MMS release date updates

Two months before the official release date (October 7th), we got disturbing news – Marvel’s Midnight Sons will be delayed for 2023 without a new release date.

That news is disturbing for several reasons:

  • This is the third big Title that has been delayed in the last 7 days in addition to the enormous list that was delayed previously this year
  • We didn’t get a new release date, meaning that we may be a year away or even more
  • It is hard to support a team of that scale, for a continued period without earning in the process
  • It makes us wonder if the game will be released at all

I know you are extremely disappointed, as I am, but it is how it is. The only thing we can do now is to see if the next showcase will be released during this week. If they don’t release it that will be a sure sign that something is really wrong. That would mean that their whole promotion Campaign is stalled, for an unknown period … that would be terrible news.

If they release the showcase as planned – that will mean that they just don’t have enough time to finish everything in the next 2 months but that they are almost done. Almost done and waiting to tie up all loose ends before releasing it in early 2023. This would be the best-case scenario, obviously.

I don’t want to make theories and share my thoughts more than I already did – this came as an unpleasant surprise for me because I was eager to do this right. Obviously, we will continue working on highlights if there are more showcase videos – if not well…

Unfortunately, plans change in games like in life, and you must accept what comes next. Hopefully, a happy conclusion for me and you both with the best Firaxis game so far.