one purpose – to dominate the Arena.

Unlike some other teams where you could replace some weaker members with META Heroes, Black Order needs every member to be fully effective. Only with all four members of the Black Order, Thanos can enter an Empowered state.

The key member of this team is Ebony Maw. His skill-set undermines Phonex’s power when reborn and makes her almost harmless.

Other team members have what it takes to win. They can place almost every debuff, clear negative effects and their damage is devastating when they are all together.

Bionic Avengers

msf church bionic avengers

Hulkbuster, Viv Vision, Iron Man, Vision, Deathlock

Even though Bionic Avengers are significantly less effective outside of Raids, they are still the team where 3 members can open the fight with Ability Block. That alone grants them a high spot on the Offense list.

Their healing, barrier, and Energy generation will be considerably reduced in AW/Blitz/CC but they can still be your answer for a dozen other synergies. Do not hesitate to fully improve them and test them even against fully specialized AW and CC Defense teams. You will be surprised with the results – Who controls abilities, controls the MSF!

Dark-Hunter Team

marvel church darkhuntermordo copyright

Ghost Rider, Doctor Voodoo, Mordo, Morbius, Elsa Bloodstone

The Dark-Hunter team’s main purpose is to counter Heroes4Hire in Alliance War and they are fully capable of doing that.

Morbius places Blind on them at the start of combat. He debuffs them with Trauma and Heal block which nullifies H4H’s main strengths – their initial bursts and their unlimited passive healing.

Having a team to easily deal with the best AW Defense team is great but that is not the only Virtue of Dark-Hunters. Dark-Hunters will provide one certain victory in AW Offense regardless of who is the 5th member.

Mordo has recently got a Dark-Hunter tag along with certain improvements. His Basic is now considerably stronger, he can now always Blind up to 3 enemies with his special in War, while his ultimate reduces the Speed Bar of Blind targets and places Defense Up on all other Dark-Hunters. Honestly, I would be happier if Doctor Strange have received a Dark Hunter tag but it is how it is – from now on Dark-Hunters have all 5 members, and they are power counter vs H4H.

X-Factor & Kestrel


Multiple Man, Polaris, Kestrel, Shatterstar, Longshot

Together, X-Factor Heroes are simply amazing. Their Barriers are almost impenetrable, damage potential is amazing. Polaris’ ability to pull up enemies and prevent them from being buffed is overpowered.

Multiple Man’s unorthodox ways to protect the team are still on trial, but even without him Longshot, Shatterstar, and Polaris can deal with almost anything.

Silver Surfer is a natural addition to this squad since there is no 5th X-Factor member. Silver Surfer has synergy with Cosmic Hero allies (Longshot, Shatterstar). Most importantly Siver Surfer and Polaris together are an unsolvable enigma to anyone who opposes them.

After the introduction of Kestrel, the X-factor team has better synergy with her than Silver Surfer, so I have decided it is best to combine them with her.

Aside from Meta, ordinary teams who counter X-Factor are teams that gain free turns when killing an enemy (Symbiots, Astonishing X-Men). That is because Multiple Man Summons are easy to kill and become a liability instead of an advantage.

Nevertheless, X-Factor and Kestrel are a natural counter for Marauders, Madelyne Pryor, and Emma. A team that easily deals with one of the most powerful defensive options is important, but they can easily prevail against some other teams as well.

Inhuman Improved


Yo-Yo, Black Bolt, Sersi, Ikaris, Crystal

Inhumans were very potent at some point but with the introduction of Mega teams and Mega characters, their usefulness slowly diminished. However, the initial synergy between Yo-Yo, Crystal, and Black Bolt is still exploitable under the right circumstances.

The best addition for them is the Eternal duo, obviously. When Ikaris initiates a fight with his mighty AOE, Black Bolt is crucial for eliminating near-death targets.

The presence of Yo-Yo and Crystal equalizes sustain of Inhuman with Eternals making this a team successful match up against much stronger opponents. It can even compete with many of the teams above them on this list.



Colossus, Cyclops, Storm/Psylocke, Magik, Phoenix

With the introduction of Magik, X-Men become a viable attacking option again. Magik emphasizes chargeable Uncanny X-Men allies (Cyclops, Storm, Magik) at the start of combat increasing their initial burst significantly. Also, she protects Phoenix from Kestrel’s passive allowing her to summon Dark Phoenix, nevertheless.

In this team, I’ve decided to put Psylocke instead Storm. She has synergy with Magik because of Psylocke’s passive that grants Evade to all members. The idea is to increase the sustenance of the team at the cost of Storm’s potential damage and CC. The fact that Cyclops’ ultimate boost by Magik should be enough for gaining a decisive advantage in combat.

The squishiness of the X-Men team against META teams is the main reason for this decision. However, if your X-Men team is maximized, choosing Storm isn’t a mistake.



M’Baku, Killmonger, Black Panther, Okoye, Shuri

After the 6.1 Update, the Wakanda team has become extremely dangerous for both AW Offense and AW Defense. Their base stats are significantly increased, and their abilities are slightly improved but when the effects are calculated combined, we can conclude that new Wakanda is almost META in MSF.

Their strength is even increased in Cosmic Crucible, meaning that having them maximized will become mandatory really soon, if not already.

New Warriors/Inhuman


Yo-Yo, Black Bolt, Deathpool, Cloak, Dagger

The power of New Warriors regardless of game feature is obvious and Dagger/Cloak synergy is undoubtful. Due to their passive synergies, it’s more logical to combine them with Eternals than with Inhumans but some concerns led me to try this combination. Truthfully, a fully maximized Eternal/New Warriors team is definitely stronger.

The main weakness of New Warriors is their sustenance – they are extremely squishy and easy to kill even against less important teams. Placing Domrmammu in their team is the best way to solve this for AW Offense but that puts a limit on assembling other teams for the same purpose. That is why placing Yo-Yo on the team is a simple and elegant solution. With him, on the team, the incoming damage is halved.

Also, Black Bolt and Deathpool form a powerful synergy because of their passives. They activate additional attacks when enemies are near death and after they die.

By assembling this team you’ll gain the maximum advantage of 2 extremely useful Heroes (Black Bolt, Yo-Yo) who are useless with their original set-up.

Astonishing X-Men


Bishop, Kitty Pride, Beast, Iceman, Jubilee

Astonishing X-Men is primarily a Raid team. Aside from Raids, they are also capable of dealing with most other synergy teams except for META teams and Immunity teams.

Jubilee’s passive grants additional turns for all Astonishing allies after killing an enemy. That makes them an ideal option against teams who rely on Summons that can be easily killed (Asgardians, X-Factor, Secret Avengers …).

Some players use this team in Defense but in my opinion, their offensive capabilities and versatility are much more needed in Offense.

Keep in mind that Jubilee/Bishop duo is usable with great success combined with some other partial synergies.

New Warriors/ Secret Avengers


Dagger, Cloak, Sam Wilson, Maria Hill, Sharon Carter

Secret Avengers is primarily a Defensive team, but they can be successfully used in Offense as well.

Sam Wilson and the company have a wide variety of attacking options at their disposal. They are capable of eliminating a high percentage of specifically designed MSF Defense teams.

There are many options as an addition to Secret Avengers synergy, but I’ve decided it is best to combine them with Dagger/Cloak. Dagger&Cloak have insane initial damage and CC burst and with Sam Wilson, they are quite safe from enemy attack.

The damage potential of this team is great, and they can compete with anyone but pure META teams.

Sinister Six 6 & Doctor Octopus


Rhino, Electro, Dr. Octopus, Swarm, Shocker

Doctor Octopus is a legendary Hero who now makes the Sinister Six team a formidable force. They can fight against almost anyone, especially in Alliance War Offense and Blitz.

Doctor Octopus needs Electro and Swarm to reach his full potential and he’ll summon the missing Sinister Six members in combat.

In my opinion, the other two members of the Sinister Six team should be Rhino and Shocker.

Rhino is the only Sinister Six tank. He will improve the sustenance of the entire team and will protect the team against Blind and other negative effects.

Shocker is someone who can place Offense Up to all Sinister Six allies. That can be decisive for the outcome of the battle. The only problem is Electro, she is faster than Shocker so she will need to save her ultimate for the second turn of combat. That can sometimes be problematic against teams with initial buffs.



Spider-Man [Symbiote], Scream, Anti-Venom, Carnage, Venom

Symbiots are primarily a Raid team, but they can be used in Alliance War Offense and Blitz as well.

With the help of Scream, Symbiots don’t have difficulties with Stealth targets and enemy Resistance. They are extremely powerful against teams with a summons.

They are counter to the Asgardians, Doctor Octopus/Sinister Six, X-Factor, Secret Avengers, and Shiled in Alliance War.

Due to their drain abilities, they can beat much stronger teams. Having them as an offensive option is always a good decision.

Hydra Offense


Crossbones, Hydra Grenadier, Winter Soldier, Baron Zemo, Kingpin

With the introduction of Baron Zemo, Crossbones, Winter Soldier and Hydra Grenadier got a new purpose.

Currently, this team needs a fifth member and Kingpin is the best solution for that place. His buffing abilities increase both sustenance and damage fo the team. Also, Kingpin does not have a premade team, therefore, using him will not limit other offensive options.

This Hydra team is especially effective in Alliance War Offense. They will easily deal with Defense teams that contain Minions such as A.I.M., Hydra with Red Skull, Kree, and S.H.I.E.L.D. with Nick Fury and Coulson.

Brotherhood of Mutants


Blob, Pyro, Magneto, Toad, Juggernaut

The power of BoM teams has been known for almost a year now.

After the 3.9 Update Brotherhood of Mutants became much stronger with the introduction of Blob and Toad. They grant additional damage potential and utility. You are now able to play with ease against various teams with more power, which caused big troubles before (stronger S.H.I.E.L.D. teams in AW Defense, some Ultron combinations, etc…).

This team is highly effective against Symbiots and any other team that doesn’t have active cleansing.



Cable, Deadpool, Domino, Negasonic, X-23

X-Force is a specialized AW Offense team. Their main purpose is to counter Mercenary Defense Set UP.

However, this team can be a viable option against some other AW Defense Teams because they are extremely boosted for AW Offense.

They start with mass Offense Up and can control the battle with early Disrupt and Ability Block. Deadpool is unkillable as long as Domino is alive, while others are protected by Evade almost the entire battle.

All in all, this team is capable and worthy.

Power Armor


Ironheart, Rescue, Falcon, War Machine, Iron Man

The Power Armor team was already one of the most potent teams in Offense. The players have the option to decide when to use several powerful AoEs that are otherwise wasted when used by A.I.

With the introduction of Ironheart, this team becomes even more powerful. Another AoE executable under the effect of Offense Up is now available.

Ironheart replaces Vision in all aspects except cleansing. That makes Vision usable in other teams (power and versatility of Vision are welcomed in numerous team combinations). Lack of cleansing, Ironheart makes up for with mass Defense Down which is probably more useful for Power Armor Team and Falcon.



Daredevil, Elektra, White Tiger, Moon Knight, Night Nurse

With the introduction of Moon Night and White Tiger, other members of the Shadowland team have been improved as well.

The healing of Night Nurse is significantly improved, and she is now extremely dangerous and capable of flipping enemys’ positive effects into negative. Also, she receives assistance after she uses non-attacking abilities.

Elektra can now use her ultimate more often and most importantly while she is surrounded by Shadowland allies her reviving chance is an unbelievable 85%.

Daredevil is slightly improved but all his synergies with Defenders are transferred to the Shadowland team as well.

Moon Knight and White Tiger utilize the strength of other members into a relentless force that can prevail against almost anyone, especially in AW Offense where they are additionally boosted.

Skill Military


Black Widow, Yelena Belova, Punisher, Mercenary Soldier, Red Guardian

Red Guardian and Yelena Belova make assembling an interesting Skill MIlitary team. This team can be assembled with Killmonger instead of Black Widow but in my opinion, Killmonger can’t help the team as much as Black Widow can.

This team is a natural counter to all teams that rely on assists such as Young Avengers, Wakandan, and even Mercenary team. The synergy between Yelena Belova and Black Widow is amazing while Red Guardian offers one of the best protections in the game.

Mercenary Soldier in this team can remove positive effects from targets similar to Hawkeye’s special ability. Punisher’s already devastating damage potential is increased. Some content creators think that this team is capable of dealing with Black Order of the same or lower power.

Something you should think about before you decide where to put your resources.

Ultron Team


Drax, Ultron, Captain Marvel, Ultimus, Korath The Pursuer

Ultron’s team is made with just one purpose – to maximize Ultron’s potential and to protect him.

Drax has Taunt at the start making Ultron safe from Ability Block and early nuke. Korath and Captain Marvel duo enables you to assassinate your chosen target before the enemy turns. Ultimus has a natural synergy with non-minion Kree allies.

There are a lot of useful team combinations with Ultron. We chose this one because of Heroes who don’t have any obvious synergy with other Meta teams. That can be essential if you can’t find an appropriate team for Ultron in Alliance War or Blitz.

It is important to say that Ultron is no longer META in any way, so you need to pick opponents carefully. One thing is certain – if your enemy is a random custom team with high power and you don’t want to waste any of your premade synergies on them, picking this team is a safe decision.

Fantastic Four & Namor


Invisible Woman, The Thing, Namor, Mister Fantastic, Human Torch

This team has great attacking potential. All members start with the Offense Up, Namor can clear positive effects on enemies while Invisible Woman provides solid protection and cleansing.

Mister Fantastic is responsible for constant assists making this team dangerous as the Brawler team in that segment. The Thing may seem harmless, but he hits so hard that you will start to like him. Human Torch buffs the entire team and he can deliver enormous AoE damage but unfortunately his ultimate can’t be used before the third turn.

With the introduction of She-Hulk, the Fantastic Four became a viable AW Defense option (definitely more potent than the Offense option). If they are, in some cases, ready for offensive tasks be sure to primaries Namor in front of She-Hulk.



Scarlet Witch, Ghost Rider, Elsa Bloodstone, Doctor Strange, Mordo

The supernatural team is another sure-to-win Blitz team. A particularly useful team for Alliance War and is capable to defeat numerous synergy teams like Asgardians, Kree, Defenders, S.H.I.E.L.D, etc …

This team has no Protector, and it may seem squishy but in reality, they are extremely hard to kill. Ghost Rider punishes everyone who kills his teammate and if he dies, he grants 2 ability energy to all allies. That makes Dr.Strange revive him immediately.

Mordo grants additional energy when someone dies, along with decent healing for a most injured ally. This practically means that you need to kill Dr. Strange first to have any chance to win against Supernaturals. A.I. rarely focuses on Dr. Strange first.

Best of all, Scarlet Witch in full Supernatural team can start the battle by placing Defense Down on all enemies. On top of that, Elsa Bloodstone who is otherwise an average Hero at best becomes a killing machine in this team.

With the introduction of Darkhold and Dark Hunters, Supernaturals are no longer a primary option in any roster, but they will have their purpose until new teams are fully assembled – in both AW and Blitz.

Ravagers & T’Challa


Ravager Bruiser, Yondu, Star-Lord [T’Challa], Ravager Boomer, Ravager Stitcher

From the start of the game Ravagers and Hand were the worst characters. It’s true that after the game release Yondu was almost META but that lasted extremely short considering the game lifespan.

Five years after, Scopely decided to at least give a purpose to Ravagers. Introducing T’Challa made them an extremely useful AW Offense option that can successfully compete with most AW defense teams.

Unbelievably, equal power Ravagers were able to defeat Darkhold without Wong in AW. I wouldn’t dare to say Ravagers are counters for Darkhold in AW but what happened – happened …

Overall, when you get your hands on T’Challa start improving the entire team and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Guardians Improved


Groot, Vision, Minn-Erva, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon

GotG team with Minn-Erva and Vision once was a Meta team in the Arena and AW. Now it is usually used as another sure-to-win team in Blitz and sometimes in Alliance War.

If you need Vision for another team, you can replace him with Thanos (if you don’t have full Black order) but that team is not as potent as the team we presented.

This team can beat almost any custom team in Offense, Defenders, Sinister Six, Kree and is dangerous against some old Meta teams.

Meta Nostalgic


Crossbones, Yondu, Vision, Kingpin, Hand Sentry

This team is probably not a viable option any longer but since they were the first Arena Meta, I’ve decided to honor them and put them on the list.

Our custom team relies on 3 powerful AoEs that can be used in the second turn under the effect of Offense Up. This team was once a META but that was a long time ago and now all that remains is usefulness against other custom teams and Defenders.

Kingpin and Hand Sentry were once Top Tier Heroes. Now they are not part of any other synergy teams, so it is natural to try to get the best of them in the given circumstances.

However, Vision can still be used in many other team combinations so it might be a waste to use him in this team. If you don’t want to do that you can replace him with Hand Archer and you will get almost the same attacking potential.

The fact remains that this team has full synergy only with Vision. He can choose where to put Ability Block in the first turn and can easily remove Defense Up in the second.

Overall, this team will never fail you and will bring the victories you need in Blitz and AW Offense.