Best offers in MSF

We want to help you decide what offers are worth investing in. Marvel Church has 2 MSF accounts – f2p and p2w account – and we undoubtedly know what packs and offers are game-changing.

Since offers in MSF are changing all the time, our concept is to pick the best offers for a certain period and continuously update the page with the latest offers.

We will give a brief explanation for every pack we propose.


Web of the Future

msf web of the future copyright

Offer for Spider-Man 2099 orbs. 40$ is better, but both are good if you are chasing his shards. If you are just going for shards then go for the 25$ offer, because from a bigger offer you will get just 1 more orb. At the same time, 40$ offer will give you better other rewards.

Goddess of Thunder

msf goddess of thunder copyright

20$ for 50 shards is a good offer. Mighty Thor is currently unavailable for farming in the game, but this price is showing us that’s going to change soon. She is a member of the Hero Asgardian team, needed right now in the War Scourge.

Disco Diva

msf disco diva copyright

Standard 35$ offer for Dazzler. 50 shards plus gold and training orb. Member of the Unlimited X-Man one of the best teams in the game. And of course, you will need them for the Famine Saga.


Hulk Hunter Bundles

msf hulk hunter nuclear catch up copyright
msf hulk hunter medium bundle copyright
msf hulk hunter small bundle copyright
msf hulk hunter mini bundle copyright

4 Hulk Hunter offers. We are guessing that those 4 are the last offers for this event. For players who are competing in the monthly event, it is a must-buy. The biggest one will give you 75k mutated cells for 100$. The Medium offer is worth 40$, and players are getting 15k cells plus t14, t15, and t16 gear orbs. A small offer will give you 5k mutated cells plus 4 Red Star orbs for a price of 15$. The mini offer is 5$ and gives buyers 1,5k mutated cells.

Exclusive Gold Offer

msf exclusive gold offer copyright

The exclusive gold offer is back again! Best gold offer in the game: for the price of 30$ you will get 2,5 million gold and 10 gold orbs.

Gigantic Teal Gear Bundle

msf gigantic teal gear bundle copyright

25$ for a Superior Gama Radiation unique items: 9 teal and 15 gold. This is a lot cheaper than a standard price for those items. Some really good characters need this unique: Iron Man, Hulk, Vision, Abomination …

Living Vampire and Grim Reaper

msf the living vampire copyright
msf grim reaper offer copyright

Two really nice offers for characters who are not farmable right now. For 5$ players can get 50 shards. Morpheus member of Dark Hunters, or Deathpool member of New Warriors. Maybe they will put them in farmable status soon, but until then this is the only way to power them up.

Ravager of Worlds

msf ravager of worlds copyright

Standard 35$ offer for Abomination. 50 shards plus gold and training orb. He is a member of the Gama team, and you will need to power this team up as much as you can because they are the Horseman team. Not to mention that he is one of the newest characters, currently unavailable for farming in the game.

Adamantium Assassin

msf adamantium assassin copyright

For 15$ players can get 50 Lady Deathstrike shards and Mega Orb. It is 5$ less than the standard Mega Orb price. So basically if you go for this offer you will get Mega Orb and 50 shards of her free, for 5$ less price than standard.

Destroyer of Universes

msf destroyer of universes copyright

This is an amazing offer. It will give you just shards, but 75 and for a character, you can’t farm in the game (we hope that will be changed soon). A character who is a member of the Darkhold – one of the best teams in the game if not even the best. The price is 20$ which made this offer so good.


The Sorcerer Supremes

msf church the sorcerer supremes copyright

Wong plus Strange(Heartless) – 75 shards for both for 75$. Nice offer for members of the Darkhold team. Players are still unable to farm them in the game so through those offers is the only way.

Battle Maiden

msf church battle maiden 3 copyright

New offer for Valkyrie. This time is 30$, so less than last time, but without gold and training orb. She is a member of Hero Asgardians and you will need her strong if you wanna get through War Scourge, or if you want to improve your score there. Good to know that she is currently unavailable for farming in the game.


Hulk Hunter Accelerators

msf church hulk hunter big point accelerator copyright
msf church hulk hunter point accelerator 2 copyright

Big and small mutated cells offer. For 50$ you will get 25k cells and for 10$ 4k. Those are offers for people who want to compete on the monthly leaderboard.

Battle Maiden

msf church battle maiden 2 copyright

Standard offer for the nonfarmable characters. This time it is Valkyrie and for 35$ you will get 50 shards, gold, and a training orb. She is a member of the Hero Asgardian team, and players need that team right now in the War Scourge event.

Web of the Future

msf church web of the future copyright

Brand New character: Spider-Man 2099. Member of lucrative Tangled Web team. For 50$ players will get 55 shards and 8 Future Byte Orbs, in other words, a chance for more shards. In the worst case, players can get 48 more shards. So this offer will give you 3-star Spider-Man 2099.


Exclusive gold offer

msf church exlusive gold copyright

For 30$ you will get 10 gold orbs and 2,5m gold. This is the best gold offer right now.

Incredible Power Core Bundle

msf church incredible power core bundle 1 copyright

750 Power Cores are around 10$ in-store, but from this offer, you are getting a mega orb practically for free. Truly an incredible offer.

Hulk Hunter Bundles


msf church hulk hunter bundle 9 copyright
msf church hulk hunter starter bundle 1 copyright

The first offer is for players who are competing on the monthly leaderboard. It is expensive, but if you wanna be on top of the leaderboard list you need to buy it. You are getting 25k mutated cells and 500 black promotion credits.

The second one is giving you the 2m gold plus 4 gold orbs with 4k mutated cells, so it is a cost-effective offer.

Hulking Genius and Ravager of Worlds

msf church hulking genius 1 copyright
msf church ravager of worlds 2 copyright

Standard 35$ offers for new Heroes. 50 Brawn/Abomination shards, 1 gold, and 1 training orb. If you want to power up your Brawn or Abomination you should go for those.

Bionic Avengers on Sale

msf church iron impact 3 copyright
msf church nuclear family 4 copyright
msf church the demolisher 5 copyright

The 3 Bionic Avengers are on sale again. For 35$ you will get 50 shards, a gold orb, and a training orb. Nice offers for non-farmable characters. You will need to have a strong Bionic team for the upcoming Death Scourge, so be prepared.

Spider Brains

msf church spider brains 2 copyright

Spider-Punk is on sale again. We have had this offer a few times in the near past, so that can mean only one. He will be farmable in the game soon. 75 for 15$ is a really nice offer, but keep in mind what we just say about it.

Hulk Hunter Bundles

msf church hulk hunter bundle 8 copyright
msf church hulk hunter mini bundle 4 copyright

These offers. as usual, are important for players who wish to score as much as possible in the Hulk Hunter event. Apart from that, I wouldn’t recommend buying these offers, especially this offer of 10$.

Red Hulk Offers

msf church red hulk gold copyright
msf church red hulk training copyright

If you have unlocked the Red Hulk, new offers will appear in your shop section. These types of offers, that appears after unlocking a Horsemen character, are some of the best offers in the game. With no exception, these offer provides a huge discount for training and gold orbs.

Exclusive Gold Offer

msf church exclusive gold offer copyright

Offers with this type of discount appear very rarely. Today, 50% discount on gold orbs. Don’t miss this rare chance.

Mega Orb Mega Deal

msf church mega orb mega deal copyright

15$ for 1 Mega Orb (it’s a 50% discount), and 180 shards of Miss Marvel for free. If you haven’t maxed her, this is an important opportunity, and even if you did, this 50% discount on mega orb is still a nice offer.