Alliance War Offense


The Alliance Offense list is a list of the best and most optimal teams used in WAR Offense. Teams are fully described (tap on a name for description) and sorted by quality.

Since you can’t have more than 14 attacks in a single WAR, I will propose you 14 teams that should bring you 14 victories. I will also suggest some substitutes.

In my opinion, the offense should have priority over the defense in WAR. The Alliance that clears the enemy Helicarrier first will always be victorious, so it is important that all members of the alliance have answers for all possible enemy Defenses. I will try to help you in this matter.

Teams will be listed according to their WAR potential from Top to Bottom. Even though I will list teams according to their usefulness, all the mentioned teams are sure to win teams and can counter specialized War Defense.

With the introduction of new teams and characters, this list will be updated accordingly.


Gamma Team

26102022 marvel strike force best teams gamma team 1 copyright

The third Horsemen team is extremely powerful. Red Hulk and company will definitely be the strongest WAR option, but their strength will not be much lower outside the War. A close analysis of GAMMA members can be found in the Red Hulk article and GAMMAa article.

In War, they will efficiently deal with any of the existing teams, including other Horseman teams and Dormammu’s combination. Their strength is identical in Defense but is always better to have a team that can beat anyone at your disposal than to waste attacks and achieve wins through multiple attempts. Having that in mind, having Gamma in the offense will allow you to beat Gamma in Defense.



marvel strike force best teams darkhold 31102022 1 copyright

Agatha Harkness, Morgan Le Fay, Strange [Heartless], Scarlet Witch, Wong

Darkhold is the latest Arena Meta that is fully described in Marvel Church’s “Darkhold – new MSF META” article. This Article was written when Darkhold was unbeatable by others, which is not the case now.

Nonetheless, the Darkhold team is still one of the strongest and most useful teams for War. I never put the in Defense, because they can counter all specialized Defense teams except GAMMA. This fact allows you to strategize and easily dispose of enemy Hard Spots. I use Darkhold usually against Eternals, Dormammu’s teams, Young Avengers, and sometimes Doctor Doom’s custom teams (it is kinda waste to use them against DD in my opinion). Keep in mind that Darkhold will have difficulties against Weapon X if there is a punch-up.


Death Seed

marvel strike force alliance war defense teams death seed 29122022 copyright

Nemesis, Psylocke, Magneto, Archangel, Dark Beast

Death Seed is a team who shines the most in the Raid game mode. But in other game modes, they are outstanding and functional. In Alliance War, they are one of the best teams, mainly when you use them in the Attack. On Defense, Death Seed loses some functionality tanks to the AI, but they can do a good job.

They have a lot of ways to hurt enemies with powerful Debuffs and turn manipulations while buffing themselves. Their Damage is excellent, and synergy also, so if you play right, you can expect great results (in other words, you can expect to beat most of the best teams).

They can beat everyone but Gamma, Heroes for Hire, and Weapon X. So, all other teams can be defeated by them. That leaves us a wide field of attack decisions.


Weapon X

26102022 marvel strike force teams weapon x

Silver Samurai, Wolverine, Omega Red, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike

Weapon X is still META for WAR, they can counter everyone except GAMMA. As the first hard counter against H4H, Weapon X becomes fully improved in the majority of rosters. With the introduction of new teams that can counter H4H, it is no longer mandatory that they are used only against H4H. For example, Weapon X of 500k can easily annihilate Hero Asgardians of 1 million.

There are numerous options to use them, and they will allow you to deal with serious punch-ups. It is important to say that with the introduction of new teams that have the same impact in War as Weapon X, it is justified to put them in Defense. Weapon X is identical for Offensive and Defensive purposes, and they can be countered only by 2 teams if they are in Defense. Keep that in mind. As you can see, I still use them in Offense.


Undying + Tangled Web

marvel strike force teams undying tangled web 1

Iron Man (Zombie), Hela, Spider-Weaver, Spider-Man (Noir), Spider-Man 2099

I put Undying with Tangled Web in the same team. Together they can produce some fantastic results. In the Alliance War, we can combine Undying with almost anyone, but then some other teams will be separated. If we combine Undying with Tangled Web, we will not break anything. We can probably create more powerful team combinations, but those two teams are ideal to combine.

This team can work well in almost every aspect of the game. With tons of Bleeds, Iron Man (Zombie) can drain opponents fast and effectively (big HP pull help him even more with that). He will have a lot of help from Hela in this job, and Spider-Weaver will protect him. Undying characters are slow for nowadays game standards, but that doesn’t matter when they are with Tangled Web. I can only say two words – phenomenal combination that can counter even the GAMMA.


War Dogs

27102022 marvel strike force best teams war dogs 1

ShuriBlack Panther, Okoye, Black Panther (1mm), Nakia

Wakanda team specialized in War Offense, with well-built synergy capable of beating almost every opponent in that game mode. One of their main strengths is phenomenal damage, combined with powerful crowd-control abilities.

They can copy and remove buffs from enemies and then spread them between themselves. This team is specialized against teams with Charges, but they will be capable of challenging almost everyone including Gamma. Do not get, cocky because “almost everyone” is not the same as everyone.


Unlimited X-Men

26102022 marvel strike force best teams unlimited xmen emma

Rogue, Sunfire, Gambit, Dazzler, Fantomex

I’ve already made 4 Articles about them where I’ve explained everything important about them and where I pinpointed how great they will be – MSF Rogue – The second Horseman is already riding! Unlimited X-Men and New Wakanda’s true potential, and Sunfire and improved Asgardians

In War, they can beat Hero Asgardians, Young Avengers, Black Order, and Web Warriors among many others, while allowing you considerable punch-ups.



26102022 marvel strike force teams underworld
marvel. church copyright

The Underworld team will be really powerful in WAR.

In War, they will be capable of beating Darkhold, Emarauders, Young Avengers, and even Heroes for Hire. This Underworld team is not as strong as Weapon X but they are definitely stronger than A-Force and Dark-Hunters in WAR.

Having them on at least 600k will wider your range in WAR and open new options and strategies



26102022 marvel strike force best teams aforce 1

Spider-Woman, Niko Minoru, Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones, Silver Surfer

The A-Force team is described in our “A-Force fully revealed” article.

In WAR, they are hard counter against Emarauders, Bionic Avengers, and Young Avengers which is enough for them to be considered as a mandatory Offensive option.


Dark-Hunter Team

26102022 marvel strike force teams dark hunter team copyright

Ghost Rider, Doctor Voodoo, Mordo, Morbius, Elsa Bloodstone

The Dark-Hunter team’s main purpose is to counter Heroes4Hire in Alliance War and they are fully capable of doing that.

Morbius places Blind on them at the start of combat. He debuffs them with Trauma and Heal block which nullifies H4H’s main strengths – their initial bursts and their unlimited passive healing.

Having a team to easily deal with the best AW Defense team is great but that is not the only Virtue of Dark-Hunters. Dark-Hunters will provide one certain victory in AW Offense regardless of who is the 5th member.

Mordo has recently got a Dark-Hunter tag along with certain improvements. His Basic is now considerably stronger, and he can now always Blind up to 3 enemies with his special in War, while his ultimate reduces the Speed Bar of Blind targets and places Defense Up on all other Dark-Hunters.


Eternals + New Warriors

marvel strike force best teams eternals new warriors 31102022 1

Cloak, Sersi, Deathpool, Ikaris, Dagger

There are a lot of Eternals combinations that can grant you certain victories in WAR. They can counter hero Asgardians, Young Avengers (It is important that Ikaris save his ultimate and use it after Echo places Evade on everyone), Secret Avengers + Kestrel, Emarauders, DD teams, etc … They can counter Unlimited X-men as well, but you should be careful.

I decided to put them along with New Warriors because that could allow you to challenge even stronger synergies.


Infinity Watch

26102022 marvel strike force best teams infinity watch

Gamora, Moondragon, Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vell, Nebula

Infinity Watch is still in the top 10 teams in MSF. They can beat Eternals, Unlimited X-Men, Web Warriors, Astonishing X-Men, Infinity Watch, Black Order, etc…

I am still using them in Offence due to their versatility and strength but honestly, in the short future, they will have to take a Defensive spot.



26102022 marvel strike force teams shadowland

Daredevil, Elektra, White Tiger, Moon Knight, Night Nurse

Shadowland can be really useful in WAR. They can Counter every specialized WAR Defense team but GAMMA and Hero Asgardians. The problem with them is that they require a huge T4 investment to be effective. If you didn’t improve all required T4 abilities you shouldn’t use them in War.

Nonetheless, all this doesn’t change the fact that Shadowland deserves its place amongst War offensive teams!


Bionic Avengers

26102022 marvel strike force best teams bionic avengers

Hulkbuster, Viv Vision, Iron Man, Vision, Deathlock

Even though Bionic Avengers are significantly less effective outside of Raids, they are still the team where 3 members can open the fight with Ability Block. That alone grants them a high spot on the War Offense list.

Their healing, barrier, and Energy generation will be considerably reduced in AW/Blitz/CC but they can still be your answer for a dozen other synergies. There is no better counter for Web Warriors and Tangled Web than Bionic Avengers but that is not all.

If properly improved, they can be an essential asset when planning War strategy.


Ravagers & T’Challa

26102022 marvel strike force teams ravagers tchalla

Ravager Bruiser, Yondu, Star-Lord [T’Challa], Ravager Boomer, Ravager Stitcher

Ravagers can counter all Doctor Doom combinations alongside many other War Defense specialized teams. They can’t counter META teams, but they can be a useful option against some tricky teams that would otherwise bind teams that are better used elsewhere.

Same as for Shadowland, they need their important abilities are maximized and ready for use.


X-Factor & Kestrel

26102022 marvel strike force best teams x factor

Multiple Man, Polaris, Kestrel, Shatterstar, Longshot

Together, X-Factor Heroes are simply amazing. Their Barriers are almost impenetrable, and damage potential is amazing. Polaris’ ability to pull up enemies and prevent them from being buffed is very useful.

Multiple Man’s unorthodox ways to protect the team can be helpful but at the same time it can be disadvantageous against teams like Astonishing X-Men and Symbiotes

Kestrel is a natural addition to this team in WAR. Most people stand to use Kestrel with Secret Avengers due to Sharon’s passive, but in my opinion, there is no better team for Kestrel than X-Factor. Multiple Man will summon a horde of ads, and every ad will have a chance to trigger Kestrel’s passive. Most importantly, Shatterstar’s special will place Defense Down on all enemies which will grant an enormous potential damage output for Kestrel

X-Factor and Kestrel are a natural counter for Marauders and Web Warriors, but they can counter a lot of other teams as well. In my experience, they proved to be a better Offensive option than Secret Avengers and Kestrel.



The list above represents the best offensive options that should grant you 14 easy Victories and allow you to assemble the best possible Defense from leftovers. As you can see I suggested 15 teams that are viable Offensive options, even though you need only 14 (in order to make things easier for you). However, not all players will have all those teams fully improved, so I will propose available substitutes.

This is the list of substitutes:

  • Dormammu, Baron Zemo + 3
  • Jubilee, Yo-Yo, Doctor Doom, Black Bolt, Bishop
  • Ravagers
  • Secret Avengers+Kestrel+1
  • Astonishing X-Men
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • X-Force
  • Web Warriors
  • Symbiotes
  • F4+Namor
  • Skill Military

This list will be updated regularly, so don’t forget to check for updates. Hopefully, this will be helpful and will ease your doubts regarding WAR. Cheers!