What we can expect from Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel Midnight Suns is a highly expected game from every Marvel fan. However, from what we could see in the gameplay trailer I am quite sure that the game won’t be played by Marvel fans only.


Firaxis, who are developing the game, are well known for their AAA title “X-Com”. I could see on different forums that a lot of people expect that Marvel Midnight Suns have a similar mechanic. If that is so that would be the first tactical turned-based Marvel game.

Marvel Midnight Suns will be a single-player RPG with a turn-based fight. Here is the main difference between Marvel Midnight Suns and X-Com – X-Com was never an RPG even though it has some slight RPG mechanics.

For a game to be an RPG, it must have unique characters whose progression depends on players’ choices in the main questline and building the character.

Developers insist that MMS will indeed be a full single-player RPG. Having that in mind and after carefully watching the gameplay trailer, I have come to several conclusions.

Dragon Age / Mass Effect

First and for all, this game should not be considered Marvel’s X-Com. If we are going to make links with other games, then I would say that Marvel Midnight Suns resembles Dragon Age and Mass Effect. In fact, it resembles so much that it makes me doubt who developed the game – Firaxis or Bioware.

I will list all similarities between MMS and those two games:

  • The main character, which is built according to the player’s wishes, is followed by two out of dozen companions through quests and adventures (the same mechanic is in both Dragon Age and Mass Effect)
  • Companions (in this case iconic Marvel characters) join the main character as the story progresses and not at the same time.
  • Each of the companions has different skills and game roles that suit different situations, so the player is encouraged to improve all companions.
  • Companions’ skills depend on the relationship between them and the main character (Hunter). A relationship can be improved through dialogue and their unique side quests.
  • There is a base where the protagonist can interact with all unlocked companions called Abey. I strongly believe that Abey will offer more features alongside the communication with companions (like players Ship in Mass Effect and Stronghold in Dragon Age)
  • Depending on decisions throughout the game a protagonist leans towards good or bad, and his status affects the relation with Marvel companions (the same is in Mass Effect)

Even if those are the only similarities with Dragon Age and Mass effect, we can easily predict that MMS will be warmly welcomed by all single-player RPG fans. I am quite sure though, that those will not be the only similarities between those games.

The main difference between those games is the battle mechanic. Everyone who played X-Com is fully familiar with Firaxis turn-based combat mechanics. 

Game Mechanics

The concept is simple – you have movement points and action points. When you spend those, another character or enemy can start spending their action and movement points. 

Marvel Midnight Suns’ uniqueness is the method of using action points. Instead of using premade skills (that usually can be improved or changed during the game), characters in MMS will use cards. This implies that every character will have a deck of cards (1 card – 1 unique ability) that will randomly grant certain cards during the combat.

Also, another similarity with X-Com that doesn’t exist in Mass Effect or Dragon Age, is the ability to use environment during combat. That opens unlimited possibilities for dealing with enemies. Most importantly, this makes battles different depending on the environment and team setup.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I have a feeling that Marvel Midnight Suns will offer us an amazing 300+ hours of playing. Knowing that all three games that resemble MMS have taken at least a year of my life (not in a bad context, on contrary), I just can’t wait to install it at last.

The latest news suggests that we are close to that moment.