A-Force. Who will be the 5th member?


IMPORTANT – This article is a pure theory craft. None of the predictions or suggestions was confirmed by the Scopely, whatsoever.

At this moment, there are several teams in MSF that lack one or two members to be fully assembled. Those teams are:

  • A-Force
  • Dark Hunter
  • Eternals
  • New Warrior
  • Secret Avenger
  • Unlimited X-Men (with the 6.2 Update they will be full. Rogue and one more character will join them)
  • X-Factor


I have an idea to start predicting which characters will join those teams and to even suggest their skill set. Someone would find it presumptuous to mess with Dev’s job and try to design skills of new characters, but why not if it’s fun? Let’s play and talk about it – we may even give Scopely some ideas in the process.

This could lead to the active participation of the community in the game design. In my opinion, that’s the ultimate goal of every healthy and active gaming community.


Today we will talk about A-Force. They are the last team added to MSF and they definitely lack a member to be fully effective.

According to Marvel lore, A-force is a group of women Superheroes assembled to oppose evil threats throughout the Multiverse. The original A-Force Setup was:

  • Singularity
  • She-Hulk
  • Captain Marvel
  • Dazzler
  • Nico Minoru
  • Medusa

As you can see, Scopely made some changes to the original team. They’ve put Jessica Jones and Spider-Woman on the team avoided adding She-Hulk and selected Dazzler for the Unlimited X-Men.

That practically means that the fifth character should be either Singularity or Medusa. Obviously, Scopely could change even that and adjust the original Lore for their needs as they did numerous times before.

However, I believe that they will stack with Comics, especially since both Singularity and Medusa are extremely powerful and important characters in Marvel Universe.



After the collapse of the Multiverse (when Doctor Doom tried to ruin the plan of Beyonders), Singularity was created. A body created from Space itself became sentient and dropped from the sky to Battleworld as a quantum singularity. There, she was found by Nico Minoru and the two of them became very close as the time passed.

It was Singularity herself who reached out to the Universe’s greatest Woman Superheroes to form A-Force and oppose universal evil.

Singularity can teleport tens and even hundreds of people over unbelievable distances. She can walk through different dimensions while ignoring dimensional Barriers. When she is in danger, she can transform into an energy field protecting and altering her humanoid existence.

And last, she can absorb others into herself where apparently a pocket Universe exists with all its advantages and disadvantages.

If we would try to fit Singularity into MSF and A-Force team she would definitely be a Cosmic Protector who hides her allies and manipulates all Barriers, Clones, and Forms. I will suggest her skill set trying to keep the game balance and fixing the existing flaws of the current A-Force team.


Basic Attack

Cause moderate damage to primary and adjacent targets while ignoring Barriers (Barriers will stay intact and damage will lower HP as if there is no Barrier). If any of the targets is Clone or Summon, they are eliminated instantly.

Special Attack

Places Stealth and Evade on all A-Force allies while placing Evade and Deflect on self. Call all allies into hitting the primary target for half damage.


Remove Barrier from all enemies before hitting them for a moderate amount. This attack cannot be avoided or Blocked, and enemies with Evade will get Offense Down.


Increases all existing allied Barriers by 15%. Lowers the Speed of all Cosmic enemies by 15%. Whenever an ally successfully dodges an attack, Offense Up is granted to that ally for 1 turn.

In War: Grants Nico Minoru to place 2 of 3 random effects with each skill after initial use. Slightly Increases the damage to all allies.



Unlike Singularity, Medusa can fit in several MSF teams according to Lore. As an Inhuman Princess and Black Bolt’s wife, she was a part of many Heroic endeavors during the ages. She worked with Inhumans to subdue rebellions of Automata in Attilan, the Inhuman Capitol.

For some period, she was the fourth member of the Fantastic Four instead Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) and battled many adversaries including Doctor Doom. She even allied with some Kree Warriors (Ronan) against the Skrulls.

The invitation to A-Force came only when she established herself as the famous Superhero who had a lot of history behind herself.

Medusa has superhuman strength, speed, resistance, and stamina. Her main weapon is her hair. Medusa’s hair is six feet long and she can control it always, even when it is separated from her head. It is said that her hair can only be cut or broken when Medusa allows it.


She can use her hair as a fighting tool to subdue her enemies or she can use it as a tool for various tasks. With her hair, Medusa can lift several tons and can cause punches more powerful than most other Superheroes.

Honestly, I don’t think that Medusa should be the 5th A-Force member before Singularity. However, if she is, she should be an Inhuman Cosmic Controller. Another Controller in A-Force is not the happiest solution so Medusa should be designed as someone who can offer protection in addition to the utilities she will provide while using her amazing hair.

This is how I would create her to be the fifth member of A-Force.

Basic Attack

Moderate damage to primary and adjacent targets while placing Slow on each target.

Special Attack

Places Immunity and Deflect on self and adjacent A-Force allies. Causes moderate damage to primary and adjacent targets and places Disrupt for 1 Turn on each target. There is up to 40% chance to place Blind for one turn on each target.

In War: Always places Blind and has a 50% chance to place Trauma to each target.



Causes heavy damage to all enemies and reduces their Speed Bar by 25%. 

In War: This attack cannot be blocked or dodged. Targets with Blind, Disrupt, or Slow receive 100% more damage per mentioned negative effect.


Whenever she is attacked by a target with Slow, Disrupt, or Blind her Speed Bar is increased by 15%. Targets attacking Medusa have a 15% chance to be Stunned for 1 Turn.

In War: The chance to Stun attackers increases to 25%. Whenever an attacker is stunned, the Speed Bar of A-Force allies is increased by 10% and 2 Ability Energy is granted to the A-Force ally with the highest Speed Bar.

I’ve made Medusa’s skill set trying to combine MSF effects with the lore about her hair and combat proficiencies. I hope that you’ll recognize my image of Medusa using her hair against multiple opponents in Marvel Strike Force.

I am positive that the current A-Force team would benefit more from Singularity as I’ve proposed but even Medusa can fit in with this concept. It is not realistic to expect that A-Force will be better than the current META, but I think those skill-sets will be good enough for achieving certain victories against most teams in AW Offense.



This practice of anticipating new MSF characters and proposing their skill-sets will be continued in the future. I encourage you to share your ideas with us, and I promise that we will publish everything worth sharing.

My idea is to boost theory crafting about MSF because, in the end, it will affect Scopely. I am certain that they will at least acknowledge our efforts which should lead to something greater as the time passes. 

Do not be shy. No one knows better what is best for MSF than its loyal community. I am here only to push things forwards and utilize ideas – the rest should lie on you if you are willing.