War Scourge – preview and what you need to do

War Scourge is ahead of us, and the only question is if the second Famine Scourge will be released first. As always, the community is eager to know what we can expect in the upcoming War Scourge, so they can prepare properly. That is why some people spend their time data-mining information we will officially learn in just a couple of days or weeks. 

Anyway, we got information about War Scourge Nodes. This information is not confirmed but it seems legit. Let’s see it.

Table Legend

  • D – Difficulty (D1 – Difficulty 1)
  • N – Node (N1 – Node 1)
  • NR – No Restrictions
  • AVG – Avengers
  • HA – Hero Asgardians
  • Ra – Ravagers
  • W1A – Wave 1 Avengers

War Scourge – Horseman of War


War Scourge – Enemies in each Node

  • Node 1
    • Wave1: Kitty Pryde, Phyla-Vell, Jessica Jones, Nico Minoru, Spider-Woman, Sunfire, Fantomex.
    • Wave 2: Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Echo, Bishop.
  • Node 2
    • Wave 1: Ghost Rider, SHIELD Trooper, Baron Mordo, Shang Chi, Sharon Carter, Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight.
    • Wave 2: Kestrel, Maria Hill, Black Bolt; Wave 3: Thanos, Crystal.
  • Node 3
    • Wave1: Coulson, Thor, Magneto, Valkyrie, Mighty Thor, Moondragon, Dagger.
    • Wave 2: Heimdall, Red Guardian, Thor.
  • Node 4
    • Wave1: Brawn, She-Hulk, Morbius, Abomination, Human Torch, Deathpool.
    • Wave 2: Doctor Octopus, Scream, Electro, Hulk; Wave 3: Hulk.
  • Node 5
    • Wave1: Fantomex, Omega Red, Psylocke, Negasonic, Evil Strange, Wong, Silver Samurai.
    • Wave 2: Madelyn Pryor, Mr. Sinister, Dazzler, Wave 3: Negasonic, Fantomex.
  • Node 6
    • Wave1: Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, Black Bolt, Valkyrie.
    • Wave 2: Nico Minoru, Mighty Thor, Heimdall.
  • Node 7
    • Wave1: Sersi, Black Panther x2, Black Widow, Hulk, Shuri, Stryfe, Captain America; Wave 2: Yellow Jacket, Lady Deathstrike.
    • Wave 3: Ikaris
  • Node 8
    • Wave1: Cable, Emma Frost, Dagger, Sabretooth, Negasonic, Drax, T’Challa; Wave 2: X-23, Cloak.
    • Wave 3: Silver Samurai, Madelyne Pryor.
  • Node 9
    • Wave1: Dazzler, Crystal, Black Bolt, Echo, Daredevil, Colleen Wing, Fantomex, Bishop.
    • Wave 2: Pyro x2, Magneto.
  • Node 10
    • Wave1: Viv Vision, Hulkbuster, Iron Man, War Machine, Rescue, Iron Heart.
    • Wave 2: Deathlok, Vision, Bishop, Jubilee; Wave 3: Hulkbuster.

New Scourges for War Scourge

  • Dark Resolve III – On ally death, enemies gain Offense Up
  • Bleeder II – When a player character takes damage, they gain Minor Bleed
  • Pyrrhic Victory II – When a player character Blocks, apply Heal Block to them
  • Vile Resurgence II – On enemy turn, they gain minor Offense Up
  • Overcharged – When an enemy character gains Ability Energy, they gain Offense Up
  • Stage Fright – When a player character gains Taunt, they gain Defense Down
  • Flight or Fight – When an enemy character’s health drops below % max health, apply Speed Up to them
  • Rope a Dope – When an enemy character ends their turn with Vulnerable, they gain Defense Up, Deflect, Deathproof, and Safeguard
  • When It Rains – When a positive effect is applied to an enemy character, increase the duration of all positive effects on that enemy by (up to a max of )
  • Energy Absorption – On an enemy character’s turn, remove all negative effects and heal % per negative effect removed
  • Unstoppable Force – On an enemy strikers turn, they gain 5% barrier and flip Offense Down
  • Butterfly Effect – When a fortifier character uses an ultimate ability, spread positive effects on that character to adjacent allied characters

As I already said, this information is not officially confirmed but I am pretty certain this is what we can expect in War Scourge. At first glance, it seems that common nodes will be harder than in previous Scourges but that is not entirely true in my opinion. New Scourges are definitely harder, but we can find some of them that will not crucially affect our combat capabilities. Let’s talk about appropriate teams for nodes:

Nodes 1 & 2

For the first 2 Nodes, you will need Bio characters. Web-Warriors are the obvious primary option for those nodes for a couple of reasons:

  • They were needed for Pestilence Scourge, so everyone has them fully improved
  • They have decent continuous healing that can be exploited to maintain their HP for use in both nodes
  • They will easily deal with enemies in Node 1
  • none of them will be needed for other Nodes

Symbiotes are a secondary option for the first 2 Nodes. They will not be effective as WW in Node 1, but they will easily clear Node 2 if their help is needed. They also have a serious self-sustain and as long as they are equipped with the Skirmisher class, they are a viable option for the first 2 nodes.

Fantastic Four + She-Hulk can be used as a SAC team if needed, but I doubt you will have to do that.

Yo-Yo is an extremely useful BIO character for Scourges. He can replace Spider-Man [Miles] in WW or Venom in Symbiotes to increase their sustain. As long as he is not accompanied by any other protector, he will force enemies to use their abilities under the effect of Offense Down, which can be essential on higher difficulties. Equip him with the Healer Class and he will do miracles for your BIO setup in War Scourge.

Nodes 3 & 4

For nodes 3 and 4 you have only two viable options – Young Avengers and Bionic Avengers. Secret Avengers also share the Avenger tag, but I strongly suggest not using them because you will need them for Nodes 8 and 9 later. Wave I Avengers are out of the question for similar reasons (Nodes 5 and 10).

Young Avengers should be the primary option for those nodes for almost the same reasons as Web-Warriors in the first 2 Nodes:

  • They were needed for Famine Scourge, so most of the players have them fully improved
  • They have decent continuous healing and cleansing that can be exploited to maintain their HP for use in both nodes
  • They will easily deal with enemies in Node 3

Bionic Avengers is a new team that will be needed for Death Scourge. Outside of Raids, their healing is not as strong as YA, but unlike YA, they can control the entire battle with their Ability Blocks. Most importantly they have a higher damage output than YA.

Prioritizing Young Avengers is a logical thing to do because their self-healing and self-sustain are already proven against even the worst enemy setups. Bionic Avengers, on the other hand, will not be needed for other nodes and they are quite capable of prevailing in both nodes. If you have both of those teams ready to fight, you should not worry, even in the highest difficulties.

Node 5

Node 5 will be extremely difficult for each of the available teams. If Omega successfully lands his ultimate in the second turn you will be good as gone. The only way to prevent that is with Mighty Thor or T’Challa’s Blind. However, since Psylocke will be there you will also have to place Blind in the second turn before OR executes his ultimate. That wouldn’t be a problem if there was no Wong to place Taunt on himself in the first turn.

It is hard to predict all moves in theory craft, but on harder difficulties, it will be impossible to control both OR and Psylocke, so you will have to be extra careful how and when you will place Blind and if that will be possible at all. Keep in mind that Mighty Thor can have Blind only when her ultimate is maxed in level.

I don’t think that there will be problems with lower difficulties but if you strive to have the best possible score and unlock all Milestones, it seems that the only option is to have a SAC team that will spend OR CDs.

One thing is certain a team that will carry you to victory when you deal with OR problem will be Hero Asgardians and only them. Wave I Avengers or Ravagers will not have a chance to deal with enemies on this node, except as support teams.

Nodes 6 & 7

Nodes 6 and 7 are arguably the easiest Nodes in War Scourge. Assembling a viable Villain team will be easy especially since you will not need most of the Villain characters on any other Nodes. Even enemies are considerably easier than in other nodes.

Possible options are numerous, but I suggest assembling a custom Villain team that will easily answer all your needs in those two nodes.

The team I will use will be:

  • Agatha Harkness
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Doctor Doom
  • Strange [Heartless]
  • Omega Red

This is just one of the possible combinations that leave you with full Black Order and Emarauders at your disposal if something goes wrong. Also do not forget that all members of the Underworld team are Villains and that they are considerably stronger now.

Overall, Nodes 6 and 7 should be a walk in the park even on the highest difficulties!

Nodes 8 & 9

For Nodes 8 and 9 you will literally have only one viable option that will carry you forward. That is a Skil Raid Meta:

  • Maria Hill
  • Sharon Carter
  • Kestrel
  • Shang Chi
  • Sam Wilson

This team is good enough for everything Nodes 8 and 9 have to offer but even if it isn’t – you don’t have any other options. It is true that you can assemble Skill Military team and that some characters like Gamora Coleen Wing or Baron Zemo also have a Skill tag, but compared to the team I suggested, their efficiency is more than limited.

Fortunately, most of the players already have the Skill Raid team fully maximized because of Doom raids, so I don’t expect many difficulties on those Nodes.

Node 10

Node 10 is filled with Bionic Avengers, the rest of Power Armor, and the Axmen duo. This doesn’t look hard as Node 5, but in reality, Bionic Avengers can be insanely difficult to beat due to their Ability Block and Barrier mechanics.

I am pretty certain that Wave I Avengers and Ravagers do not have any chance against this Node on higher difficulties, but they can be helpful if your goal is to dispose of Viv Vision and Rescue with them. It will be hard because you will probably need the SAC team on Node 5 but there is one good news. When any Hero Asgardians die, they will be fully buffed including Immunity and none of the enemies on Node 10 can flip buffs. This practically means that you will need all three teams improved if you wanna go after the highest scores – 1 Sac team for Node 5 so your Hero Asgardians can carry their CDs and HP to node 10 and 1 SAC team for Node10 to reduce enemy numbers.

Obviously, you will need Hero Asgardians as strong as possible, and you will need at least 1 Healer Class among them.

It is hard for me to foresee the entire fight and give you the exact battle strategy, but I will record the battle strategy as soon as War Scourge is on. Hopefully, that will offer you more help.


If data-mined information is true, War Scourge will indeed be harder than Famine and Pestilence Scourge. It will not be because of normal nodes, but because you will not be able to one-shot Nodes 5 and 10 with only Hero Asgardians. That fact suggests that you will have to invest in at least one more team for those Nodes. Knowing that resources are always lacking and that you have to focus on several different things, preparing three whole teams for a single Scourge is overwhelming for most.

Do not be discouraged, though, since you should have three main goals that will be doable in time:

  • Reaching 500 k points
  • Reaching 1 million points
  • Compete for higher Score

The only thing you need to do in the first War Scourge is to reach 500k points. There is no need to force things up now since you will not get War Saga before the second War Scourge. For an average active player, 2 War Scourges will be enough for improving Red Hulk on 5* or 6* and that is more than enough for everything that you will need from the leader of the GAMMA team at the start. I know that this is a competitive game, but this is not a run – this is a Marathon where players who are most organized and patient will win in the end. I hope that you know what I am referring to.

I did not comment on Scourges at this point, because I will have to see the whole list before suggesting what Scourges are most optimal. Unfortunately, new Scourges are also a lot harder than old ones, but that will not be an obstacle for us, because we will find a way. 😉