Should I start playing Marvel Strike Force?


Five years have passed, and it seems that Marvel Strike Force is more popular than ever. It had its difficulties but, in the end, Marvel Strike Force prevailed against other competitors and kept its player base.

Starting MSF at this point may seem an impossible task for a new player, especially since the number of Heroes and Teams needed for regular playing suggests that months and even years will pass before fresh players can compete with MSF veterans.


New Players

Newcomers get new servers where everyone is starting from scratch.

The situation is not that dire for newcomers – it can’t be as if you’ve started five years ago but it is possible to enjoy the game and not have a feeling that you will never compete with older players.

Fresh players should know that they will start on a New Server surrounded by players who have similar progression or are even behind them. This means that all the important Leaderboards won’t be owned by someone who has a time advantage. There will be Alliances available filled with fresh players and matched against an Alliance of similar Strength.

In short, fresh players won’t have a perception that picking up MSF is an impossible task, and their feeling of accomplishment will be virtually as if they started playing five years ago. I understand that not everyone will believe in these words, but I am certain that fresh players won’t make a mistake if they give MSF a chance now.


Marvel Church (ex-BMG)

MSF Church (former BMG) has five years of experience in building a f2p account that has accomplished and cleared all existing MSF challenges except for the Dark Dimension 5 (halfway there). Our community is here for everyone to benefit from it, and we will emphasize f2p playing MSF tactics.

Daily Routine

What New players should do upon starting the game and entering the daily routine?

  • Finishing all Daily Objectives and collecting 600 raid Keys each day
  • Spending Power Cores on energy if the price is 50 Power Cores for 120 Campaign Energy or 100 Event Campaign Energy (it is imperative that Event Campaigns are farmed at maximum capacity)
  • Assembling Teams for Campaigns (Hero, Villain, Cosmic, Mystic)
  • Assembling the best initial team for the Arena (main Power Cores farming spot)
  • Assembling the best initial team for Ultimus Raids and Greek Raids and slowly preparing for Doom Raids by carefully saving ISO-8 for Raid Meta Heroes.
  • Assembling teams for Challenges (City, Cosmic, Global, Controllers/Protectors, Supports/Brawlers, and Blasters).
  • Assembling teams for unlocking Legendary Heroes and learning Legendary Event Schedule and requirements.
  • Constantly improve unlocked Heroes based on the goals mentioned above by spending all available resources (saved resource=slower progress).
  • Finding an appropriate Alliance based on the current progress (being in the active alliance is mandatory for fast progress – without it, it is impossible to play). This means that fresh players should join all available Discord Servers, FB Groups, and Reddit Groups.

It is a bit overwhelming to start a mobile game where 80% of players are several years in front of you, isn’t it? Do not worry, we will guide you through each of those notes and show you what is best to do at the moment, so people can pick up quickly.

Keep in mind that with every new update, the priorities are changing, and the start looks different. However, once you understand how the game works it will be easy for you to blend in and start your daily routine.



The most important thing for a new player is to know exactly what to do because starting the game now is different than starting it five years ago. Back then, there were only 80 Heroes and minions and now there are 198 (currently^^).

Picking priorities over 80 choices is a lot easier than doing the same thing with 198, especially since the game always emphasizes new Heroes over old ones.

We will help you to make the plan and we will address each of the notes mentioned before separately – you just need to go to App Store or Google play, find Marvel Strike Force, and click install.

Good luck!