Firaxis Games – what do we know about MMS devs?

Firaxis games may not ring a bell for generation Z, but all older players know exactly who they are. And that is for the reason. If some name can be named a celebrity in PC games history that is Sid Meier, a co-founder of Firaxis Games.

Unlike some other developers, Firaxis Games had only two franchises in their 25-year-old history – Civilization and X-Com.


Civilization is probably one of the top five game franchises in the entire game history – top three in my opinion. Initially released by legendary Microprose, Civilization educated and interested a generation after generation until it officially became an educating tool in the USA schools. The importance of Civilization in gaming history is so big that it can be compared with the “Godfather” in the film industry or L.A. Lakers in NBA history.

With an expanse of MMOs and mobile gaming, titles like Civilization slowly started to fade away. Nevertheless, I can think of only two more titles whose importance can be measured with Civilization when we talk about boomers and millennials.


X-Com is another iconic franchise that shaped the current gaming scene. Microprose’s UFO was the initial project that was inherited by Firaxis’s X-COM: Enemy Unknown, X-Com Declassified, and finally XCOM 2.

X-COM series influenced a dozen other games (clones, remakes, and successors) and it was considered the ancestor of all tactical turn-based alien titles. Even though all games from the franchise were hard for average players, they had both critical and commercial success.

It is important to say that tactical turn-based games are not popular as they used to be but when we talk about X-Com we are talking about the founder of the genre.

Midnight Suns

When I heard that Firaxis will lead the Marvel Midnight Suns project I was happy as a child. I couldn’t think of a better developing team for Marvel’s turn-based RPG. It’s like the new Star War franchise is given back to George Lucas and the original crew … But let’s be honest – I am a boomer.

It is uncertain if those developing veterans will be up to the task. The game could be amazing indeed, but will it be amazing for new generations? Will fresh players find joy in turn-based combat, regardless of quality? Will it earn enough money to keep going and be improved?
The conditions of doing business today are ruthless, especially for PC single-player titles. “Cancel Culture” just looks for its new victim and there are people who only wait to give their hate to legends.

Maybe I’m paranoid, I don’t know. What I know for sure is that “Cyberpunk” ended up as a failure – Marvel Midnight Suns are nowhere near in both marketing and hype.

From what I could see in the first game-play trailers, I will play Marvel Midnight Suns for a long time. Will others do the same, only time will tell.