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Avengers Tower


Avengers Tower has already started. I will try to help you even though it was impossible to release this article on time. 12 hours of the first reset have already passed and I fear that this will come too late for many players. Nonetheless, I will do my best to show you the safest and most optimal strategy for best progress.


The rules are simple. You can use one character per reset. This means that once you assemble a team to fight against floor defenders you will not be able to use any of the selected characters before the next reset. In the text below I will try to show you how to organize your teams and achieve the highest progression.

For each Floor, I will suggest a team that should bring you a certain victory. The problem is that you don’t have a second chance. If you lose or leave the battle characters from the team will be unavailable until the next reset. Having that in mind, I proposed the strategy that will bring you the most points and fully exploit the versatility of your roster.


Avengers tower lasts 7 days, meaning that each character can be used only 7 times. As you will see I gave you an explanation about safe progression to level 60 in 2 days. Until level 60, potential losses will not affect your progression – you will continue from the last cleared Floor. Once you reach level 60, every lost battle will take you back to mission 61, to start your progression again.

This means that after level 60 your decisions must be smart and safe. There is no win, without risk – that is true. However, I don’t want to be blamed for failures, therefore, I suggested only approved counters for Floors above level 60.

Now, when Avenger Tower lasts for 7 days, it is possible to reach Level 100 (if your roster is strong enough) even in 6 days. I will show you how.


Day 1 – First Reset

Let’s start with teams that should be used during the first reset. Theoretically, you can assemble 43 different teams in total and achieve 43 wins in the first reset (that should be 17000 points after the first day). However, I’ve decided to assemble 41 teams having in mind that most of the players have certain characters (minions especially) at level 1.

I understand that at the same time, many players have all characters on at least level 60, but frankly, those 2 additional wins on the first day don’t make the difference overall because those characters that I didn’t mention in the first reset (Psylock, Bullseye, Spider-Man 2099 and 7 more minions in total) won’t be used after the day 1 for 99% of the community.

Most importantly, even without those two teams, if you follow my instructions, you will reach Level 100 on the 6th day.

Floor 1 – Hand (without Elektra) 90k strong
Floor 2 – AIM with Scientist Supreme 90k strong (sim)
Floor 3 – S.H.I.E.L.D. minions 100k strong
Floor 4 – Shocker, Vulture, Green Goblin, Kree Noble, Kree Cyborg 150k strong
Floor 5 – X-Force 150 k strong
Floor 6 – Guardians of the Galaxy (without Gamora) 160 k strong
Floor 7 – Ravagers 150k strong
Floor 8 – Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine, Rescue 250k strong
Floor 9 – Red Guardian, Punisher, Yelena Belova, Ironheart, Falcon 200k strong
Floor 10 – Shadowland 250 k (Night Nurse ultimate on level 7)
Floor 11 – Doctor Octopus + rest of Sinister Six 250 k
Floor 12 – Fantastic Four + Namor 250 k
Floor 13 – Taskmaster, Mercenary, Riot Guard, Hela, Loki 250k
Floor 14 – Brotherhood of Mutants 220 k
Floor 15 – Supernaturals 250k
Floor 16 – Hydra Minions (without Grenadier) + Red Skull/Spider Weaver 250k
Floor 17 – Ronan, Minn-Erva, Kree Reaper, Kree Royal Guard, Korath the Pursuer 300k
Floor 18 – Wakanda 300 k
Floor 19 – A-Force + Ultimus 340k
Floor 20 – Baron Zemo, Crossbones, Winter Soldier, Hydra Grenadier, Kingpin/Red Skull 420k
Floor 21 – Pym Tech 350k
Floor 22 – Inhumans 300k
Floor 23 – Uncanny X-Men 400k
Floor 24 – Symbiotes 420k
Floor 25 – Heroes for Hire 430k
Floor 26 – Young Avengers 350 k
Floor 27 – Astonishing X-Men 450k
Floor 28 – Emarauders 470k
Floor 29 – Web Warriors 350 k
Floor 30 – Ultron, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Morbius, Doctor Voodoo 530k
Floor 31 – X-Factor + Kestrel 430k
Floor 32 – Bionic Avengers 420k
Floor 33 – Hero Asgardians 500k
Floor 34 – Black Order 450k
Floor 35 – Eternals + New Warriors 450k
Floor 36 – GAMMA 350k
Floor 37 – Infinity Watch 450 k
Floor 38 – Weapon X 430k
Floor 39 – Unlimited X-Men 450 k
Floor 40 – Dormhold – 450 k
Floor 41 – Secret Avengers, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson 450 k


Day 2 – Second Reset

Floor 42 – Fantastic Four + Namor 450 k
Floor 43 – Bionic Avengers 450 k
Floor 44 – Brotherhood of Mutants 480k
Floor 45 – X-Factor + Kestrel 550k
Floor 46 – Baron Zemo, Crossbones, Winter Soldier, Hydra Grenadier, Kingpin/Red Skull 420k
Floor 47 – Black Order 430k
Floor 48 – X-Force 400k
Floor 49 – Astonishing X-Men 500k
Floor 50 – GAMMA 500k
Floor 51 – Wakanda 500k
Floor 52 – Young Avengers 500 k
Floor 53 – Shadowland 600k
Floor 54 – Unlimited X-Men 550k
Floor 55 – Weapon X 650k
Floor 56 – Hero Asgardians 600 k
Floor 57 – Eternals + New Warriors 550k
Floor 58 – Ultron, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Yo-Yo, Black Bolt 700k
Floor 59 – Infinity Watch 670 k
Floor 60 – Darkhold/Dormhold 650k


Day 3 – Third Reset

At this point, every level counts, and if you lose your progress will be returned to start. Therefore, I will suggest certain counters for each level, trying to provide as many different teams as possible. Hopefully, if your roster allows, this will help you reach the highest score.

Floor 61 – Secret Avengers, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson 750k
Floor 62 – Web Warriors 650 k
Floor 63 – Uncanny X-Men 600k
Floor 64 – Symbiotes (all Skirmisher) 800k
Floor 65 – Weapon X 650k
Floor 66 – X-Factor+Kestrel/Ravagers/Shadowland/X-Force 750k
Floor 67 – Young Avengers 750 k
Floor 68 – Bionic Avengers 700 k
Floor 69 – Heroes for Hire 700k/GAMMA 550k
Floor 70 – Black Order
Floor 71 – Eternals + New Warriors 550k
Floor 72 – Unlimited X-Men 650k
Floor 73 – Darkhold 650 k
Floor 74 – Baron Zemo, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Yo-Yo, Black Bolt 700k
Floor 75 – Infinity Watch 700k


Day 4 – Fourth Reset

Floor 76 – Bionic Avengers 750k; Black Order 850k
Floor 77 – Secret Avengers + Kestrel 850
Floor 78 – Eternals + Emma + Loki +1 700k
Floor 79 – Unlimited X-Men 700k
Floor 80 – Brotherhood of Mutants 800k/Young Avengers 700k
Floor 81 – Weapon X 800k
Floor 82 – GAMMA 700k
Floor 83 – Hero Asgardian 800k
Floor 84 – Black Order 900 k
Floor 85 – Baron Zemo, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Yo-Yo, Black Bolt 750k
Floor 86 – Darkhold/Dormhold
Floor 87 – Eternals + New Warriors 600k
Floor 88 – Infinity Watch 900k


Day 5 – Fifth Reset

Floor 89 – GAMMA 700k
Floor 90 – Baron Zemo, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Yo-Yo, Black Bolt 750k
Floor 91 – Darkhold 800k
Floor 92 – Unlimited X-Men 750k
Floor 93 – Black Order 900k
Floor 94 – Secret Avengers + Kestrel +Shang Chi 900k


Day 6 – Sixth Reset

Floor 95 – Secret Avengers+Kestrel+Shang Chi 700k first attempt/Baron Zemo, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Yo-Yo, Black Bolt 850k second attempt 700k
Floor 96 – Unlimited X-Men 800k
Floor 97 – Bionic Avengers 800k
Floor 98 – Eternals + New Warriors 850k
Floor 99 – Infinity Watch 1 mil
Floor 100 – Darkhold/Dormhold 900k



As you can see, now that we have 7 days to complete Avenger Tower, our job is much simpler. It won’t be easy, because there is no room for mistakes, but it is definitely doable.

You cannot leave the battle and start over by any available means. Even if your game crashes, characters that were in battle will be considered as used. However, after level 60 if you see that you are losing you can leave the game on purpose (hard reset) and your progression will not be lost. This is really important because, even though I suggested approved counters, sometimes RNG will not be in your favor. In those cases, it is better to act as if your game crashed and leave the progress than to be returned to level 61.

I repeat you must completely leave the game – if you pick the “Quit Battle” option, your progress will be returned to level 61.

Honestly, the rules are harsh, but this is the best way to see who has the best roster and who knows the most about the game. This article will be published during the first reset but still, it will come out late for most. That means that most people will fully depend on themselves, and we will know for sure who is the best player. Even though I knew that this content would not be fully helpful for end-game players, I had to write it down.

Good luck and may the RNG be with you while progressing through Avengers tower!